Real Leaf Paparazzi! A Tea M Z Exclusive!

This is an exclusive Tea M Z, your ultimate source of showbiz gossip and paparazzi! And for today we have encountered the artist SHADYBOI. This artist of many talents have been spoted by our correspondents on several locations and occasions with a a bottle of REAL LEAF GREEN TEA on his hand and of different variants. This makes us wonder what is it in that bottle that Shadyboi enjoys drinking almost everywhere. And many would testify that he is seen to hang out with a bottle of REAL LEAF than his girlfriend. 
Shadyboi in one of his gigs, they wonder if he loves green tea than his girlfriend.
even in his labels, the real leaf bottle plays a part...

According to him, "REAL LEAF GREEN TEA is the best drink to rejuvenate my mind and body after long hours of work and shows. It actually has THEANINE that stimulates both mind and body to be active. Plus I knew that these were made with real tea leaves  assuring me that the nutrients are retained in the process. And as a matter of fact, I feel very charged up after ajust a bottle, so I made sure that I always have one handy." This was his statement while asked in one of his gigs holding honey-lychee flavored  real leaf green tea and many wondered why he got a lot of energy even after his hectic schedules. 
Caught in the act while in the dressing room,
he was also rumored using drugs because of his
non stop energy but it was just actually the tea.

He again stated in another event this time holding a bottle of Real Leaf Green Tea Honey-Apple  flavor and we cornered him for a another brief interview, "This drink is better than coffee to keep you alert yet relaxed. My favorite is honey-apple and actually what is more interesting Ii  I also lost a few pounds while doing this 'tea lifestyle'. I'm not the official endorser but I do really feel that I'm like Gary V, pure energy man...pure energy!"

he confesses that he never drank tea ever until real leaf.... 

And from these statements and exclusive footage of him holding a bottle of real leaf clearly testifies his love for the drink and the benefits that he got  by just drinking tea. Since its effectiveness has been proven, I think we may see a lot of other people holding a bottle of REAL LEAF GREEN TEA and get into the 'tea lifestyle'.

Catholic Youth rejoice with the YOUTHPINOY.COM!

Catholic Pinoy Youth will have a space in the web where they gather, share and exchange ideas and experiences with YouthPinoy is a joint project of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), Episcopal Commission on Youth and Office on Mass Media.
They will be having the site launch at University of Santo Thomas on January 16, 2010 at 12 noon. One may register for the also the event at the  youth pinoy website. There is a registration fee of P50 and payment can either be at the event proper or through Bank of Commerce
ACCOUNT NAME: CBCP Communications Development Foundation, Inc.
ACCOUNT NO.: 015-20-004926-5
In confirming your payment, kindly fax  to (02) 404-1612 or email (scanned form) to Mr. Richard Zabala This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
For Fax, Address the Information Sheet to Mr. Richard Zabala (for parishes, schools, and diocesan delegations in Metro Manila); Ms. Bernadette Felix (for parishes, schools, and diocesan delegations in the regions); Ms. Milarie Babia (for FNYO member organizations)
Official receipts can be requested only by those who faxed in their information sheets on or before January 12. Receipts for walk-in payments can only be mailed a week after the launch date.
Delegates are advised to wear your parish/organization T-shirts and or bring a banner for easy identification at the launch venue.


Its been a while since I have seen a Jackie Chan movie, because his late films were into drama and less action. Now with this movie, Spy Next Door, it made me excited to see him again in a very comedic charisma and again back to cool action! You would remember Rush Hour films with this one but the thing is his sidekicks are all kids.
The plot was simple and quite generic to action or comedy films but it has good dialogues that would make you laugh. No complications, just pure, wholesome, family fun. Actually this one passed my meticulous standards with comedy and I would recommend this movie for a night out, with family or friends. Moreover, you will also forget your stresses and problems while also being charmed by kid actors.
Now, of course if there is Jackie Chan, there is kick-ass kung-fu action! Now that make this one hot. And his signature moves with appliances, vehicles, gadgets, clothing and many more would temp you to do the same. However, please don't try them at home without medical and professional supervision.
Now, the closest movie that I can compare with this one is The Tuxedo. But for this one, since he makes action with kids makes it more funnier. I loved the youngest kid named Laura (or is it Flaura...?) that makes ironic yet innocent statements that would make you fart with laughter. She is so cute that a quote that is impressed in my mind is her statement, "I don't want to be a princess anymore, I want to be a cyborg"!

Deliberation time kids!

Movie summary in 3 lines: Spies plus Kids
Technical Effects 3 out of 5 stars (family movie, simple plot, yet funny lines)
Plot 2 out of 5 stars (I guess you got that from your recycle bin)
Popcornmeter (the rating if this movie would make you hungrier while watching) 3 out of 5 stars (Air filled my tummy while laughing)
Acting and Actors 4 out of 5 stars (Kids say the darnest things!)
DVD worthiness 3 out of 5 stars (They should include a  parkour instruction video!)
Sequel worthiness 2 out of 5 stars (no signs of future enemies, in short happy endings...)
Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars

The Feast of the Black Nazarene in the new decade

Yes, as we see that we are now in the new decade. And one major event in January for Filipino Catholics would be the feast day of the Black Nazarene. I am actually a devotee to the Nazareno, and I started going to Quiapo since I was in High School. Since this event attracts millions, as in millions of people, I still observe being spiritual but also vigilant since there would be a lot of people taking advantage of these situations. And with the numbers, always expect that you will be squished within the density of people.

The purpose of the procession (or traslacion meaning to transfer as it re-enacts the scene that it was transferred from its original church to the parish of St. John the baptist) to witness devotees pull the float of the Nazarene as it goes around the Quiapo district. But in rare occasions like this year, the procession would start from Luneta (or Bagumbayan) to Quiapo church. And for more than 400 years it has been a very long traditions that grew up and also transferred from generation to generation.

One sad thing though amidst the spiritual experience as one would come near the statue of the Nazarene are very perilous and fatal risks in even getting close to it. There would be a lot of incidents of being trampled by the crowd, hurting your feet, unable to breathe within the swarm of people, and even falling head on the street. And yet, the parish church officials never fail to remind people to be more careful and be patient to avoid these mishaps. Fatalities would be expected as well as the injured people. It would also a long time before there will be practically zero deaths and injuries. Though its unknown that they did it because of inspiration, or plain too dependent of the miracles that the Nazareno will bring.

However, the spiritual fruits for other people (including me) has been very inspiring and uplifting. You would also hear and read a lot of stories of faith and thanksgiving to the Poon that serves as the living proof of the great influence of the Nazarene to the Filipinos.. Because of its popularity, there are also processions in Cagayan de Oro City and Bataan, however the intensity in Manila is greater.
For this year's feast, It was literally a sea of people even at the wee hours of midnight as devotees still pour to Luneta park. Some made tents or placed mats to sit on or sleep, while some lined for hours just to have a few seconds holding the statue of the Nazarene. Actually me and my mother was one of them and patiently waited as the line moved but as the line is getting longer the possibility of getting to the Poon would be impossible. Then the line just collapse as there were announcement that it needs to be cut off due to the program. As we heard mass led by the Cardinal, the excitement as the procession would start. And it took some hours just to move it very slowly and leaves the perimeter of Rizal Park.

Sad thing though that garbage would be visible as the crowd focuses on the procession and leaves the park, but luckily there were volunteers who cleaned the mess but it would be better that as true devotees we also learn to respect and preserve nature since its also a gift from us. But overall, still amidst all the inconveniences and tiring experience, I still feel that there was a wonderful grace that I felt even I have not walk bare footed nor hold the rope. It was an assurance that faith would take us to new heights and inspire us to challenge ourselves.

Here is my post for the traslacion 2011.