Its indeed a musical world especially in television which is not only exclusive for western series, this time Asia will be invaded with the first Pan-Asian musical series, THE KITCHEN MUSICAL, featuring a pool of Asia's talented casts comprising both veteran and up-and-coming new faces from around the region, The Kitchen Musical is a tantalizing tale stretching 13 episodes of an hour each, centered around good food, great wines. 
Christian Baustista as Chef Daniel

Each episode will be wrapped in specially re-arranged and re-recorded popular hit songs animated with dance sequences. A menu of delicious dishes and dessert will be featured every episode that promises to be as luscious and addictive as the show itself. The Kitchen Musical is set in the musical world of a famous restaurant and anchored around the storyline of a rich young girl’s journey of self-discovery when she starts working in the kitchen of the restaurant, straight out of Le Cordon Bleu, Paris. Starring Stephen Rahman Hughes from Malaysia, and proudly Pinoy Diva Karylle Tatlonghari,and  balladeer Christian Baustita. Other Pinoys included in the cast are Joseph "Thou" Reyes (I Love Betty La Fea) and Ikey Canoy (Akafellas). The series is now shooting with the Filipino cast leaving for Singapore on Wednesday. Food + Music + Dance + Drama = a perfect serving of appetizing treat for viewers across Asia. And hopefully it will reach the western television too.
The Pinoy Cast with The Group and Studio 23 executives

A sample recipe that will be featured in THE KITCHEN MUSICAL

The Kitchen Musical will be shown in nTV7 (Malaysia) Studio 23 (Philippines), Metro TV (Indonesia), AXN (19 Asian Countries). Air date will be on October 2011.

REEL DEAL Movies and Television: Be STREET SMART this July from NatGeo

Are you a curious Pinoy? As in you would go to the details up to the atomic structure just to know how things tick? Maybe scientific and complicated but NatGeo will be launching a new show that will quench those vain curiosities and also talk about Pinoy topics. Hosted by Mitzi Borromeo and the show is the first locally produced series by National Geographic Channel (NGC) with the first three episodes dedicated to food. 
On the pilot episode SINISINTANG CHIBOG,  it deals about the Filipinos insatiable love for food. She embarks on a gastronomic adventure into the metro's food places like Binondo. It also featured 3 (different) food loving people namely Tania Vaca-Son (the sweet tooth), Corey Lee Wilson (the vegetarian), and Alex Lizot-Garcia (the meat lover). Each maybe unique in life choices in food but also shares the pros and cons of what they eat which also defines them. As we loved the pilot episode, we are looking forward to the other two episodes, FLAVORS OF OUR LIVES and CHIBOG CHISMIS.
Its not a cooking show but it looks more like Beakman's World less the labs, rats, and suits. It shows in depth analysis with images and videos for further understanding. Aside from food, the show will also discuss about technology, music, love and beauty. And in the launch they also invited several experts to talk about other food facts that we could learn, from the connection of food to sickness and also the never ending debate on diet which also made us think twice to grab a bite at the buffet. STREET SMART will air on July on NatGeo, but there are also plans to make the cable channel show accessible to more Filipinos in the future. Its really fun show to watch and get ready to educate yourself, which also lives out NatGeo's motto to LIVE CURIOUS.

The Manila Fashion Academy Opens its Doors

London, New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo. 

These are places of fashion known all over the world. Here in the Philippines, particularly in Manila, the fashion scene is rising and also getting recognition. From Philippine Fashion Week, and the Ford Model of the World, our models and designers are climbing the fashion ladder to worldwide recognition. And lately, a new fashion school opened that offered a holistic approach to this trade. The Fashion Academy of Manila located at A. Venue Mall in Makati opens it doors for aspiring models, designers and photographers. The Academy partners with the biggest modeling company of the world ELITE, home of supermodels like Tyra Banks and Hiedi Klum. 

The launch is indeed star studded as celebrities graced the event particularly two prominent families, The Gutierrezes (Ruffa, Raymond, Anabelle, Eddie)and the Magalonas (Pia, Frank, Maxine, Elmo & Sab). It was like Philippine Fashion Week again plus more. Other stars sighted were Angel Locsin, Solenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis, Liz Uy and many more.

The event is a fusion of art and fashion as it also displayed an exhibit of photographer Xander Angeles. Elite Models were also there to distribute copies of the limited VISUALSINE, with Raymond Gutierez as Guest Creative Editor for issue. With this launch, there is now a venue for people who aspires a fashion career either be in modeling, photography, make up and design.

Kudos to the Manila Fashon Academy and Elite Manila!

Nuffnang and Hapee First Class in the Industry

What makes a brand first class? It can be proven in so many ways and always have an edge above the others. Like the mutants of the X-men First class, they were the pioneers in gathering powerful individuals and making a great team. These traits also is what Nuffnang, the region's leading blog advertising community and Hapee, the leader in providing affordable and quality toothpaste in the country has also pioneered to go a step further and left a mark in the industry. Though they don't have mutant powers they have built communities helping other people. Like in hapee, who employs people with impaired hearing which give jobs to handicapped people. And Nuffnang, helping bloggers and advertisers with community events and ads. This also inspires me to watch, X-men first class as I am a fanatic of the series even back in the comics and television series. So don;t be afraid to be special and first class because you can and you can change the world.


Watch Philippine Baranggay Folk Dance Troupe

Founded in 1946 by Dr. Paz-Cielo A. Belmonte (Mommy Bel)

Celebrating 65 years of excellence in folk dance traditions

MAGANDANG PILIPINAS - Pagpupugay kay Mommy Bel

on June 5 (Sunday), 6pm
at the Concert at the Park, an open auditorium in Rizal Park, Manila


AXN Celebrates Philippines Independence Day

As the Philippines celebrates Independence Day on June 12 this year, AXN would like to invite its viewers from the Philippines to send in their well wishes, greetings and their thoughts on what this special day means to them.

Entries should be less than 50 words each and may be in Tagalog, English or Taglish. Send them in by noon on 31 May to our Facebook fanpage (click here for direct link) or email with the subject title ‘AXN Celebrates Philippines Independence Day’. Shortlisted entries will be broadcasted on AXN on 12 and 13 June.

For the sole purposes of broadcast, AXN reserves the right to edit, adapt or abridge the comments, especially those of a religious, sexual or racial nature. Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan!

FUDFYT FOOD LAB: Pompano Fish Curry in Garlic and Cinnamon

Pompano Fish Curry in Garlic and Cinnamon
Just like I promised I will make a fish recipe after being inspired at the I LOVE FISH video contest awarding night showcasing different fish dishes. Now its time to make my own. Well from the title itself it looks really complicated, and did the combination of garlic and cinnamon surprize you? Well find out as we go and prepare another successful experiment of Food Lab only here at FudFyt! And aside from the dish itself the fish we will use is Pompano, a wide yet very tasty fish distributed by FISHTA Seafoods.
 The Ingredients

  • 1 whole Pompano Fish (Cleaned and sliced a vertically into 4 parts)
  • Oil
  • water
  • Margarine
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 can evaporated milk
  • Curry powder
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Dried garlic flakes
  • After cleaning and slicing the fish into four parts, rub salt unto fish to infuse flavor
  • Heat oil and fry fish but do not deep fry.

  • Remove fish from heat and set aside
  • To prepare sauce, boil 2 cups of water and add pepper, salt, and milk. simmer for 2 minutes.
  • Add curry powder and cinnamon powder and add the fish into the sauce. Add margarine to add for flavor and creaminess.
  • Simmer for 2 minutes and sprinkle with garlic flakes upon serving.

And viola! Pompano Fish Curry in Garlic and Cinnamon! A fusion of fish goodness with a kick of spiciness and a twist of cinnamon to tease your taste buds! The Pompano fish is not bony unlike the BangusJust in case you were wondering where you can buy Pompano . They can be purchased at these storesAnd for more updates and also visit the I LOVE FISH FACEBOOK PAGE and also FISHTA SEAFOODS FACEBOOK PAGE for more information and for other exciting news and promotions.

also visit for more food updates!

Winners of the 'I Love Fish video contest' Awarded by FISHTA Seafoods

Cooking is indeed a passion of many Filipinos which is also reflected in our culture. In a archepelago surrounded by rich waters filled with marine life, gives us a lot of reasons to come up with exciting fish dishes. FISHTA Seafoods, a division of Santeh Feeds and also a provider of fresh seafood to leading supermarkets in the Metro sees this riches of our seas and our passion for cooking and that is why they launched the "I LOVE FISH VIDEO CONTEST", an online competition for food lovers who wants to showcase their cooking prowess and creativity. The contest is not limited to just one variety of fish which give liberty for the participants to use different kinds of fishes to come up with their unique dish.

The mechanics were posted at  Each of the videos are uploaded to the I love fish Youtube channel for everyone to see and also for those who wants to try the dishes for themselves.  There were a lot of amazing videos on how fish dishes were prepared, though I would like to know how each dish would taste like. Some are surprisingly easy to prepare yet look really good and delicious on plate. And since fish is a natural source of more protein and omega-3 which is good for the heart, it would make think to always have more dishes which would benefit my health in the long run. 

And after extensive deliberation of all the videos, the winners are announced and awarded last May 24, 2011 together with FISHTA management and Ms. Janette Toral who organized the said contest. Also present were the other video participants who will also take home prizes courtesy of FISHTA Seafoods, every goes home a winner.

And now here are the winners!

Grand prize winner:
Lapu-Lapu Teriyaki with Asparagus
by Edgar Joseph Baltazar Jr

Second prize winner: 
by Czarina Khamille Sacaguing

Three third prize winners:
a. Broiled Parmesan Tilapia (Marichu Zablan)
b. Fish with Tofu (Camille Georgia Uy)
c. Fish and Chips (Paul Le)

The following entries shall also receive Fishta gift packs:

Fried Pompano Nuggets (Jenny Uy)
Broiled Parmesan Tilapia (Marichu Zablan)
Pinaputok na Tilapia (Richard Mamuyac)
Tilapia sa Gata (Luming Manalili)
Steam Lapu-Lapu (Theresa Barde)
Sarciadong Tilapia by Pekeng Hapon (James Gatlabayan)
Fish and Chips (Paul Le)
Ginataang Tilapia (Jamie Tan)
Fish with Tofu (Camille Georgia Uy)
Pinoy Sweet and Sour Fried Maya-Maya (April Rose Kwong)

As an added bonus, outside of the announced contest prizes, organizer Janette Toral is also gave gift packs to the following who submitted an entry to this contest:
  • Erlinda Deliso
  • Ernesto Flores
  • Carlo Camilo Valenzona
  • Anefah Sarip
  • Vanisa Clavite
  • Betty Fabregas
  • Illuminada Bella
  • Violeta Kleiber
  • Pionestor Dres Jr.
  • Nora Espijo
  • Hirro Mac Kuizon
  • Melrose Co

For the complete list of I LOVE FISH videos, just visit .

And for more updates and also visit the I LOVE FISH FACEBOOK PAGE and also FISHTA SEAFOODS FACEBOOK PAGE for more information and for other exciting news and promotions. And also stay tuned to FudFyt for my own fish recipe which I cooked up with this fish in only on Food Lab!

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday Collection 2011: TRAILBLAZERS by Penshoppe


Penshoppe presents Trailblazers

For another ediition of FASHIONISTA we do feature our coverage of Philippine Fashion Week 2011 Holiday Collection presented by Penshoppe. So far, this would be our second time at Philippine Fashion Week and Penshoppe which I would say keeps getting better and better. Entitiled TRAILBLAZERS, the show gives a scope of the fashion trends that goes out of the box yet still fashionably sleek and chic.  And for its fashion forecast, the holiday collection gives more room for creativity and accessory. One of their forecast for the holiday also resembles the Gothic Lolita style of Cosplay which I think will happen and many people love to wear. Also hitting the ramp for fashion week are models from Elite Manila.Golden ABC, the company behind Penshoppe, Oxygen, Regatta and other brands,   celebrates its 25th year in the industry from just a handful of people to a multinational company that reached many shores and created trends in Philippine Fashion. I don't have  the finest pictures but feast you eyes on this video presentation of the fashion show. Kudos to Penshoppe and hope to see more great fashion in your stores! 

PHITEN Relaunches With a Commitment to Health

"The body is made to move" this is what coach Jim Saret said in the relaunch of the Phiten products this May 14, 2011. And most of us, including myself, would be guilty of not doing exercise due to many reasons and one of them is time or plain being lazy. But coach Saret introduced the metabolic workout program that can burn 600 calories in 4 minutes and the metabolism will remain for 24 hours. Buy doing a cylce of jumping jacks, squats, push ups and  lounge. You can count 10 reps each and there is no warm up needed since the movements are already the warm up itself. Now, for fitness and health it may induce some strain on muscles and  the body itself. But with a revolutionary product PHITEN from Japan, offers a great solution for these ailments. 
Ronaldo Colmenar, SEEMI General Manager mentioned that Phiten started in 2007 and now has its 7 stores, with 1st Phiten store in Shangri La Plaza. Phiten products are meant to provide three solutions: (1) Improve blood circulation; (2) Improves strength and flexibility and; (3)Prevents Injury. The product are available in 20 countries and popularized by Professional Baseball Payers in the USA who wore it during games. Thus, Phiten also had its collection with MLB team designs. For further scientific analysis is also a detailed explanation on how it works.

21 Day Challenge

3 bloogers will try the 21 day challenge they are Sire Arevallo, Leira Pagaspas and Montch Acosta. The three bloggers will try Phiten products for 21 days and blog about experiences and if there had been any significant changes in their health, flexibility etc. And the winner will get a exclusive Phiten product that is worth P13,000. Coincidently, all of them are friends and I am interested on how far they improved with the Phiten Products.

Phiten affirms commitment to health and fitness
With the proliferation of sports accessories with false health claims, Phiten, the country’s leading sports accessory and apparel provider, met with members of the media both online and offline in Hyphy’s Ortigas to reintroduce and reaffirm the brand’s commitment to health and fitness.

Famous among athletes and sports enthusiasts, Phiten is an innovative Japanese brand of aquametal-infused wearable technology in form of various accessories and apparel.

At the press conference, Phiten demonstrated the products’ benefits for balanced energy flow and blood circulation. Phiten also introduced Coach Jim Saret, an international sports training consultant who gave tips on how to start and maintain an active lifestyle while sustaining a fit mind and body.

Phiten was founded in 1982 by its president, Yoshihiro Hirata, an alternative medicine practitioner. “We are helping people enhance their quality of life around the globe, building on our Phiten philosophy of health, energy, and well-being,” said Hirata in Phiten’s Official website.

Now found in countries over Asia, Europe, and US, Phiten continues to create waves in the scientific community. “Nano-technology is the breaking down of titanium, silver, and gold minerals to nano particles which are then infused in the materials used to make Phiten products,” said Ronaldo Colmenar, general manager of Sports, Entertainment and Events Management, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Phiten in the country.

The technology restores, if not maintains the optimum balance of the body. Phiten, together with a healthy diet and good exercise and sports programs like biking and running, can also help fight chronic stress brought about by a busy lifestyle.

Colmenar added, “Phiten is not a craze or trend. It is a lifestyle brand that promotes health, style and comfort for people-on-the-go and sports enthusiasts who want to be in their best state always.”

To learn more about Phiten’s health benefits and to see its wide array of products, log on to or visit any Phiten shop kiosk and consigned stores nationwide. Be updated and on the know of Phiten’s promos and sale on facebook.