MUSIC LYF: Ryan Bang Lilly Lilly Likes to Party Party!

Ryan Bang 
I Lilly Lilly Like It Party Party Hits

He is Korean but he is not doing KPOP, but he knows how to party. Ryan Bang (Hyun Sung Bang), as a another product of the Big Brother house ventures out in launching his party CD with 7 songs including his own single I LILLY LILLY LIKE IT. It started when he was a judge in ABS CBN's SHOWTIME, and is always asked to do 'sample' by the audience (madlang people). And as he made his mark as a very funny personality, this made him also popular to many which I also seen when he was still inside the house.
I LILLY LILLY LIKE IT is indeed a novelty party song and interestingly has the same melody of Bayani Agbayani's OCHO OCHO and some other novelty hits. And when I heard it on the radio it did gave me an Last Song Syndrome, since there are no new novelty songs out in the market today. Since he is still in Showtime, this would be a good exposure for him to promote the single. Also he is part of BANANA SPLIT which is gave him the chance to show his comedic nature.

Now having his own album, he admits that he won't do any ballads but is very happy on how his career is going. And being also compared with fellow Korean and now KPOP superstar Sandara Park of 2NE1, he said that he would be happy if that happens but focuses on what he has right now. 
The other songs in the album are; PAN AMERICANO (We No Speak Americano) by Yolanda Cool; PARAPAPA by Cidinho & Doca; WAKA WAKA by All Star Generation; GIT WITH U by PSIX, and the Bang mix of I LILLY LILLY LIKE LIT. I Lilly Lilly Like It: Ryan Bang Party Hits!, released by Galaxy Records and distrubuted by PolyEast Records, is now available in stores nationwide. Get your copy for only Php 199. Special thanks to Shimmian and Boysquad Tshirt.

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June 3 (Friday)   5pm Robinsons Angeles, Pampanga
June 17 (Friday) 5pm Robinsons Dasmarinas, Cavite
June 24 (Friday) 5pm Robinsons Starmills Pampanga
July 1 (Friday)     5pm Robinsons Sta Rosa, Laguna

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