Kariton Klasrum Program goes nationwide

As part of the effort in promoting inclusive education nationwide, the Department of Education (DepEd) is replicating the Dynamic Teen Company's (DTC) Kariton Klasrum made popular by CNN Hero awardee Efren Penaflorida, Jr. By expanding the project nationwide, DepEd and its partners intend to address the needs of hard-to-reach learners and out-of-school children and youth (OSCYs).

The program provides greater mobility for children-at-risk, OSCYs, and school drop-outs in accessing basic education through the Alternative Delivery Modes (ADM) program of DepEd. Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC said, “This project aims to have a 100% reintegration rate of the beneficiaries into mainstream or regular schools. Just as we accommodate the unique needs of indigenous peoples and special learners, we also try to fit our modes of delivery to the unique conditions of children at-risk, especially those in the streets."

REEL DEAL: Pop Icon Rihanna Lends Vocal Talent In Dreamwork's "HOME"

In her first animated film, seven-time Grammy Award winning singer and actress Rihanna stars as the voice of Gratuity Tucci, known as Tip, a feisty, independent and very relatable girl who is having to fend for herself when her mother is captured by an alien species, the Boov, along with all the other humans on Earth.

Directed by Tim Johnson. Tip is separated from her mother (Jennifer Lopez) when an alien race called the Boov take over the Earth. Humans are rounded up and relocated – and Tip appears to be the last girl on the planet. She meets one of the Boov, Oh, (Jim Parsons) who is also alone.  An outsider, unpopular with his species, he has become a fugitive after making a big mistake and is in trouble with his leader, Captain Smek  (Steve Martin). Oh and Tip are both on the run and set off together in an amazing flying car, on a thrilling and funny adventure.

Coming very soon this March 26 in cinemas nationwide, “Home” is a Dreamworks Animation feature distributed by 20th Century Fox thru Warner Bros.

Papa Jack Brings Love Advice On TV With “CALL ME PAPA JACK”

Papa Jack of Love Radio 90.7 is one of the most notable names in radio today. He is known to be the one who popularized on air love advice in the new millennium which many radio stations followed and has become a staple of prime-time radio.

His popularity led him to a lot of opportunities such as endorsements, gigs, and most of all fans who love to listen to his radio show True Love Conversations on Air on Love Radio 90.7 every 9PM. Now he starts 2015 with another mileage in his career with a TV show that follows the love advice format just like his radio show. 

REEL DEAL: Taylor Lautner In Non-Stop Kinetic Action In "TRACERS"

Impressive stunts are normally the silent heroes of movies.  As a moviegoer, we know they’re there because we can’t believe our eyes. But they are supposed to take us seamlessly into the action and have us believe that James Bond or Jason Bourne are those daredevils flying through the air, racing across roof-tops, skiing down impossible and impassable slopes…and on and on and on. 

Parkour has hit big in some of America’s urban areas.  The prestigious New York Times previously ran an article in its Sports Section: “Parkour, as Pastime Born on the Streets, Moves Indoor and Uptown.”  The article notes, “They are skateboarders without skateboards, urban acrobats who scale walls, hurdle mailboxes and leap between buildings in stunts that might give ‘Spider-Man’ pause.”  The article goes on to note that, “Practitioners of parkour, a daring pastime born in the streets, have long seen public spaces as their playground, and parkour as the ultimate rebel’s game; one with no rules, league, equipment or winners.  It started in France and has spread around the world: Gaza, Tokyo, Rome and Miami are parkour towns.”

REEL DEAL: Taylor Lautner Faces Heart Stopping Challenges In "TRACERS" - Opens Feb 4

“Twilight Series’” heartthrob hero Taylor Lautner stars in the upcoming action thriller “Tracers” in the midst of parkour’s dangerous backdrop. 

Lautner plays Cam, broke and depleted of luck trying to scrape off his debts, one day crashes into Nikki (Marie Avgeropoulos), a complicated stranger caught up in a gang of broken street criminals who seduces him into her dangerous world. The parkour takes him to places he has never been before and lands him a lucrative job under the gang’s leader, Miller (Rayner).  Ultimately extricating himself from a world unimagined and unanticipated becomes a whole different heart-stopping challenge.

Tracers is on its surface very simple.  It’s about a guy – ‘Cam’ – who finds a girl – ‘Nikki’. The girl allows him to reclaim a part of his life and a spirit in his life.  At the exact same moment that happens, outside forces are pressing in on him.  And that’s where Tracers takes off.

REEL DEAL: “FANTASTIC FOUR” Teaser Trailer Revealed!

Opens August 6 in cinemas nationwide

Be ready for what’s coming this 2015 – from 20th Century Fox comes “Fantastic Four” teaser trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h4I2GdFrH0 that will open August 6 in the Philippines.  

“Fantastic Four” stars Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm aka the Torch, Kate Mara as Sue Storm and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm aka The Thing along with Toby Kebbel as the legendary villain Dr. Doom in the contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team that centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

REEL DEAL: Angelina Jolie's Passion For Directing Remains "UNBROKEN"

Angelina Jolie’s first feature-film directorial effort, 2011’s “In the Land of Blood and Honey” was an auspicious debut and received strong reviews and a Golden Globe Award Best nomination for Best Foreign Language film. It wasn’t surprising that the urge to continue a career as a filmmaker persisted in Jolie, even as the subject matter of another directorial effort eluded her. “I would be lying in bed thinking I want to do something meaningful. But what was it? I needed some help, some guidance,” she gives.

The living, breathing embodiment of the guidance Jolie sought, and of the themes and values that pique her interest—courage and endurance, the resilience of the human spirit, faith, forgiveness and redemption—turned out to be quite nearby. She found it wholly in the person of one of her neighbors, a living legend whose home, unbeknownst to her, was nearby her family’s house in the Hollywood Hills.

Find out what Christina Perri chooses: Head or Heart?

When dealing with love, would you choose your head over your heart? Or vice-versa?

Maybe the answer will be known at the Christina Perri Live in Manila this coming March 5, 2015 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Perri, the singer-songwriter behind the hits “Jar Of Hearts”, “A Thousand Years” and “Human” is known for writing songs about the highs and lows of love and never fails to capture her audience’s emotions, with songs that are easily relatable and felt by the heart.

“The thing about me is that I don’t know how not to write,” Perri says. “Because I continue to fall in and out of love, I find myself often at those massive highs and lows. I wrote ideas for album two but I never called it album two. Those were songs that were getting me through tour. But when I came home I wrote a song called ‘Trust’ and I had an epiphany. I’ve tried trusting my heart, I’ve tried trusting my head and I feel as though I’ve chosen wrong each time. I knew the album had to be called head or heart and half the songs would be heart songs and half would be head songs. That was the moment when it began for me creatively and conceptually.”

REEL DEAL: “BOY NEXT DOOR” Has Fatal Attraction In New TV Spots

Universal Pictures has just released two TV spots for its highly awaited thriller “The Boy Next Door” starring Jennifer Lopez which. The spot titled “Protect” may be viewed at http://youtu.be/1_VP3Nkyius?list=UU9vXJYvgswrEHfNveILWM2Q, and “Attaction” at http://youtu.be/mxFu9j0jydg?list=UU9vXJYvgswrEHfNveILWM2Q.

Directed by Rob Cohen (“The Fast and the Furious”), “The Boy Next Door” also stars Ryan Guzman (“Step Up: All In”), John Corbett (“Sex and the City”) and Kristin Chenoweth (“Rio 2”).

REEL DEAL: Bruce Willis Creates Humanoids In Explosive Sci-Fi Action "VICE"

Bruce Willis gears for action against both humans and robots in the sci-fi “Vice” where he plays Julian Michaels who has designed the ultimate resort – a place where anything goes and the customers can play out their wildest fantasies with artificial inhabitants who look, think and feel like humans. 

When an artificial (Ambyr Childers) becomes self-aware and escapes, she finds herself caught in the crossfire between Julian's mercenaries and a cop (Thomas Jane) who is hell-bent on shutting down Vice, and stopping the violence once and for all. 

REEL DEAL: Inspirational Bestselling Memoir Adapted In "WILD"

A messed-up woman’s coming of age unfolds in cinemas in “Wild,” produced and starred in by Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.”

Thinking she’d lost everything, Cheryl Strayed walked out of her broken-down life and into the deep wilderness on a 1,100-mile solo hike that would take her to the edge. “Wild” began with Cheryl Strayed’s own personal story – that of a woman still reeling from the sudden loss of her inspiring mother, a wrecked marriage and a headlong dive into unabashed self-destruction who decides to put a halt to it all and takes a seemingly preposterous adventure.  With zero outdoors experience, a monstrously heavy backpack and fueled by little but her own ragged will, Strayed set out to hike the PCT, the longest, toughest and wildest through-trail in America, completely alone.  Barely a few minutes into her trek, she considered quitting.  But she persevered and during those few months, she found reminders of joy, courage and beauty amid the fear, exhaustion and peril.  It was an adventure that helped her put her life back together again and emerge with a raw but remarkable story.

REEL DEAL: Ryan Guzman, Ready For His Close Up In "THE BOY NEXT DOOR"

Ryan Guzman, who is best known for his roles in the hugely successful “Step Up” film series, plays the titular character of Noah, the 19-year-old who’s as charming as he is evil, in Universal Pictures' erotic thriller “The Boy Next Door.” In the film, Noah’s fatal attraction to his high school teacher Claire (Jennifer Lopez) will force the latter to her limits as she protects her world from being torn apart and her family from a psychotic danger.

During the audition process for the part, Guzman learned from his manager that Lopez wanted him to participate in a table read. He laughs: “When I was told that she wanted me to come in, I thought it was a prank. But they assured me it was real, so I read the script. I loved the character because Noah was so dark and completely different from anything I’d ever done.”

REEL DEAL: Edward Norton Shine In Academy-Award Nominated "BIRDMAN"

Oscar nominated actor Edward Norton relished the opportunity to work with director Alejandro González Iñárritu in the black comedy “Birdman,” which opened the 71st Venice Film Festival where it won rave reviews that will open exclusive at Ayala Malls Cinemas nationwide on January 28.

Norton joins an all star cast including Michael Keaton as a fading Hollywood star, Riggan Thomson, desperate to regain his credibility by staging a Broadway play. Thomson once played a comic book hero, Birdman, in several box office hits and now he is haunted by his Birdman alter ego who warns him that staging a play – an adaptation of Raymond Carver’s “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” – is a big mistake.

REEL DEAL: "COMET To Hit Philippines This February

“A beautifully rendered experience that excels on nearly every level”  Awards Circuit

Following the success of the Adam Levine-Kiera Knightley starrer Begin Again, Solar Pictures brings to local cinemas “COMET”-- a cosmic love story that is sure to leave audiences with that warm February feeling.

“Comet,” stars Golden Globe nominee Emmy Rossum (“The Day After Tomorrow,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” “Mystic River”) and Justin Long (“Live Free or Die Hard,” “He’s Just Not That Into You”).

“Comet” is an original modern love story that follows Kimberly (Rossum) and Dell (Long), who first meet at the Hollywood cemetery where they’ve both come to watch a meteor shower.

Kimberly is brilliant and beautiful; Dell is nerdy and pessimistic, but with an incredibly sharp mind and direct manner. While she and he are not a natural pair, they are cosmically drawn to each other and, under a night sky, luminous with falling stars, they begin their epic love story.

MUSIC LYF: Grammy 2015 Nominees - Commercial and Critical Success

Bound to prove commercial and critical success can intertwine as the two stood side by side on the year 2014, the newest in the GRAMMY Nominees album series comes out this year featuring the most significant acts in music in the past year. "The exceptional mix of recordings featured on this year's compilation not only represent a roster of incredibly talented artists but also provides a unique playlist showcasing some of this year's outstanding GRAMMY nominees. It is fitting that our 21st instalment album contains 21 exciting selections which music fans are sure to enjoy," Neil Portnow, the President/CEO of The Recording Academy, expressed.

The GRAMMY 2015 Nominees album is sure to deliver the same, if not more, of the mojos that the previous ones in the decade have as instant classics emblazon the compilation’s tracklist–all of which have their eyes on only the top Grammy categories, anticipating their golden gramophones on the 8th of February later this year.

REEL DEAL: Hillarious Amazing "SPY" Trailer Released!

The latest “Spy” in town is on the loose, the CIA’s top analyst has a new identity! Melissa McCarthy along with a stellar cast of interesting actors including Jude Law, Jason Statham and Rose Byrne star in the latest explosive action comedy “Spy.”

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy), a shy deskbound CIA analyst, goes on a mission to help a field agent in trouble. Employing outrageous identities and fancy spy gadgets, she attempts to infiltrate the shadowy world of an alluring but dangerous weapons dealer. She leaves a trail of mayhem crisscrossing Europe, utilizing deception and false bravado to try and outwit her quarry and locate a stolen nuke.

“Spy” opens May 21 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

REEL DEAL: Samuel Jackson - Ideal Villan To The Best Spies In "KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE"

Every great action hero needs an ideal villain to make the good vs. evil dynamics work well.  In the upcoming highly stylized non-stop action film “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” Samuel Jackson plays the villain role to the hilt as Richmond Valentine, a tech billionaire and disillusioned eco-campaigner whose desire to save the earth at any cost has led him to devise a scheme that will have devastating consequences for everyone. 

After Valentine is the Kingsman – an elite group of operatives working outside of the government. Martial in style, they are an altruistic unit that gets things done.  “They’re the good guys,” says Colin Firth, who plays Harry, whose Kingsman name is Galahad, named after the Arthurian legend. “We’re living in an age in which we’re very suspicious of our institutions and our governments. Whatever trust we’ve once had has been undermined, so I think it’s interesting to explore the idea that there is an organization with pure motives. One not compromised by the politics and bureaucracy of these institutions. The Kingsmen are the modern-day Knights of the Round Table.”   With Harry is newly-recruited spy Eggsy, played by newcomer Taron Egerton.  Harry feels responsible for the death of Eggsy’s father, and that he owes the man a debt. When a Kingsman agent is killed, the organization looks for a new recruit. Explains Firth: “When Harry sees that his fallen comrade’s son, Eggsy, is on a fast track to disaster in the way he’s growing up, Harry rises to the challenge of seeing if he can save the boy. That’s partly guilt, but he wants to see if he can mold Eggsy into Kingsman material. He says quite explicitly that being a gentleman has nothing to do with accents or upbringing; it’s something one learns and proves in one’s behavior.”
A voracious comic-book fan, Samuel L. Jackson had already read the books by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons where the film was based when he heard Vaughn was interested in him for the part of Valentine. “The Kingsmen were different kinds of gentleman spies,” he reflects. “I thought the concept was great and I always thought it would make a wonderful film.”

Jackson loved Vaughn and Goldman’s script, and says he immediately understood Valentine’s motivations. “The really crazy thing was that it totally made sense,” he laughs. “The film is full of great visual images, and I felt a thrill taking the ride.”

Valentine’s logic posits that the global population has swelled to uncontrollable levels, so it requires culling. His deadly plan is to produce SIM cards that he will distribute freely around the world, and which will both stimulate aggression and reduce inhibition. They’ll literally cause people to tear each other apart, save for a select few chosen for their intelligence, power and beauty. With protective chips implanted into the heads of these elite, Valentine has rounded them up and transported them to his secret base.

REEL DEAL: "GET HARD" Characters Prepare For Prison In Main Trailer

Warner Bros. Pictures has just launched the second trailer of the Will Ferrell-Kevin Hart comedy “Get Hard” which may be viewed at http://youtu.be/r01tIo5d4Tg.

The movie also stars rapper Tip “T.I.” Harris, Alison Brie, and Craig T. Nelson.

In the film, when millionaire hedge fund manager James King (Ferrell) is nailed for fraud and bound for a stretch in prison, the judge gives him 30 days to get his affairs in order. Desperate, he turns to Darnell Lewis (Hart) to prep him for a life behind bars. But despite James’ one-percenter assumptions, Darnell is a hard-working small business owner who has never received a parking ticket, let alone been to prison.

ART IS A BANG: " SEASONS OF DESIRE " All Set On February 7

The one-night only concert will feature the works of Mozart and Verdi. Featuring Elaine Lee (soprano), Ivan Nery (tenor), Lawrence Jatayna (baritone) and Dingdong Fiel (piano). Directed by Nazer Salcedo. To be held at Abelardo Hall, College of Music - U.P. Diliman Q.C.

" SEASONS OF DESIRE " is a tribute to the Filipino Asianovela craze, as well as an attempt to extend the love for opera to a broader audience. Using selected opera pieces from Mozart and Verdi, " Seasons of Love " features tropes from local and international dramas - the sudden tragedy, a betrayal of trust, a plot of revenge, a redemption --- and incorporates these tropes to songs from famous operas such as Le Nozze de Figaro, Magic Flute, La Traviata and Rigoletto.

Ticket inquiries: 0919-4722340.

ART IS A BANG: Tanghalang Ateneo's 36th Season Presents GODOT5 Five Ruminations On Samuel Beckett's 'En Attendant Godot'

Tanghalang Ateneo, the longest-running theater company of the Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University, will end its 36th Season: Navigating Identities this February with "GODOT5: Five Ruminations on Samuel Beckett's 'En Attendant Godot'". The production, an exploration of the tragedy of waiting and of hope, will use both the English translation of the play by Nobel Prize Winner for Literature Samuel Beckett and a new Filipino translation by Palanca winner Guelan Varela-Luarca.

A brief synopsis: Vladimir and Estragon meet near a tree along a road. They converse, bicker, argue, laugh, and agree on several topics of conversation; all of which are merely distractions to help them wait for the arrival of Godot. While waiting, two other men arrive, Pozzo and Lucky. They join Vladimir and Estragon for a while but eventually leave. After they do so, a boy arrives and tells Vladimir and Estragon that Godot won't be arriving today but will surely do so tomorrow. After the boy leaves, Vladimir and Estragon decide to also leave. But they remain where they are, waiting.

Top Craze Upgrades with Infinity Nado

When was the last time you played with a physical toy? An action figure or a top perhaps. Because the world of the online games and virtual world may have forced us to play on our couches, it still rocks to savor the joy of playing real toys. But we have to be practical that having it played online gives it an advantage to connect to the world and the vast number of players who also enjoys the same game as you do.

But let take them together, the beauty and excitement of an actual toy plus the convenience of online ranking and  networks and you got the new breed of play and toys. Today we have that with the new Infinity Nado series.

Designed by Auldey, it has adapted the popular battle tops which was a hit in the early 2000s and improved some of its mechanics, design, and the connectivity features.


Star Cinema launches its first movie of 2015 with a whole new genre bringing together romance and mystery in one with "HALIK SA HANGIN".  Starring Gerald Anerson, Julia Montes and JC de Vera, the movie deviates from the romcom and comedies which they usually have for their roster. 

Halik Sa Hangin is written by Enrico Santos and directed by  Emmanuel Quindo Palo. It will also be a first for a love triangle between Julia , Gerald and JC. PBB All-In Housemates , Fouth Solomon, Fifth Solomon and Mariz Racal also joins in the cast which will also be their movie debut.

Enervon Prime Gives Seniors the Chance to Live Stronger For Longer this New Year

The beginning of a New Year is a great time to start being healthy and active especially as we grow older. As we age, gradual changes in our body occur especially when it comes to strength. Daily tasks like getting up from the bed or climbing up the stairs can become difficult. This is because part of the aging process is a condition called Sarcopenia, the natural decline in muscle mass, strength, and functionality.

Though we cannot control all the physical changes that we encounter as we age, continuing to live a healthy and active lifestyle is something we can choose to do to manage these conditions. Apart from walking and other cardio activities, our muscles need to be exercised to maintain its strength. Simple lifting of manageable objects like bottled water and lunges can already go a long way. Supplementation of protein and Vitamind D can also help delay Sarcopenia.


Well-known for his full-throttle action sequences, director Rob Cohen (“The Fast and the Furious,” “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”) returns to helms Universal Pictures' erotic psychological thriller “The Boy Next Door.”

Jennifer Lopez leads the cast of “The Boy Next Door” which explores a forbidden attraction that goes much too far. When we first meet Claire (Lopez), she is still reeling from the betrayal of her husband nine months prior. After finding out that he was cheating on her with his much younger assistant, she has separated from him and lives with her 17-year-old son, Kevin. When a 19-year-old neighbor, Noah (Ryan Guzman), befriends Kevin and spends weeks flirting with Claire, their one intense night of pleasure turns into a series of terrifying events for her.

REEL DEAL: Shailene Woodley - Latest Action Heroine Reprises Role In “INSURGENT”

Golden Globe®-nominee Shailene Woodley who starred in 2014’s young adult blockbuster movie “The Fault In Our Stars” reprises her role in the most anticipated second instalment of her action starrer “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” along with returning cast headed by Academy Award®-winners Kate Winslet and Octavia Spencer, Theo James, Ansel Elgort, Jai Courtney, Ray Stevenson, Zoë Kravitz, Miles Teller, Maggie Q and Mekhi Phifer. 

Based on the is based on author Veronica Roth’s New York Times best-seller of the same name that has sold nearly 30 million copies worldwide. The film is directed by Robert Schwentke from a screenplay by Brian Duffield, Akiva Goldsman and Mark Bomback and produced by Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher following its first “Divergent” feature film that grossed nearly $300 million at the global box office. 

REEL DEAL: Johnny Depp Transforms As The Wolf "INTO THE WOODS"

Re-inventing his cinematic look yet again, Johnny Depp stars as the The Wolf in Walt Disney Pictures' new fantasy adventure “Into the Woods.”

When director Rob Marshall approached Johnny Depp (“Sweeney Todd,” “Alice in Wonderland”) about bringing the predatory character of the Wolf to life, the actor was quick to sign on. Having worked with Marshall on “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” Depp shares a similar sensibility with the director, and says, “I’d shoot the phone book with Rob if he asked. He’s the real thing.”

In discussing the character of the Wolf, screenwriter James Lapine says, “The Wolf is the feral creature in the storytelling. He’s the unguarded, animalistic presence embodied, rather amazingly, by Johnny Depp, who we also see as seductive. It’s the seduction of the wild.”

Lazada Celebrates Chinese New Year Early With Kick Off Sale on January 27!

Christmas and New Year Sale Season is over yet Lazada is excited to bring to its customers another major sale that will happen on January 27, which is just weeks before Chinese New Year. After the the successful Online Revolution Month held last December 12, 2014, Lazada.com.ph is bringing another a one day sale event and it promises to give online shoppers a treat with prices up to 88% off!

The 2015 Chinese New Year Kick Off Sale will start exactly 12:01 AM of January 27 and will end on 11:59 PM of the same day. Thee are a lot of look forward on that day aside from the large discounts one can get on gadgets, apparel, electronics, home and sporting goods. 

For techies, you can also rejoice with the limited sale of the Mi M3 return sale on that day only. Exclusive sale of the Meizu MX4 will also be on it shelf with a discounted price of P17,999!  Cherry Mobile's most affordable Octacore Smartphone ME Vibe will also drop to a special price of P3799 from P3999.

DepEd to hold month-long early registration in public schools nationwide

The Department of Education (DepEd) has set January 24 to February 27, 2015 as the period for early registration in all public elementary and secondary schools nationwide for SY 2015-2016.

Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC said that the month-long early registration period will give the Department a clear picture of the total number of expected enrollees and will help in addressing challenges that may arise during the regular enrolment. He added, “Our collective aim is a smooth school opening come June, that is why we are preparing as early as January.”

REEL DEAL: "AMERICAN SNIPER" Shatters Multiple Records - Storms US Box Office

The Oscar-nominated film, starring Bradley Cooper, made history—becoming the best-ever opening for director Clint Eastwood, winning both the weekend and the hearts of audiences with an A+ Cinemascore.

Burbank, CA, January 19, 2015 – Surpassing all targets, Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ multiple Oscar-nominated drama “American Sniper” smashed virtually every available record as it opened across the US on the heels of its already record-breaking limited release.

REEL DEAL: Real Life Groomsman Fiasco Inspires "THE WEDDING RINGER"

The genesis for the premise of Columbia Pictures' new comedy “The Wedding Ringer” can be traced all the way back to a random phone call director Jeremy Garelick received from a high school classmate.

"A person I knew in high school called me out of nowhere many years later and said 'Rebecca and I are getting married,' recalls director Garelick. I said 'Congratulations' and in my mind I am thinking 'Who's Rebecca and why are you calling me?' He asked me to save the date, but I'm thinking why would I even go to this wedding? I wasn't really friends with this guy in high school, but a month later he called again and said 'Rebecca and I would be honored if you would be in our wedding party as one of my groomsman.' I was caught off guard and didn't know what to do, so I said yes and after I hung up the phone, I thought, 'What did I just agree to'? Now I have to fly from Los Angeles all the way back east for this wedding with people I don't even know."

REEL DEAL: Hiking America's Roughest Trail For 94 Days In The "WILD"

Pacific Crest Trail, America’s wildest through-rail, with its infamous harsh passages, has recently rose to further prominence in the latest Reese Witherspoon starrer – “Wild,” based upon the personal accounts of Cheryl Strayed’s  journey to bring her life back together after losing everything that deeply meant to her.

Wilderness epics have been around since the beginning of cinema. But from the 1912 silent film “The Conquest of the Pole” to “Jeremiah Johnson” to “Into The Wild” to “127 Hours,” nearly all have traced the paths of men far from civilization.  But the fact that WILD takes a different, less expected direction drew a devoted group of filmmakers.

Says Witherspoon, who produced the film with her partner Bruna Papandrea:  “Wild” is about so many things that touch people.  It's about life, love, loss and family. It’s about how a woman who thought she was completely broken, but found a way to reconstitute herself.”