ALERT! Chile hit by 8.8 magnitude eartquake, Tsunami alerts in the Pacific


I was disturbed by the recent earhquake in Chile. It was reported that the epicenter  is located in Concepcion, Chile. It happened in the middle of the morning about 3 in the morning there in Chile. reaching up to 8.8 magnitude Now we are still helping and coping with the earthquake in Haiti (magnitude 7.0), now another quake has struck the western hemisphere now in the South America. Actually, Chile has experienced a stronger earthquake in 1960 with more than a thousand deaths. Now since it event happened just hours since this was posted. Many are still unsure of what will happen. Now rescue and recovery is on the way in Chile which has more stable infrastructure than Haiti, so there would be less casualties. However, there are also reports of infrastructures that have collapsed. Aftershocks are still felt in Chile, now the world is also very concerned about the Tsunami that will hit many countries around the Pacific Ocean.

Now for the Philippines, we are in the Ring of Fire, so the tsunami alert is placed. Here now are the provinces in the east coastlines ng Pilipinas batanes, cagayan, isabela, aurora, quezon, camarines sur and norte, albay, catanduanes, sorsogon, leyte, samar, surigao del norte and del sur, dinagat islands, davao del sur, del norte and oriental. although davao del norte and biliran are inward  provinces and may not be majorly affected... just also note that its a ripple effect so it may go into more places therefore if your in or near the coast please look for higher ground. Here is the predicted tsunami path within hours upon impact with coastlines.
Now please stay safe everyone...pray.
also listen to the news to be informed.

also here is a link from PHILVOCS please spread the word..


The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Magwayen Creative Scholars' Guild




March 22, 2010- 3PM & 5PM
March 23, 2010- 10AM, 1PM, 3PM & 7PM
at the


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At first, I thought the title was inappropriate for an action movie, especially when the story revolves the beautiful city of Paris. We all know Paris as the city of Lights and Romance. The Majestic scenery and the breathtaking view of the Parisian skyline as modernity and classic meet. Then...


Explosions everywhere! Street Gangs on the loose, thugs and muggers carrying different kinds of weapons roam the streets! And that where we find the protagonists, James Resse (Rhys Meyers) and Charles Wax (Travolta) start their partnership in pursuit of threats to national/international security. The movie had bad-ass moves that you can call real action. However, you might consider that with great action comes great number of violence and foul language, so sorry kids, better luck when you are older. 
But for us of the perfect age for this kind of stuff, its really worth a trip to the cinemas. The image I had for John Travola was shattered with this movie. Which is actually real good, I thought he was Batista (the wrestler... well for those who don't know him). I couldn't keep myself in noticing that in the movie I would see more other nationalities than the French. So the French feel is somehow overshadowed. And actually, I have ran out of other criticisms and everything has been wickedly and bloody damn good!

And one more thing, Travolta's lines were so good, its a classic! It also really made me laugh!

Deliberation time kids!

Movie summary in 3 lines: F*ckin' great action
Technical Effects 4 out of 5 stars (I never imagined Paris is such a nice place to destroy)
Plot 4 out of 5 stars (The last part was predictable, the rest unpredictable!)
Popcornmeter (the rating if this movie would make you hungrier while watching) 5 out of 5 stars (It made me hungry inside out!)
Acting and Actors 4 out of 5 stars (I LOVE YOU JOHN TRAVOLTA! I... mean you ROCK man!)
DVD worthiness 5 out of 5 stars (I wanna see those scenes again!)
Sequel worthiness 4 out of 5 stars (In another city perhaps?)
Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars

füdfÿt: YOSHINOYA!


I always and ever will love Japanese food, for the flavor, style and many other aspects. I loved how they are made, the variety of their cuisine and most especially the different texture and flavor in each dish. And among the Japanese restaurants that I would admire for having great Japanese food is Yoshinoya. Yoshinoya has been a very well-established brand in Japan for more than a century and still a household name for the Japanese people. Just a quick history about  its origins, Yoshinoya come from the root word "Yoshino", which  is a old province in Old Tokyo and "Ya", which means house. Yoshinoya is very known for their Gyudon (beef bowls) and other dishes like Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Yakiniku, Pork/Chicken/Fish Katsudon and Pork/Chicken Hayashi.

For now, Yoshinoya has seven branches in Metro Manila (Parksquare 1, SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria, SM North EDSA, Greenhills, SM Mall of Asia, and Sta Lucia). And with each branch you can enjoy authentic Japanese dishes in a fast food setting, so you can enjoy your meal more than waiting for it to be done. 

Yoshinoya is also present in Anime Conventions and Events that are attended by many Cosplayers, Anime  Otakus,  and Japanese enthusialists.  Yoshinoya will offer new dishes in the future that would  further enhance your Japanese cuisine experience like enjoying the meal as if it really came from Japan! Also they are planning expansion for another branch so it could serve more customers here in Metro Manila in which a growing population are now hungry to get a taste of the world famous Gyudon!

Also I would like to thank Ate Rowena, for organizing the this first Bloggers' Night. And enjoy a FREE GYUDON BEEF for every P1000 worth of delivery! Just Call these numbers with the branch nearest you!

GREENHILLS                   725-1736 / 725-7789
SM NORTH EDSA              920-8177 / (0922) 8334654
SM MEGAMALL                632-1352 / 632-1276 / (0922) 8334655
PARKSQUARE                  893-8176 / 893-8178 / (0922) 8334656

Love, Luck and Penance...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Even if I'm not into a relationship (right now, but hopefully) I do feel that love is all around me with my family and friends as I know that the essence of love does not limit to lovers only but to all who love.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
The year of the metal tiger has arrived, which many people are more anxious about what would be the fate of the country and the world with the time of this astronomical sign. Although I have quite a good knowledge about Chinese Astronomy, I would not make it the basis of how I would live my life in this new lunar new year. There is always hard work, patience, wisdom and goodness that will lead anyone who follow those ways to success, happiness and peace of mind.


Ash Wednesday

Its actually not a very festive celebration but more of a solemn observance of the start of Lent as many Christians would start to reflect on the life of Christ as he journeys to Jerusalem into his condemnation. It may have a gloomy feel as we draw near those days but it actually would make us reflect into ourselves upon our works as a person. Also, we must recognize that even though we came from dust, a worthless object no one would want, we were worthy to be redeemed by the blood of the Lord. Like Valentine's Day, its actually the greatest form of showing love for someone like us.
As we were smudged with ash on our foreheads, we must remember that this should be a covenant between God and us to be change for the better. A call that we usually never respond, probably pretty much pre-occupied with work, school, problems, bills and all other things that would get our attention that we fail to just stop, be silent, and listen to the voice that is calling us all of our lives.

Hug-a-palooza at Enchanted Kingdom!

Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year celebrated at the same time is very rare and exciting. On this day its like a double celebration for all. And this celebration is not exclusive to lovers but also friends and families. Its actually fun to wear red on that day since you will fit in even without a date (however all my red clothes are in the laundry, so I wore white instead). Moreover, since its a sunday what fun way to celebrate it is to visit a theme park like Enchanted Kingdom.
This  was my chance to visit EK after quite some time now. And I vow the last time that I will try the Space Shuttle Max (which I have conquered successfully!). Not much has changed but I noticed the flux of people inside the park since that day is a double, I mean...triple celebration. Its also my first time to spend it with blogger friends. Of course, I made sure I had a souvenir to remember this day, which I got a glow in the dark wizard wand! Yup, I felt like a ten year old to be enchanted with a toy like that. I also spotted a lot of couples there, which makes me conclude that this is still hot venue for a Valentine's date.
 For this day Enchanted Kingdom has introduced a new annual activity that will set a record for the park. Its Hug-a-palooza. The event aims to set the most number of people hugging inside a theme park. This event is a first so many people are very interested on it will be set. The record was also monitored by Pinoy Records of GMA7. It actually based on the number of guests inside the park. And an estimated of more than 6000 guest in the park recorded did hug at the same time as fireworks filled the skies. The management of Enchanted Kingdom would like to exceed the record next year by inviting more guest for another attempt for the hugging record.
Happy Chinese New Year!
 Eldar the Wizard casts the spell to hug each other!

MTV Philippines goes off the air?!

I was shocked when I was checking TV to watch MTV Philippines which had become a routine for me, a night person to just get a daily dose of music and videos. Then what I just seen was a black blank background. I also got some hints from plurk and also checked out the mtv twitter page and it confirmed my fears. It said


Its really sad for me since I was a avid fan of the network ever since I was in my grade school and high school days. I also bought and had a collection of its MTV ink magazine. So what now? Everything is still unclear to me why do they need to go off air. Are there better things in the future? Will MTV Asia take over? Will there be a reformat of the network. This was also unprecedented since they just launched U92.3 fm which is  doing good so far. Also I never heard they will go off air or even signs of it. I might have not notice in my twitter that it was really ending.  However, I still have my faith up that it might return to better. If it does not, I just want to know why just to justify a closure. And as I still wonder, the song "All good things (come to an end)" plays in my mind.

To MTV Philippines, thank you for making my day and igniting my passion for music and arts!

Nestea Camp Hot!

Summer is just a few weeks/days away and we can actually feel the summer heat in the climate. And what we will expect is a lot of outdoor activities like going to the beach, sports and anything that contain action to make the season exciting. Of course most of you would get soaked in the sun, sand and sea, and what we would always think if we are fit enough to wear bikinis or trunks. 
So being in shape would be some of the objectives we are doing in preparation by going to the gym, doing diets etc. Now Nestea fit introduces Camp Hot. This camp is not a military camp but it will leave you sweating and getting fit at the same time. The camp is composed of sections where you can learn about the basics of summer activities like Beach Volleyball, Touch Football, Yoga, Hip-hop, Basketball and ultimate Frisbee.
 You will not just enjoy learning inside the camp but will be assisted with girl and guys hotties who can also make the camp hotter. The venue is located at the Fort Bonifacio Open grounds and will run for 9 Saturdays with the official launch on February 20. With these features for a camp, who would say no to train here especially if you would get more sculpted and flexible for that beach body that you are dying to have. We also spotted Derek Ramsay and Karylle there also being ambassadors for the Nestea fit camp. So are you ready to get hot?

Taize Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth in Manila 2010

In the real world filled with injustice and chaos, hunger, despair, hopelessness, and sadness, people tend to resort into hostile ways to survive. However, they also forget that one can they might need to be silent and pray. Many of us may have forgotten to keep communicating with the creator. That is why a group of dedicated men from France, led by brother Roger, started the lifestyle of Taize prayer. 

The Taize brothers has expanded community to youth all over France and into the European continent to share their spirituality to others. And now, they established it into many countries such as the Philippines. From the village in France the other brothers have arrived here since last year to do the preparations and also lead the actual celebration.This event is an annual event in Europe, and there is also another continental counterpart in different countries.

The event lasted for 5 days, and I was lucky to be one of the participants. And since this is an international event, people from all walks of life, nationalities and creed came and joined in prayer. This event is not exclusive to Catholics, there were also other denominations which is what Taize aims to create a ecumenical community. Each day there would be noon and evening prayers with the brothers. In the morning, the participants would visit nearby parishes to conduct the morning prayers. And in the afternoon, workshops are conducted that promoted bonding and sharing, making the experience very worthwhile. 

After the pilgrimage, more than the bonds and friends met along the way, it was really good to know that you felt like a better person. And I could really say that this was a blessing since I am still in many crises. This opportunity was very worthwhile and I would like to share it here in my blog. I hope that some of my friends that I have met would be able to read this. and also share their stories. And if you are interested in Taize or want to know more about them visit


soft as an easy chair... (stupid!)
fresh as the morning air... (stupid)
love... love that is shared by two (stupid love!)
I have found in you...

I just included that song while doing the review since this movie was intentionally shown within the valentine's week to get attention and also be the "perfect valentine's movie". Duh, its says "Valentine's Day", so it is meant to be for that day. However, we dig deep into the story to get whats really up with this film if it would make us fall in love more.
Jam packed with major and new stars, it seems that even the guy who walks by could be also a Hollywood celebrity. Actually, I could just name a few but nevertheless they are all known. Of course, the central plot would revolve on the thing that will and forever be a topic on Valentine's day: Love. And since we already have millions of movies about this topic, we crave for something very unique but also entertaining. 
Valentine's day actually creates a web of plots and twist that creates a atmosphere of predictable and unpredictable story lines. Luckily there were good elements of comedy, this gave some sunshine to the movie. I loved the part of Taylor Swift, since I established her image as a good little country girl with a nice voice. But in the movie, she was completely far out, I though it was freaky but it was for the sake of the movie. Of course there would be a lot of kissing, hugging, saying cheesy lines and all of those, yet you can also find that it covers all ages and genders.
So far, it was good especially if you watched it with your loved one(s). I thought it could also pass for a family movie yet there are still elements that are better for older people to understand. And yes, there would be some happy ending (and I think its required or else). Now, all you need to have to enjoy the movie is someone who can make it come true. Now here is another view of Love that would also never grow old.

Deliberation time kids!

Movie summary in 3 lines: Valentine stars galore!
Technical Effects 3 out of 5 stars (its not a fantasy movie, but it would be better so see some stunts)
Plot 3 out of 5 stars (pretty neat I should say)
Popcornmeter (the rating if this movie would make you hungrier while watching) 2 out of 5 stars (Love fill your chessy)
Acting and Actors 4 out of 5 stars (Unexpected even if they are veterans and newbies)
DVD worthiness 3 out of 5 stars (More bloopers please!)
Sequel worthiness 3 out of 5 stars (Valentines day 2011? or 2012?)
Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars

YouthPinoy at UST!

Recently was officially launched at UST in coordination with the Episcopal Comission on Youth of the CBCP and the Federation of National Youth Organizations. The website that is in beta can be now accessed to be a social network for Catholic youth of the Philippines. The event was also significant due to the fact that 15 years ago this was also the place where the World Youth Day 1995 was launched and made the historical record. With youths from different dioceses and organizations, parishioners and other civic groups, the event started with some games then a high mass led by the papal nuncio to the Philippines.

There were performances led by the different youth organizations and movements from different dioceses. Some famous acts like RJ Jimenez (Pinoy Dream Academy) and Mayumi and Makising Morales, which were also affiliated with Youth for Christ. The National Secretariat for Youth Apostolate hopes that with this Pinoy Catholics may grow in faith as they stay connected and also share experiences that will lead them in living better and faithful lives.

you can visit their website,, register and get connected!

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