New American Idol LEE DEWYZE

"Oh My God!" - Lee Dewyze

I have not actually followed the whole season since I have no time in watching the series on TV. Also I find the season quite bland but I still believe that there are still  worthy talents that deserve a break in the music industry. I liked Crystal Bowersox for the quality and musicality. Although I think that one winning factor of Lee Dewyze is is evolution from a good singer into a great one.

I almost forgot that this was the last American idol of Simon Cowell, even though he is mean sometimes, he has a point and also gives a challenge to the contestants. I think, even if I have missed this season, I might get back again and still live the American Idol dream. By the way, I actually watched the Finale at Greenbelt 3 cinema sponsored by Greenwich. So there were food, photo and some souvenirs so I would really enjoy Idol fever!

Again, Congratulations LEE DEWYZE!

Only Beautiful Hair from the New Best-Ever Sunsilk Completes My Fashion Statement

Its not only women that would say that their hair is their crowning glory. Us men also consider it also as a great asset. I admit that I have neglected my hair and scalp health and luster. This is caused by being exposed to the sun and the other elements like pollution and chemicals like gel and wax to get the desired shape. And recently I wanted to make it up for my long-damaged hair. So I am discovering new ways to revive and make my hair more smooth and manageable.

I look like this everyday I would wake up. But of course I wont go out without fixing my messed-up look. My hair is a little bit curly so I would be a challenge to fix this one. Bad Hair day will always be my daily struggle.

But l luckily, I came across a new innovation for my troubled hair. The New Sunsilk Co-creations Shampoo, I got a sample when I went to the Sunsilk Fashion Show at the Mall of Asia. I got to try the smooth and manageable variant by Yuko Yamashita, known for her Yuko straightening  products. I was amazed that an international hair expert would make a product available locally with  worldwide quality.

One truth is I have lost my faith in other shampoos that promised to give be better results. However, I am very intrigued what will be the results after. First it has the cool bottle design, but what got my attention is the scent of the content which is a sweet  because of the yogurt ingredient. The viscosity of the shampoo is thick that makes sure that its made of quality ingredients, which is a fail for other shampoos.

I may sound scientific but it pays to know the shampoo well since this is a daily routine that we do. and just like what I said, I need something to help me regain and manage my hair back to a very healthy state. Now bath times over and just drying up my hair, now we will see the results!

I was very impressed on how it did well on my hair. its easier to style and made it soft.  I loved the results and finally say I have found the perfect hair  companion. Now my hair looks sleek and beautiful and I am ready to face the world. No wonder Sarah Geronimo looks glam with her long shiny hair. Now I can go to events and places all day and may not need for other hair products like gel or wax. I feel more confident now. This is my fashion statement and I am loving it!

and get to know more about the product, the experts and testimonials of other who tried it.

SM Cyberzone Summer Festival Adventures: Final Stop!

Like what I have promised in my last post  almost a month ago, I again went on an exciting adventure at the SM Cyberzone Summer Festival and this time and for the Final stop  would be SM Megamall! Even if this is my second time to experience this, It still became a unique and more enjoyable day because of friends that I have with me on this one.
I thought for the second round of my adventures I would have to go alone, since I understand that most of my friends are busy with their own lives. But It was very fortunate of me to have some other blogger friends with me going to SM Megamall. Even though I live in Pasig, I just atteneded an earlier event in Makati where I have met with my blogger friends. Coincidentally, they also were on the way to SM Megamall to attend the same event and was also curious about what will happen.
I was with Ate Sire and her sister Mabelle from Makati to Ortigas via the MRT and when we arrived at the mall, we have also encountered fellow blogger Jonel who has been to the event center. And as we were at the registration booth we also came across anime Blogger, jay Angeles which is a good friend of mine. So the solo flight that I was expecting turned out to be a group experience. Of course, we went to the Picture booth to have our pictures taken and this time, I tired to pose with a prop (a hat). And again, I am posing myself like the model that I am.
Since the mall is bigger, it should be expected that the booth will be crowded and they will try out  the different areas to experience the SM Cyberzone Summer Festival. Because of this, there was a long line of people who wanted to try out the Wii games and the Guitar Hero. Although I was planning to seek redemption on how poor I gauged at the same game the last time. I actually enjoyed watching others  do their stuff which I think I should get a Wii for myself soon. Also there was also a Private Iris booth for the kids, too bad I'm way past the age limit.

Well also one interesting thing is again I have encountered the DJ and his booth were you can ba a DJ for a day.  This time, I get to see him perform live and took the chance to record it and share it with you.
we were also greeted by a heavy downpour of rain which actually stranded us for a while, we took the opportunity to do one more thing. Go online and plurk/tweet about the event we were now. So it was another epic win for that day as it officially ends the SM Cyberzone Summer Festival on its last stop in Megamall. Summer maybe almost over as school days are near and the rainy season starts, It was a summer adventure that many have enjoyed at the different SM Malls in the country, including me and my friends at the Cyberzone Summer Festival!  Woohoo!

PANA and the Road to Cannes

The Philippines boasts of sun-kissed shores and balmy clime, but its natural treasure lies in its talented people. In recent years, a long line of illustrious Philippine citizens have stepped on the world stage, and shone under the limelight, grabbing glory for the country, for each of their countrymen to share – indeed, bask in.

We are all familiar with Manny Pacquiao, Efren Peñaflorida and Lea Salonga, who have all glorified the Philippine flag in sports, education and the arts, respectively. They are but a few from a million Filipino heroes around the world.

The world of international cinema honors the best the world has to offer through the Cannes Film Festival, the prestige and honor of winning the award is not so known to majority of our countrymen. The Cannes Film Festival has bestowed two Filipinos with awards

Fud Fyt Is Now Officially A Blog!

Fud fyt has been a segment of Manual to Lyf as the food Authority even in the multiply blogging days. And I have noticed recently that there is a NEED for this segment to put up a notch and give it some independence. And since Food Blogging has a lot of things one can talk about which I can add more substance and flavor to it. Like a dish it should be subjected to something new, like experimenting. And even if has its own spot, It still remains a important part of how appreciate food, flavors and all the other elements.

I am still working on the blog for its initial post and also archiving some other posts that I have complied in my multiply account. So in due time, it can actually be a book about food plus more interesting and mouth -watering post that will make you go into a Fud Fyt! 

We will also celebrate the new logo containing Manual to Lyf.  Basically its like opening a new branch which once was just a cabinet. I hope you will like the new changes, but still keep that hungry mouth drooling for tasting the endless possibility of enjoying and knowing food.

Now lets celebrate!   

But don't fret, there will be an interesting read you will love coming this June 2010.


Six Giant Inflatable Pools Launched at EK Biki Waterworld  In anticipation of the extended summer season and in response to a lot of guests' clamor for water attractions at this time of the year, Enchanted Kingdom, the Philippines’ premiere theme park, and BiKiWorld of South Korea have agreed to set-up the first and only world-class inflatable water park in the country, the EK BiKi Waterworld.

"Focused on achieving our vision to be the leader in wholesome family leisure and entertainment and to be a tourism destination of choice in the region, we shall continue to introduce rides, attractions and facilities that cater to the needs of all family members, regardless of age, and regardless of the season of the year,” said Cynthia R. Mamon, Ph.D., EK’s VP for Sales Marketing.

"EK BiKi Waterworld has a variety of six giant inflatable pools with water slides, games and rides that families can enjoy in a safe and hygienic water environment,” she added.

Admission rate is P350. Enjoy a “twicket” (twin ticket) of an EK Good-Same-Day and EK Biki Waterworld Regular Passes for only P700 from now to June 6, 2010. Guests are required to come in proper swimwear complete with swimming caps. EK Biki Waterworld is open daily from 4:00PM to 10:00PM.
Come to Enchanted Kingdom and EK Biki Waterworld where the magic stays with you!

From now until June 6, 2010 the EK Biki Waterworld is open Mondays-Fridays from 2PM to 9PM and Saturdays to Sundays from 11AM to 9PM with Fireworks Display at 8:55PM.  For more details, you may call 584-3535 or 584-4326 to 29.  You may also log on to

Then and Now Concert Coverage

 The Then and Now Music Festival is probably the longest concert I have been to in my entire life but this is also one of the most number of international artist gathered in one event. Its a Audiophiles' dream to hear the original artist of today and the early 90's. It was a fusion of both eras and also a musical roller coaster as you will venture into pop, hip hop, r & b, and other genres that made hits. Artists like Jojo, Diana King, PM Dawn, TQ, Frankie J, Baby Bash, SWV, All for one, and  V Factory make up the concert which I think lasted up to 4 to 5 hours!
Pinoy front act, Myrus Ramirez
I was in the Gold Section of the venue which is so far a good view from the stage which is also a good audio point. Its also my first time to experience a concert in the MoA grounds which I have heard unhappy experiences with past concerts but I kept myself open and would like to focus on the musical variety. since the artists were coming from different eras and generations which you can distinguish the differences and the pros and cons of their styles. I am born in the late 80's so I was very young when recalling the older singers but I have to admit the voice and performance quality is very organic and smooth than the latter year artists.
V Factory
My favorite was Diana King for her renditions that still have the same quality and a certain "chill" that you can also say as an X-factor for her. Rap artist PM Dawn gave tribute to master rapper Francis M which also uplifted the crowds spirits. Jojo was also good, and what shocked me is her metamorphosis from a teen pop singer into a hot rockin' chick that has substance and appeal. Most of them were first timers in the Philippines, except for Jojo (her second visit after the Changing Lives concert with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake) and all for one who have been to the country several times. And so far they were very happy with the warm Filipino hospitality and hope to stay or come back soon.
Of course there would be some slip ups from the technical department like no mike volume, uneven sound projection and delayed production sequences, also include the irritating static which I think could be avoided if the the technical aspects were really been inspected well. Because even with great international artists as the acts, with a crappy sound system it would also produce a very bad tune and reaction. Also since its an open air venue, the time duration will actually wear people out, and since there are no chairs, tension is easily produced thus many would be provoked to sit in the ground or leave. I hope that these points would be noted by the organizers for future concerts or events to ensure that the place is still a worthy location for this kind of  gatherings. However, I could still say that the ticket price is still worth it if you dig the artists for the musicality and creativity.

 PM Dawn
  Diana King
 Frankie J
 Baby Bash with Frankie J
a hot and sizzling JOJO!

Too bad my battery was out when all for one and SVW were performing. But they were best in the batch since they have still proven themselves as very versatile and consistent performers which many may have overlooked. Its like listening to radio and bringing you back to memory lane of the 90's.  However, despite these cool facts, I had to endure the very long concert but so far, definitely worth watching all the talented artists. Thanks to kuya Azrael for the tickets and here is a song from the concert by Diana King. Promise, even if its a classic it will still leave you with an LSS of it.

REEL DEAL: Nightmare on Elm Street

A timeless horror classic has been remade for the new generation. A more twisted tale and more gruesome deaths, Nightmare on Elm Street makes its way to the screen as a remake fitted for the new generation. And since there have been a lot of remakes of this character in many films even a crossover with another killing machine Jason.
The film centers into the lives of teenagers who happens to be connected by a certain past. This past came to haunt them in their dreams and making it into nightmare. And these nightmares kill. The story of Freddy Krueger has been intriguing to me since I have not yet seen the original one, but it made it clear that it yields a twisted persona that gives shivers even without the slashing.
However, its more like a suspense fest than a horror flick since you will just get surprised with the appearances, scenes etc but lacks that eerie feel that will fill the cinema and also our brains. I thought, I could not sleep, because when I sleep I will die. But got to sleep immediately after I got home. So much for the scare assurance.
Its a generally OK movie for me for a horror flick. For guys ,this is perfect for a date since suspense will make girls either hold your arms in fear and suspense or get slapped because of the pressure and intensity. Girls, if you watch it better watch it with friends so just in case you scream inside the cinema you have backup.

Deliberation time kids!

Movie summary in 3 lines: Blood Soaked Teens
Technical Effects 4 out of 5 stars
(It wont be suspense without good effects)
Plot 3 out of 5 stars (Suspense is there but the horror and eerie feel does not suffice)
Popcornmeter (the rating if this movie would make you hungrier while watching) 1 out of 5 stars (you might spill your drink in the suspense)
Acting and Actors 4 out of 5 stars (No big stars but young fresh faces make good performances)
DVD worthiness 3 out of 5 stars (it would be fun if they include the annoying orange)
Sequel worthiness 3 out of 5 stars (this film has already remakes, yet it may still deserve another one )
Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars (a clean, but quite bland remake, good point are the actors and some plots)

Big Shot by SM Cinema

SM Cinema's search for the best independent film makers in the country, “Big Shot”, was launched last May 5, and is set to revolutionize the Philippine film industry. The launch was simultaneous with the special screening of Bakal Boys, an indie film about children metal divers, supported by Apogee Productions, San Beda College, and the Aquino Foundation.
The screening was graced by the presence of respectable personalities like Fr. Aloysius Maranan, San Beda College Rector; Apogee Production's Mr. Albert Almendralejo; and Mr. Rapa Lopa of the Aquino Foundation. During his speech, Mr. Lopa emphasized the role of the cinemas as innovative venues for social awareness.

As everyone appreciated the well-applauded execution of Bakal Boys, Mr. Allan Florendo, SM Cinema's Sales and Marketing Head, went on to encourage the guests to join “Big Shot” and be a part of Philippine movie history.
Big Shot is open to all aspiring student film makers from any reputable college or university. From June 15 to August 15, participants may submit their best works which can be a short film or a full-length movie. SM Cinema will then choose the top three (3) movies, and will award P500,000 each to the top three film makers. These film makers, with the help of renowned mentors, will each produce a full-length movie about “modern day heroism”. SM Cinema will show these movies during its Indie Film Festival on January 2011, right after the Manila Film Festival.
Log on to for more details on how to join “Big Shot”.

Elections Almost Over, Lets Recap!

Now that the elections are done and we are just now waiting for the final tally from the COMELEC, let us now take some time to check again what has happened on May 10, as it goes down in history books as the first automated elections in Philippine history. I made my vote  too and was successful. However, there are still a lot of reports about vote-buying, harassment and  even killing on some parts of the country, but definitely lesser not counting the Ampatuan Massacre. 
So far, many critics of the COMELEC who were the most skeptical are now who are also conceding to the fact that it was generally better than the past even with some old and new problems arose.  Long lines in the morning was the primary problem that was resolved when then voting population decreased in the afternoon. many TV stations also took advantage to showcase their holograms and other high-tech equipments. Though it was really impressive, these did not help in stopping many incidents that happened on that day. The transmission of  the results was fast and has been updated with more accuracy. Sen. Aquino led the numbers and still moving into a bigger gap versus Erap Estrada. In the vice presidential race, its as head to head race with Binay and Roxas, and still awaiting more results. Senatoriables that were survey toppers also dominated the slots yet I dont like most of them. My bet was unfortunately unable to make it but I am very open with the new administration to work with them but they must prove themselves of the trust the majority had given them.

here is the partial and unofficial results...

1 AQUINO, Benigno Simeon III C. 13,449,957
2 ESTRADA EJERCITO, Joseph M. 8,552,644
3 VILLAR, Manuel Jr B. 4,863,901
4 TEODORO, Gilberto Jr. C. 3,591,940
5 VILLANUEVA, Eduardo C. 1,000,879
6 GORDON, Richard J. 455,710
7 ACOSTA, Vetellano S. 160,068
8 PERLAS, Jesus Nicanor P. 47,866
9 MADRIGAL, Jamby A. 41,087
10 DE LOS REYES, John Carlos G. 39,151

Vice Presidentiables
1 BINAY, Jejomar C. 13,141,967
2 ROXAS, Manuel A. 12,343,714
3 LEGARDA, Loren B. 3,693,086
4 FERNANDO, Bayani F. 915,080
5 MANZANO, Eduardo B. 690,980
6 YASAY, Perfecto R. 323,239
7 SONZA, Jose Y. 56,314
8 CHIPECO, Dominador Jr F. 46,416

1 BONG REVILLA, Ramon, Jr. B. 17,337,624
2 ESTRADA, Jinggoy E. 16,953,592
3 DEFENSOR SANTIAGO, Miriam P. 15,504,061
4 DRILON, Franklin M. 14,207,671
5 ENRILE, Juan Ponce -. 14,018,501
6 CAYETANO, Pilar Juliana S. 12,269,073
7 MARCOS, Ferdinand, Jr. R. 11,804,981
8 RECTO, Ralph G. 11,096,537
9 SOTTO , Vicente III C. 10,639,832
10 OSMEÑA, Sergio III D. 10,432,607
11 LAPID, Manuel M. 9,779,751
12 GUINGONA , Teofisto III D. 9,230,475
14 BIAZON, Rozzano Rufino B. 7,739,342
15 DE VENECIA, Jose III P. 7,470,508
16 REMULLA, Gilbert Cesar C. 6,728,046
17 LIM, Danilo D. 6,571,193
18 ROCO, Sonia M. 6,084,469
19 QUERUBIN, Ariel O. 5,876,604
20 PIMENTEL, Gwendolyn D. 5,707,217
21 ACOSTA, Jr. Nereus O. 5,318,702
22 LACSON, Alexander L. 4,688,123
23 TAMANO, Adel A. 3,611,414
24 OSMEÑA, Emilio Mario R. 3,518,442
25 MAZA, Liza L. 3,471,298
26 OCAMPO, Saturnino C. 3,186,166
27 TATAD, Francisco S. 2,994,451
28 LOZADA, Jose Apolinario Jr L. 2,460,807
29 MITRA, Ramon B. 2,446,862
30 LANGIT, Rey M. 2,397,732
31 BELLO, Silvestre III H. 2,202,701
32 LAO, Yasmin B. 1,819,630
33 PAPIN, Imelda A. 1,751,714
34 OPLE, Susan V. 1,733,242
35 BAUTISTA, Martin D. 1,682,479
36 PLAZA, Rodolfo G. 1,365,552
37 BAUTISTA, J.V. L. 1,252,580
38 GUICO, Ramon, Jr. N. 1,078,292
39 LAMBINO, Raul L. 978,247
40 VILLANUEVA, Hector L. 863,194
41 OCAMPO, Ramoncito P. 836,782
42 INOCENCIO, Ma. Katherine L. R. 791,926
43 PALPARAN, Jovito Jr S. 723,349
44 TINSAY, Alexander B. 649,566
45 TAMAYO, Reginald B. 602,693
46 ALONTO, Zafrullah M. 601,542
47 ESPINOSA, Nanette M. 528,833
48 MAAMBONG, Regalado E. 475,533
49 DAVID, Rizalito Y. 438,730
50 ALBANI, Shariff Ibrahim H. 423,670
51 VIRGINES, Israel N. 401,216
52 PAREDES, Zosimo Jesus II M. 386,147
53 SISON, Adrian O. 367,663
54 PRINCESA, Reynaldo R. 320,307
55 IMBONG, Jo Aurea M. 316,392
56 NIKABULIN, Adz G. 302,665
57 CAUNAN, Henry B. 209,085
58 VALDEHUESA, Manuel Jr E. 177,762
59 TARRAZONA, Hector M. 146,885
60 RIÑOZA-PLAZO, Maria Gracia D. 135,132
61 LOOD, Alma A. 111,202

 for party list  click here
source (Partial Unofficial Tally as of 2010-05-12 05:10:01 87.75% of ERs)

Failed to Recognize Bloggers?

Bloggers should not be treated this way... I would like to repost this...
and hope you would read this...

actually I did pass by this at Greenbelt. But I was in a hurry so I thought that everything is going well...
For me, its like showing discrimination, ignorance and disrespect. For this incident you get my ...


The time has come for us to be part of history. This is the first automated election in the country and will be known even after centuries to come (if 2012 will not perish us all). This is also a day for us to exercise our right to suffer ... este suffrage in other words, vote. I have still some positions that I am still deciding who will I choose. Also this is the first Social Media Coverage of the elections. We should also take caution and vigilance with the different forces that will clash later. Also I would like to still and ever continue to ask to vote according to your will and make sure that the one you chose is the one is the one you will not regret after this. Be firm. many would still be undecided up to now, yet keep your vote sacred

Think your not significant since your just a speck of vote, think again. If that would be the mentality of all the Pinoy voters, the scenario will result that will be determined by just alliances. On record there are over 50 million plus plus plus voters in the Philippines. And it would really matter since the beneficiaries of it will be the almost 94-100 million Filipino who are mostly under the poverty line. Yeah I think you know that already, so why wait to make these ill-figures grow when the power to really change is in a vote.

Doing your part for this day will be a citizen effort, not just yours, not just mine, but ours. Shared responsibility and liability. This is the day that we have been waiting for more than 6 years, or you can say 9 years. Its our actions who will make us live better or worse. If everyone is in, no one will get hurt, no one will die, no one will be sacrificed. If this is a little bit idealistic for you, then better make your own country, because a Pinoy will strive for a better country which many have already died for it.

So what can you do? You are now the new media...

Here are some information that can help you.

Through Blog Watch
1. If you have twitter account, use the hashtags #juanvote
2. Email news, url of your post , photos, url of photo gallery, video gallery

3. We will have updates every 2-3 hours on May 10 so the more frequent the news, the better

Through #juanvote
#juanvote welcomes all types of reports through the following:

* Twitter Use hashtag #juanvote
* Email
* Text and send to any of the following numbers:
o 09274004190
o 09995178201
o 09223913567

What to report

REPORT ANY INCIDENT THAT VIOLATES THIS GENERAL RULE: All eligible voters have a right to vote freely and to have those votes counted quickly and accurately to determine the winners in the electoral contests.

Voting Issues

* Delays in opening of precincts
* Preventing any registered voter to cast a vote
* Missing names of registered voters in List of Voters
* Receiving a ballot that has already been pre-marked or with shading
* Any person checking out how a voter is casting a vote (violation of privacy and secrecy)
* Precinct runs out of ballots (If precinct runs out of ballots, a voter should be allowed to cast votes in next precinct)
* Precinct runs out of markers
* Precinct has wrong ballot
* Suspension of voting for whatever purpose
* Non-use or unavailability of indelible ink to mark voters who have already voted
* Premature closing of precincts

Automated Election System Issues

* No PCOS machine in precinct
* PCOS machine malfunctions
* PCOS machine rejects ballots
* CF card (memory card) malfunctions
* Brownouts at any time on Election Day at the precincts
* Unauthorized personnel (non-COMELEC) accessing the PCOS machine
* Stealing or destruction of the PCOS machine

Election Violence

* Unauthorized presence of armed military or police personnel
* Unauthorized presence of unidentifiable armed persons (private armies, militias)
* Fighting in precincts, polling centers and canvassing centers
* Any physical attack or threat of physical attack against any teacher or official authorized by the COMELEC, or against any voter, any group of voters, any candidate, or supporters of any candidate or party

COMELEC: Prohibited acts on Election Day

* Campaigning
* Selling, furnishing, offering, buying, serving or taking intoxicating liquor
* Giving, accepting free transportation, food, drinks and things of value
* Soliciting votes or undertaking any propaganda for or against any candidate or any political party within the polling place or within thirty (30) meters thereof
* Voting more than once or in substitution of another
* Holding of fairs, cockfights, boxing, horse races or other any other similar sports
* Opening of booths or stalls for the sale, etc., of merchandise, or refreshments within a radius of thirty meters from the polling place

Other Hotlines

* COMELEC: 525-9296, 5259345, 5275574, 5271892, 5259335, 5259294, 5270821, 5259297
* PPCRV: 5253476, 5265694, 5260869, 5261417, 5260012, 5236574, 5254992, 5264572, 5262248
* NAMFREL: 4704151, 4847590, 0927-9611524, 0919-3389344
* KONTRA DAYA: 5693427, 0921-2953004, 0915-2332413

My Choice... hope it will be yours too ...

I have finally decidecided with the president and vice president but my senatoriable list is still not complete but here are my some who could make it to the list. For now these are my confirmed choice. I have been researching and deliberating their ability and effectiveness if ever they will be elected. Like Gordon, which I have chosen because he has proven himself and also shown results with all the positions he held. I like in a candidate  who is a visionary and also an innovator. The Gordon-Bayani team have proved their worth. The problem for me would be completing the senatorial list and the local positions. 

So far I am supporting these candidates:

Dick Gordon for PRESIDENT
Bayani Fernando VICE-PRESIDENT

I hope to complete the list soon...

füdfÿt: Illonggo Cuisine at Marina Restaurant

I am not really Illongo but of course when it comes to food there is no regional exclusiveness. And so far I am really interested about knowing more about the Illongo cusine aside from just La Paz batchoy. 

Marina restaurant which came from that region originally  is emerging as the place for dining especially for seafood, more particularly osyters! I was invited to have tthis food trip that was a mix of sea foods and meat favorites like chicken and beef. But I really have to raise a golden spoon for how good those oysters can be! 

Full story now promoted on Fud Fyt blog.

Know your Leaders: Senatorial list

I know that most of you may not have not yet completed the list of your 12 senatoriables, and that would sometimes lead to "bara-bara" voting since we focus too much on the president and vice president. However, it is very important that we choose the legislators wisely. And to aid us with this here is the complete list of the qualified senatoriables. According to the latest list the approved candidates are 61. Some have articles in wikipedia while some does not have any page but have provided links and official websites hat would provide information about the candidate. Choose and vote wisely.

Candidate Party

Nereus Acosta
Shariff Ibrahim Albani

Zafrullah Alonto
Bangon Pilipinas

JV Larion Bautista

Martin Bautista

Silvestre Bello III

Ruffy Biazon

Bong Revilla

Henry Caunan

Pia Cayetano

Rizalito David
Ang Kapatiran

Joey de Venecia

Miriam Defensor Santiago

Franklin Drilon

Juan Ponce Enrile

Nanette Espinosa

Jinggoy Estrada

Ramon Guico

Teofisto Guingona III

Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel

Jo Aurea Imbong
Ang Kapatiran

Kata Inocencio
Bangon Pilipinas

Alexander Lacson

Raul Lambino

Rey Langit

Yasmin Lao

Lito Lapid

Danilo Lim

Alma Lood

Apolinario Lozada

Regalado Maambong

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr.

Liza Maza

Ramon Mitra III

Adz Nikabulin
Bangon Pilipinas

Ramoncito Ocampo
Bangon Pilipinas

Satur Ocampo
Bayan Muna

Susan Ople

Emilio Mario Osmeña

Sergio Osmeña III

Jovito Palparan, Jr.

Imelda Papin

Zosimo Paredes
Ang Kapatiran

Gwendolyn Pimentel

Rodolfo Plaza

Reynaldo Princesa

Ariel Querubin

Ralph Recto

Gilbert Remulla

Ma. Gracia Riñoza-Plazo
Ang Kapatiran

Sonia Roco

Adrian Sison
Ang Kapatiran

Vicente Sotto III

Adel Tamano

Reginald Tamayo
Ang Kapatiran

Hector Tarrazona
Ang Kapatiran

Francisco Tatad
Grand Alliance for Democracy

Alex Tinsay
Bangon Pilipinas

Manuel Valdehuesa, Jr.
Ang Kapatiran

Hector Villanueva

Israel Virgines
Bangon Pilipinas

I would like to cite the sources of the information are from,,, and the candidates official websites.

SM Cyberzone Summer Festival Adventures!

If the summer heat makes you feel uncomfortable to spend your vacation, why not drop by SM Cyberzones in SM Malls and experience their one of a kind, SM Cyberzone Summer Festival! And for the first stop, its SM Southmall Las Pinas! Its actually a long way from  my house in Pasig but I was curious and thought that this would be an different experience and could be an adventure, and what is interesting is because on that day would happen to be my birthday! And my favorite hangout in the mall would be the cyberzone which  filled with a lot of gadgets, games and a lot of interesting things plus there is also free wifi!

Although quite tired from the trip, It felt nostalgic going to SM Southmall again (which I have not visited for years). They still have the old Cyberzone logo which is I think was also the first one to have.The SM Cyberzone Summer Festival was filled with interesting and fun stuff that I think everyone can enjoy. There was a photo booth  where you can pose seriously or as wacky as you can be and best with friends or family members. Then there is a photo editing booth to enhance the picture elements, say adding a little glitter on you picture and something like that. And to top it off, there is also a Print Area where you can print those photos using Epson printers. I got my picture taken with the representatives from SM Cyberzone which I got to chat with and learned about their plans and activities with Cyberzone.
Aside from the photo experience, I also got a chance to play DJ for a day with real audio equipments! This was my favorite since I am a audiophile and love to do mixes and beats. The DJ was very good assisting me with the equipments and sounds, which I feel I could be one in the next few years. Also, there were also a exhibits of gadgets from Samsung, Torque, and MSI that you can check out the features. Another interesting and fun experience would be with trying out the Wii games like sports wii and Guitar Hero that young and old tried and loved them. And I really sucked at Guitar Hero honestly but it was really entertaining.
After I passed all of the booths, I had gone to the prize booth and picked out from a raffle for a chance of winning a prize (I hope to win an umbrella since I felt there would be rain), which I have not. But I did enjoy the time and forgot that there was a brewing weather outside.  I was able to spot some familiar blogger faces there but it either I was busy at a booth or enjoying myself at the DJ booth to talk to them. So far, it actually made my day, my birthday that is. And I think I would have another adventure with SM Cyberzone Summer Festival at another date.

here are some of the other pics for this adventure. Now I am planning on the next time I could have this adventure again!

You can drop by SM City Malls on these dates to experience the SM Cyberzone Summer Festival!

SM Southmall April 30
SM Manila May 1
SM Marikina May 2
SM Clark May 6
SM CDO May 9
SM Davao May 13
SM Baguio May 16
SM Bacolod May 23
SM Cebu May 25
SM Megamall May 28