CardiMax powers UP Women’s Volleyball Team

The UAAP Season 78 Volleyball tournaments are in full swing and the UP Women’s Volleyball Varsity Team (UPWVVT) is stepping up its game. Thanks to the dietary supplement CardiMax, players of the UPWVVT will be playing with extra doses of energy.

UPWVVT coach Jerry Yee and manager Maria Cecilia Ronquillo recently joined representatives from Integrated Pharmaceutical, Inc.—the company behind CardiMax—at Via Mare in University of the Philippines Diliman for the signing of the support agreement between CardiMax and the team.

“The team is young, strong, and very promising. We envision the team to be a top contender in the next few years,” said UP alumna Katheryn Feliciano, Integrated Pharmaceutical VP for Operations. “This is the perfect time to help in their athletic development.”

Kean Cipriano in hair pulling battle with devil in Echorsis

What is it like to battle with evil face to face? Callalily vocalist and actor Kean Cipriano knows for sure.

If you need professional help in overcoming the booty calls of temptation, the badass rocker is the right person to ask after he got a little steamy with hunky devils in the much-awaited horror-comedy film, “Echorsis: Sabunutan Between Good and Evil.”

Kean, in what he calls as his most challenging role yet, is excited because we are seeing a different side of him. What made the task exceptionally challenging, says the Callalily frontman, is his role which happens to be a gay priest.

ADP CIRCLE Makes Outreach At Villa Maria

ADP Philippines associate Maxine Bahatan teaches a child to read letters of the alphabet during an outreach program organized by ADP CIRCLE’s Community & Learning Pillars at Villa Maria, a community for indigenous people in Porac, Pampanga. Forty seven associates from ADP Philippines volunteered for the activity, with some of them spending their time telling stories to the children. ADP CIRCLE (Corporate Involvement and Responsibility to the Community, Learning and Environment) is the corporate social responsibility program of ADP Philippines with the objective of supporting its associates’ commitment to giving back and helping improve communities. To learn more about ADP and its Social Responsibility efforts, visit (Photo by Ian Vaño)

Will "10 Cloverfield Lane" Give John Goodman His First Oscar Nom?‏

First, Hollywood bible Variety proclaimed that John Goodman's turn in Paramount Pictures' mystery thriller “10 Cloverfield Lane” is “The First Truly Oscar-Worthy Performance of 2016.”

(Watch the latest trailer of “10 Cloverfield Lane” at

The article praises, “[H]is performance is impressive for its complexity. Working from a script that ebbs and flows with ease and tension, the actor’s work is like a waltz, gliding on the narrative’s rhythms, commanding acute attention every moment he’s on screen. It’s a clinic, really, a performance as compelling in its quieter moments as it is in its explosive ones. I wouldn’t flinch if someone called it Goodman’s best work.”

Idris Elba Speaks for Tiger, Shere Khan in "The Jungle Book"‏

Bengal tiger Shere Khan bears the scars of Man, which fuel his intense hatred of humans. Powerful and menacing, the fearsome tiger makes no secret of his feelings about man-cub Mowgli and his presence in the jungle. Shere Khan’s mission, above all else, is to ensure Mowgli—and the fire he knows Man wields—pose no future threat. Deep down, Shere Khan seeks revenge upon Man, and it’s Mowgli who will pay the price.

Recently winning the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Supporting Actor (“Beasts of No Nation”), Idris Elba brings the tiger Shere Khan to life, in Disney's new family adventure “The Jungle Book.” Directed by Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”), the new movie is based on Rudyard Kipling’s timeless stories and inspired by Disney’s classic animated film.

New Breakthrough In Treating Lung Cancer Now In The Country!

Hopeless cases no more: Immunotherapy drug for advanced stages of lung cancer and melanoma now in the Philippines

An educational article sponsored by MSD

The spark of hope has never been brighter for Filipino patients with advanced stages of lung cancer and melanoma. MSD in the Philippines, a leader in oncology research and development just introduced immunotherapy, one of the most innovative cancer treatment methods to date.

Jonah Hill, Miles Teller Sell Weapons in "War Dogs" Trailer‏

From director Todd Phillips (“The Hangover” trilogy) comes “War Dogs,” starring Oscar nominee Jonah Hill (“The Wolf of Wall Street,” “Moneyball”) and Miles Teller (“Whiplash,” the “Divergent” trilogy). Watch the film’s first trailer that’s just been released by the studio at

Based on a true story, “War Dogs” follows two friends in their early 20s (Hill and Teller) living in Miami Beach during the Iraq War who exploit a little-known government initiative that allows small businesses to bid on U.S. Military contracts. Starting small, they begin raking in big money and are living the high life. But the pair gets in over their heads when they land a 300 million dollar deal to arm the Afghan Military—a deal that puts them in business with some very shady people, not the least of which turns out to be the U.S. Government.

DepEd, Albay gear up for Palaro 2016

The Department of Education (DepEd) and the provincial government of Albay continue to gear up for the 59th Palarong Pambansa to be held at the Albay Sports and Tourism Complex, Legaspi City from April 10 to 16, 2016. This is the first time that Albay will host the week-long event that brings together the country’s most promising student-athletes.

With the theme: “Transforming Communities, Transcending Through K to 12,” DepEd aims to promote physical education and sports as an integral part of the Basic Education for holistic development of the youth to become responsible and globally competitive citizens of the country.

Over PHP 6 MILLION in Cash Prizes at the 3rd SM Bowling Millionaires Cup

The SM Bowling Millionaires Cup is back on its 3rd and most explosive season with over 6 MILLION PESOS in cash prizes to be given away. 

Following the resounding success of its past two seasons, the SM BOWLING MILLIONAIRES CUP returns for a third leg to welcome all bowlers with bigger cash rewards, more chances of winning, and a new and exciting format.

Unlike the past seasons, bowlers may play to their hearts’ content during the qualifying period to produce their best 3 sets. The top 8 bowlers of each branch will enter the monthly finals to earn points that will determine their standing in the national finals. The higher points accumulated in each monthly final, the bigger chance the bowler will have to qualify for the nationals. With 6 monthly finals and 2 qualifying divisions per final, a bowler’s top score can be beaten at any time--- no player is safe; it is any bowler’s game. 

Visita Igelsia Diaries 2016 : A New Path

Last year, I was not able to participate with the Visita Iglesia and the last post I had was way back in 2013. So I was eager to make my yearly tradition to be again part of my Holy Week reflection and prayer time. This time, I made a new path different from the usual route I have trekked in the past years. Also I have formed a personal and more intimate group of dorm mates and blogger friends to be part of the new path.
The new path is something I was quite afraid to take since it has an uncertain journey time and expectations, but the fact that I have friends with this makes it light and fun, and most likely a picture filled day.

The new route starts with a gathering at Malate Church which is also the best way to start since it is the best of both worlds, a stunning view of Manila Bay, and the solemn and historical compound of Malate Church.

REEL DEAL: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice REVIEW

This movie has been so delayed many times that the fans almost gave up, but finally it was given a final date for it to be shown in cinemas. Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is said to kick off the DC Cinematic Universe on a yearly roll of its characters especially the Justice League. This would be considered as "Man of Steel Part 2" as the next timeline for the new superman Henry Cavil and also a whole new "Batman Begins" with Ben Affleck taking the role of Batman.

The teasers also reveal that the movie features the appearance of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), which made the fans happy. There was also a pre-movie special called "Dawn of the Justice League" aired on CW, the station who produced DC TV series "The Flash" and "Arrow", which revealed the movie line up as well as the introduction of other Justice League members. 

Amy Adams' Lois Lane, as Fearless as Ever in "Batman v Superman"

Five-time Academy Award-nominee Amy Adams (“American Hustle,” “Doubt,”) has built an impressive body of work, challenging herself with each new role. She now returns to play the iconic character of Lois Lane in Warner Bros. Pictures' new action-adventure “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” She originally portrayed the role in 2013's global blockbuster “Man of Steel.”

In “Batman v Superman,” one individual who remains steadfast in the life of Clark Kent aka Superman (Henry Cavill) is girlfriend Lois Lane; their relationship is a source of comfort and acceptance for him. Cavill states, “He wants to make her happy and he wants to be as normal as possible with her. But it’s not a normal relationship—how could it be? One of them is an invulnerable alien.”

Lupita Nyong'o Lends Voice to Wolf, Raksha, in "The Jungle Book"‏

Raksha, a loving and fiercely protective mother wolf, cares deeply for all of her pups—including man-cub Mowgli (Neel Sethi), whom she adopts as one of her own when he’s abandoned in the jungle as an infant.

Oscar® winner Lupita Nyong’o (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”) was called on to help bring Raksha to life, in Disney's new family adventure “The Jungle Book,” based on Rudyard Kipling’s timeless stories and inspired by Disney’s classic animated film.

“We relied a little more on Kipling when it came to Raksha,” says director Jon Favreau. “The wolves have a much greater significance in his stories, which was important to me.”

“I just love my character,” says Nyong’o. “She is the protector, the eternal mother. The word Raksha actually means protection in Hindi. I felt really connected to that, wanting to protect a son that isn’t originally hers but one she’s taken for her own.

Non-Stop Breakneck Action In "Bastille Day" Starring Idris Elba And Richard Madden

From David Kanter, executive producer of “The Revenant” comes a non-stop blistering action thriller “Bastille Day” starring Idris Elba and Richard Madden set in the French capital, Paris, is a story of an unlikely pair – a reckless CIA agent and a brilliant pickpocket – who must work together to uncover and take down a conspiracy.

“Bastille Day” tracks Michael Mason (Richard Madden, “Game of Thrones”), an American pickpocket living in Paris who finds himself in the hands of the CIA when he steals a bag that contains more than just a wallet. Sean Briar (Idris Elba, “Pacific Rim”), is a field agent on the case, who soon realizes that Michael is just a pawn in a much bigger game and is also his best asset to uncover a large-scale criminal conspiracy.

Going against commands, Briar recruits Michael to use his expert skills to help quickly track down the source of the corruption. As a 24-hour thrill ride ensues, the unlikely duo discovers they are both targets and must rely upon each other in order to take down a common enemy.

Poignant Movie On Homelessness In America Exposed In Paul Bettany's "SHELTER"

Real life couple Paul Bettany and Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly collaborate in the actor’s directorial debut in “Shelter.”  Bettany, best known for his role in the global blockbuster “Avengers” movies, “Iron Man,” “Legion” and “The Da Vinci Code” takes the back seat and helms a movie with a very powerful message on homelessness set in New York.  Bettany’s wife Jennifer Connelly who starred with the late David Bowie in the classic and unforgettable “Labyrinth” and whose hit and acclaimed film credits include “A Beautiful Mind,” “Hulk,” “Blood Diamond,” “Noah” and “Little Children” gives a riveting performance in the movie as a homeless woman named Hannah, heroin addict who abandoned her son after she lost her husband during 9/11 mission.

Co-starring with Connelly is Anthony Mackie as Tahir as Nigerian immigrant whose recent release in jail led him to an encounter with Hannah.  Coming from two different worlds, and as they learn about each other’s past, they begin to realize that they need each other to survive.  

J.J. Abrams Awakens "Cloverfield" with Unofficial Sequel‏

While he was directing, producing and co-writing a little film called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” J.J. Abrams still found some time left over to produce Paramount Pictures' new suspense thriller “10 Cloverfield Lane,” an “unofficial” sequel to the 2007 found-footage hit “Cloverfield” which he also produced.

Described as a mere “blood relative” to “Cloverfield,” the new film “10 Cloverfield Lane” stars John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher, Jr. The film's official synopsis only reads, “Monsters come in many forms.” Dan Trachtenberg directs “10 Cloverfield Lane” from a screenplay by Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken.

New "Legend of Tarzan" Trailer Swings Online‏

Warner Bros. Pictures' new 3D action adventure, “The Legend of Tarzan” has just released a new trailer that traces the origins of the the legendary character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The trailer which may be viewed at

Directed by David Yates (the last four “Harry Potter” blockbusters, including “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Parts 1 & 2”), the film stars Alexander Skarsgård, Samuel L. Jackson, Margot Robbie, Djimon Hounsou, John Hurt, and Christoph Waltz.

Bill Murray Breathes Life to Baloo in "The Jungle Book"‏

Academy Award-nominee Bill Murray (“Lost in Translation”) breathes life to Baloo, a free-spirited bear who meets Mowgli (Neel Sethi) after the man-cub has been banished from the jungle, in Disney's new family adventure “The Jungle Book,” based on Rudyard Kipling’s timeless stories and inspired by Disney’s classic animated film.

“Baloo is a huge bear, bigger than life,” says director Jon Favreau. “He’s that teacher that you have in high school that encourages you to read the books that maybe you weren't allowed to read, and opens your eyes to what the world is really all about. He’s a subversive thinker. He is not a guy who exactly fits into jungle society. He plays by his own rules and he encourages Mowgli to do the same.”

Globe takes over summer with the best line-up of events all throughout the season

The hottest and most exciting season is finally here and everyone is getting ready to top last year’s summer trips with new adventures!

Bringing you the best events from all over the Philippines, Globe gears up with an awesome line-up - from the biggest music festivals, coolest movie premieres, to the finest beach parties and gaming festivals of the year, it will definitely be a wonderful summer ahead!

Let Globe take you to your next summer adventure! Choose your destination among the list of events below.

Just follow @enjoyGlobe on Twitter and Instagram, on Facebook at and visit to get first dibs on how to get free passes to these events!

U.N. Names "Red" from "The Angry Birds Movie" Honorary Ambassador for Int'l Day of Happiness‏

Red, the starring animated character voiced by US star Jason Sudeikis in the upcoming “The Angry Birds Movie,” was named Honorary Ambassador for Green on the International Day of Happiness today at the United Nations.

(Watch the public service announcement for the International Day of Happiness titled “Help Red Go Green” at

The appointment of Red is part of the #AngryBirdsHappyPlanet campaign to help the world body promote the International Day of Happiness, which is observed on March 20 each year, and encourage people to take action against climate change and its impacts.

"10 Cloverfield Lane" Opens Big in North America with $25.2-M‏

Paramount Pictures' and Bad Robot's new mystery thriller “10 Cloverfield Lane” connected with American audiences in its opening weekend March 11 to 13, earning a whopping $25.2 million from 3,391 locations.

(Watch a new spot of “10 Cloverfield Lane” here at

That’s a strong debut considering that the film about a woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who finds herself trapped in a doomsday bunker, waiting out the apocalypse with the neighborhood survivalists (John Goodman, John Gallagher Jr.), cost only $13 million to produce.

Ultimate Villain Rises In "X-Men: Apocalypse" - Latest International Trailer Reveal

The ultimate X-Men villain rises in the biggest battle of beloved superheroes in “X-Men: Apocalypse” as seen in the latest official international trailer reveal. 

Directed by blockbuster filmmaker Bryan Singer “X-Men: Apocalypse” features returning mutants Raven/Mystique played by Jennifer Lawrence, Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne), Quicksilver (Evan Peters), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Havoc (Lucas Till) and Bill Stryker (Josh Helman).  The movie also introduces up and coming actors Oscar Isaac who plays Apocalypse, Tye Sheridan as Cyclops, Alexandra Shipp as Storm, Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Kodi Smit-McPhee as Nightcrawler, Ben Hardy as Angel, Lana Condor as Jubilee and Olivia Munn as Psylocke.

RADSHOW 2016 Showcases The Things We Need For of Disaster Resilience

The nation is a high risk disaster-prone country which has been lashed by so many natural disasters in years. That is why it would be important that every Filipino should level up their knowledge and actions in preparedness and response. 

Recently, The Commercial and Amateur Radio Transceiver Dealers Association of the Philippines (CARTDAPI) held today “Beyond Response: Ready. Recover. Rebuild.” – the RADSHOW 2016 on Disaster Resilience at the SMX Convention Center which was a three-day convention aims to spread awareness on the importance of disaster resilience in achieving a high human survival rate after calamities, as well as highlight communication tools as a critical component for disaster management and response. 

Nutrition plays a vital role in helping older adults maintain strength and achieve their dreams

A new survey found that 9 out of 10 older Filipino adults still have dreams they wish to fulfill, but lack of strength prevents them from fulfilling their dreams. In the survey sponsored by Abbott, children acting as caregivers (aged 30-50) and parents (aged 50-70) were asked about fulfilling their dreams – including what they were and what, if anything, prevented them from realizing their dreams. 

Nutrition For Strength And Family Support Are Vital To Helping Parents Fulfill Their Dreams

The importance of family closeness and support is evident across both parents and their children, as the responses from the caregivers complement those of their parents.  The majority of surveyed caregivers knew their parents well, with 83 percent of them saying they are aware of their parents’ dreams and are willing to support them. 

Romantic Pop Baladeer Edward Benosa's First Concert At Teatrino

With his first album released early this year, Romantic Pop Baladeer Edward Benosa is now moving into a new level of his career with his very first concert to be held at Teatrino Greenhills on April 16, 2016. The concert will be directed by Frank Lloyd Mamaril, with Marvin Querido as Musical Director. Edward’s special guests will be Morisette Amon and DJ Chacha of MOR 101.9.

Known for his charming rendition of love songs, one of them is his hit "Di Man Lang Nagpaalam" which is a hit online, tv and radio. April is also his birthday month which also excites him. DJ Chacha will also make her debut singing performance as she is known be to be te bubbly DJ of MOR 101.9 and one the people who helped in Edward's career and discovery.

Edward’s manager, stage, TV and indie film actor Arnold Cruz Reyes, says they had been planning the show for some time, and that it was really part of their wish list for the Star Awards for Music 2015 Best New Artist. They spent several months planning and conceptualizing the show and fine-tuning the repertoire so they would have a show that they were sure the audience will enjoy.

Edward is also getting a lot of support from his recording company, Star Music, his sponsors (like Dannon Clothing), his supporters and his management.

"Midnight Special" Mystifies with Teaser Trailer‏

Warner Bros. Pictures has launched the teaser trailer of its new sci-fi thriller “Midnight Special” which may be viewed here at

In the film, a father (Michael Shannon), goes on the run to protect his young son, Alton (Jaeden Lieberher), and uncover the truth behind the boy’s special powers. What starts as a race from religious extremists and local law enforcement quickly escalates to a nationwide manhunt involving the highest levels of the Federal Government. Ultimately his father risks everything to protect Alton and help fulfill a destiny that could change the world forever, in this genre–defying film as supernatural as it is intimately human.

“Midnight Special” stars Oscar nominee Michael Shannon (“Revolutionary Road,” “Man of Steel”), Joel Edgerton (“Black Mass”), Kirsten Dunst (TV’s “Fargo”), Adam Driver (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”) Jaeden Lieberher (“St. Vincent,” TV’s “Masters of Sex”) and Oscar nominee Sam Shepard (“August Osage County”). Rounding out the main cast are Bill Camp (“Lincoln”), Scott Haze (“As I Lay Dying”) and Paul Sparks (“HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”).

A Fallen Hero Rises in First Trailer of "Ben-Hur"‏

Paramount Pictures has just unveiled the first trailer of its new epic, action-adventure “Ben-Hur” from director Timur Bekmambetov (“Wanted”). The trailer may be viewed at

Written by Keith Clarke and John Ridley, “Ben-Hur” stars Jack Huston (HBO's “Boardwalk Empire”), Toby Kebbell (“The Prince of Persia”), Morgan Freeman, and also starring Rodrigo Santoro (“300”), Nazanin Boniadi (TV's “Homeland”), Ayelet Zurer (“Angels and Demons”), and Sofia Black D’Elia (“Project Almanac”).

“Ben-Hur” is the epic story of Judah Ben-Hur (Jack Huston), a prince falsely accused of treason by his adopted brother Messala (Toby Kebbell), an officer in the Roman army. Stripped of his title, separated from his family and the woman he loves (Nazanin Boniadi), Judah is forced into slavery. After years at sea, Judah returns to his homeland to seek revenge, but finds redemption.

UNIQLO announces collaboration with Liberty London

UNIQLO announces its highly anticipated collaboration with Liberty London, launching on March 28th 2016. The quintessentially British brand, Liberty London and UNIQLO jointly creates a unique line that marries over a hundred years of history with modern UNIQLO LifeWear philosophy of Simple Made Better.

The Liberty London for UNIQLO collection is based on a selection of prints from the iconic London store’s archives, fusing Liberty’s signature heritage florals with a variety of UNIQLO items. This unique melding of past and future creates a brave new fashion style perfect for the present.

Liberty London has collected ornaments, fabrics, and artworks from Japan and throughout Asia, offering the world printed designs and products inspired from the 42,000 images in its print archives. Dresses and textiles created from Liberty prints have been collected by The Victoria and Albert Museum, which specializes in art and design, and continue to exert a huge influence on culture, art, and fashion.


A whole new world and new set of unconventional new heroes with incredible powers will rise in the upcoming movie fantasy adventure “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” based on the bestselling adventurous novel of the same title by author Ransom Riggs.

Directed by Tim Burton and written by Jane Goldman, “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” stars Eva Green in the titular role who heads the special home and protects the children living in it who possess extraordinary abilities.  The movie also stars Asa Butterfield, Judi Dench, Rupert Everett, Ella Purnell, Allison Janney, Kim Dickens and Samuel L. Jackson.

OPPO F1’s Selfie Expertise Stands Out at Phone x Music Festival

O-Fans were in for a special treat as OPPO heldthe Philippines’ biggest Phone x Music Festival at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds in Makati City.

Dubbed the OPPO Music Fest, the event celebrates the official local availability of the rose-gold variant of the OPPO F1.

The first in the global technology company’s new camera-focused F series, the F1boasts an 8-megapixel front shooter with a large, 1/4-inch sensor that produces clearer images than an ordinary, 5-megapixel camera, and a wide, f/2.0 aperture that allows for 44 percent more light to enter the cam than what you would normally get from a standard f/2.4 aperture lens.

Its Beautify 3.0 camera feature enhances a user’s natural glow, removes blemishes, and includes three beautification levels and eight filters.

The mix of its software and hardware components makes the OPPO F1 the ideal selfie phone, hence its “Selfie Expert" tag.

Priced at P11,990, the F1was rolled out to OPPO concept stores and authorized dealers in February, but only the gold version was initially available.

Get the new Samsung Gear VR, FREE on Globe Platinum Lifestyle Plan

Order your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge from Globe Platinum and get the latest in wearable technology

The launch of the latest Samsung Galaxy models, S7 and S7 edge showed today’s digital generation how a smartphone can truly be part of life’s everyday adventures. Complementing the new phones is the introduction of the latest device that will open up a whole new world of entertainment - Samsung Gear VR.

First Trailer Surfaces for Suspense Thriller "The Shallows"‏

What was once in the deep, is now in “The Shallows” – the new suspense thriller from Columbia Pictures and starring Blake Lively (TV's “Gossip Girl”). Watch the full trailer now at

In the taut thriller “The Shallows,” Nancy (Lively) is surfing alone on a secluded beach when she is attacked by a great white shark and stranded just a short distance from shore. Though she is only 200 yards from her survival, getting there proves the ultimate contest of wills. It’s Jaws for a new generation.

The Chocolate Factory at Buddha-Bar Manila this Easter

Easter is always a big celebration at Buddha-Bar Manila, the metro’s most sophisticated restaurant-bar-and-lounge. This year, Buddha-Bar Manila invites families to mark the end of the long Lenten season with “Buddha-Bar and the Chocolate Factory” on Easter Sunday, March 27, from 12 noon to 4pm.

A sumptuous spread will be served at the Easter Lunch Buffet at Php 950 (net) for adults (Adult Pass) and Php 475 (net) for kids up to 10 years old (Kiddie Pass). Availing of the lunch buffet entitles the little ones to join a host of Easter Sunday activities including cookie decorating, face painting, Easter egg hunting and more. The Adult Pass also allows guests to enjoy the delightful Chocolate and Sugar Showcase Demo courtesy of the Academy of Pastry and Bakery Arts Philippines. Be wowed with as they create artful chocolate desserts, sugar sculptures, and plated treats of sweets.

Life of Seven-Year Old Jesus Christ Told In “THE YOUNG MESSIAH”

Inspired by Scripture and rooted in history, “The Young Messiah” is a story that imagines a year in the boyhood of Jesus, directed by award-winning filmmaker Cyrus Nowrasteh, who also developed and wrote the pilot episode of the USA Network hit show “La Femme Nikita.”

The movie is also produced by Hollywood’s blockbuster maker Chris Columbus who launched one of the biggest series in the history of film, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” where he cast completely unknown youngsters Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint in the lead roles - once again demonstrating his acumen for nurturing and cultivating young talent.  He reunited then with the young actors to direct the second movie in the saga, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.”

In “The Young Messiah,” up and coming young actor Adam Greaves-Neal who stars as Jesus in the movie, has also appeared in “Sherlock” television series alongside Benedict Cumberbatch and has a starring role on the hit series “All At Sea.” 

Ben Kingsley is the Voice of Panther, Bagheera, in "The Jungle Book"‏

Bagheera is a sleek and stunning panther who rescued Mowgli when he was abandoned in the jungle as an infant. The effort bonded the big cat to the man-cub—indeed, Bagheera has a bit of a soft spot for the boy. As Mowgli’s mentor, Bagheera guides him to faithfully follow the laws of the jungle. And when it comes time for Mowgli to leave his jungle home, Bagheera feels it’s his duty to help the man-cub depart with dignity.

Academy Award® winner Ben Kingsley brings his noble voice to Bagheera in Disney's new family adventure “The Jungle Book.” “He just brought this elegance and refinement to the character, yet with great firmness,” says director Jon Favreau. “He’s an interesting dude with crazy range.”

ASUS Heats Up the Season with the “Summer Vibes Promo”

Have the summer of your life by enjoying special discounts and premium item freebies together with your favorite ASUS notebooks for a limited time only!

Leave it to ASUS Philippines to turn up the heat and give you even more reasons to enjoy the season via its “Summer Vibes Promo”, which fires up starting today and will run until April 10, 2016 only. Ultimately, the “Summer Vibes Promo” provides the tech-savvy the best deals this season, what with limited-time price discounts and a corresponding free premium accessories thrown in for every purchase of a select ASUS notebook.

Participants of this sizzling-hot promo who will purchase any of the ASUS notebooks listed below will either bring home a Razer Ferox Speaker (worth PHP 2,995.00) – a small-but-powerful mobile speaker that guarantees a 360-degree omnidirectional sound with rich acoustics and a quality base for a powerful immersive audio experience wherever you go; or a premium Republic of Gamers (ROG) Shuttle Backpack (worth PHP 4,995.00) – a stylish, water-resistant backpack that allows you to comfortably and safely carry around your ASUS laptops that are up to 17 inches in size.

"10 Cloverfield Lane" Thrills with New Clip, Images‏

Brand-new images and a new clip from Paramount Pictures and producer J.J. Abrams’ “10 Cloverfield Lane” have just been released. Check out the photos below and view the clip at

Described as a “blood relative” to the 2007 smash hit “Cloverfield,” the new film stars John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher, Jr. So far, the official synopsis only reads, “Monsters come in many forms.”

Food giant Jollibee appoints new PR agency

Jollibee Brand CMO and Jollibee Philippines Marketing Head
 Francis E. Flores (L) selected Ripple8, Inc. headed by
Managing Director Timmy Jayme (R),
as one of its new PR agency partners.
Jollibee Foods Corporation, the largest fast food chain and dominant Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market leader in the Philippines, recently appointed Ripple8, Inc. as its public relations agency-on-record for its Brand PR initiatives beginning 2016. This was after the agency emerged as the top scorer in a competitive pitch with three other PR agencies.

Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Marketing of Jollibee Philippines Francis E. Flores said, “We are looking forward with great excitement to working with the team as Jollibee welcomes the year with bigger opportunities to bring joy to Filipino families in the country and worldwide.”

Queen Latifah Brings Lovable Charm to "Miracles from Heaven"

One of the most amazing – yet seemingly unlikely – things that happen to author Christy Beam – whose memoirs is the basis of Columbia Pictures’ inspiring drama “Miracles from Heaven” -- is that she meets a total, random stranger who couldn’t be more different but will become her spirited guide and exuberant companion along the way.

Based on a real friend Christy made in Boston, Angela is played by Queen Latifah, the Oscar®-nominated actress, singer, songwriter and talk show host in one of her most endearing film roles to date.

Uptown Cinemas Hosted The Premiere Night Of "London Has Fallen"

The best cinemas in town just opened with Megaworld Lifestyle Malls opening Uptown Cinemas at Uptown mall in BGC. And to bring flare to its opening, they hosted the VIP premiere night of "London Has Fallen".

The exclusive screening was held at the Cinema 1, one of the Dolby Atmos theaters in Uptown Mall that is guaranteed to put the viewer in a immerse sound environment. The seats are really comfortable with the right size and angle from any seat along with he great sound makes movies exciting.

This will play the explosive soundtrack and audio of London Has Fallen. The movie stars certified action hero, Gerald Butler, is the sequel to the blockbuster hot Olympus Has Fallen. The film see the return of the principal cast which also includes Morgan Freeman, and Aaron Eckhart as they follow the events of the prequel.

In Olympus Has Fallen, Gerald Butler plays a presidential guard who protects the American President and the other heads of state from a terrorist attack within  the White House. in London Has Fallen, the action is set in the British Capital and promises o deliver the same edge-of-your-seat action as it predecessor.

Jennifer Garner Keeps the Faith with "Miracles from Heaven"

The core of Columbia Pictures' new inspiring film “Miracles From Heaven” is a mother on fire, an impassioned, if constantly questioning 21st Century woman, who never lets up or lets go in her efforts to keep her child from harm.

But to get deep into the grit and turmoil of that kind of maternal drive, the filmmakers knew they needed an actress who would go all-out for a brave, complex performance without ever losing the audience’s connection to her. The consummate match for that mix was found in Golden Globe® winner Jennifer Garner.

Public elementary schools in Mega Manila to receive over 5,000 digital pianos

For years, Placido del Mundo Elementary School (PDMES) in Barangay Talipapa has been joining various competitions to uphold the institution’s honor—one of which are school choir competitions held by both public meets and the private sector. 

Assistant Principal Adela B. Lacaba recalls that the school’s glee club has been practicing without the aid of a piano. “Matagal nang walang matinong piano and PDMES at dahil sumasali kami sa mga competitions gaya ng National Music Competitions for Young Artists (NAMCYA) at Voices in Harmony, mahirap mag-rehearse ng walang piano,” said Lacaba.

As music teacher and choir director Shermaine Bulante pointed out the need for a piano is imperative not only to teach basic music to young learners but also to support the choir group’s rehearsal after school hours. With nothing but the willing hearts of 40 students, she had to manage.

New International Trailer Fires Up "Ghostbusters" Reboot‏

“Ghostbusters” makes its long-awaited return, rebooted with a cast of hilarious new characters.  Watch the comedy adventure's first international trailer (different from the US version that premiered last week) here at

Thirty years after the original film took the world by storm, “Ghostbusters” is back and fully rebooted for a new generation. Director Paul Feig combines all the paranormal fighting elements that made the original franchise so beloved with a cast of new characters, played by the funniest actors working today. Get ready to watch them save the world this summer!

Iron Man Recruits Team in "Captain America: Civil War" Posters‏

Find out which heroes support Tony Stark in his fight against Steve Rogers in the brand-new posters for Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War."

Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” finds Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) leading the newly formed team of Avengers in their continued efforts to safeguard humanity. But after another incident involving the Avengers results in collateral damage, political pressure mounts to install a system of accountability, headed by a governing body to oversee and direct the team. The new status quo fractures the Avengers, resulting in two camps—one led by Steve Rogers and his desire for the Avengers to remain free to defend humanity without government interference, and the other following Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) surprising decision to support government oversight and accountability.

Sam Concepcion Back To Music With "BAGO"

After being super busy with projects like "Your Face Sound Familiar" and "You're My Home", Sam Concepcion goes back to his roots as a recording artist and launched his new album titled "Bago" under Universal Records. His previous album "Infinite" was launched back in 2013, so it is almost 3 years in the making which fans have been waiting for.

"Bago" is indeed a fitting description for Sam who has been through a lot this past years. From his career, love life, and looks. Growing up now to be a dedicated singer/dancer always draws him back to what he does best.

He introduces his album with the carrier single "Kalsada" which he says is perfect to showcase his dance prowess which is something he has not done in a long time. He still incorporates EDM to his music like what he did with the last album. 

REEL DEAL: Always Be My Maybe REVIEW

Star Cinema has always have that Valentine's Day movie that will be romantic yet quite different in theme, and this year they made a fresh new change with Aways Be My Maybe with Gerald Anderson and Arci Muñoz.

It maybe a new team up for Gerald and Arci but the movie has shown great chemistry and also potential future movies together. Arci may have started as a Kapuso, then Kapatid, until eventually now part of the Kapamilya network with shows like Passion De Amor and MMK, she is indeed bringing sexy back into our screens. Gerald, now much more mature with his roles and acting, has mastered to bring kilig to the audience whoever he would be paired with.

Together with engaging characters like Cacai, Ricci, and Jane Oineza to name a few, it can be classified as a Sexy Romantic Comedy, and they succeeded without exaggerating things. Directed by Dan Villegas, his works include "#WalangForever", "The Break Up Playlist", and "English Only, Please", showed consistency and quality of his work.

"Miracles from Heaven" Launches `Share Your Miracle' Website‏

Sony Pictures' inspiring new film “Miracles from Heaven” has launched a website to let moviegoers share who their everyday miracles in life are.

Users can visit to create a customized digital image of someone who is a miracle in their life, whether it is an encouraging family member, a loving spouse or partner, motivating teacher, best friend, etc. On the site, users can upload a photo, personalize it, and share it easily on their social channels or the website's gallery.

Tanghalang Atenao Ends Its 37th Season WIth Rene O. Villanueva's "KALANTIAW"

Tanghalang Ateneo, the longest-running theater company of the Loyola Schools will end its 37th Season: “Staging Revolution/s” this March with Rene O. Villanueva’s “KALANTIAW”. Based on real-life events, this play, originally entitled “Ang Kagila-gilalas na Kasinungalingan Tungkol sa Isang Kayumangging Bayan”, is written by the country's leading playwright in Filipino, Rene O. Villanueva. This Palanca First Prize-winning play is about the life of historian Jose E. Marco and the hoax he created - the controversial Code of Kalantiaw. The play, first performed at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and then at the Theatre Le Rond Point in Paris by Tanghalang Pilipino, forces us to take a closer and more critical look at our sense of nationalism.

"The Huntsman" TV Spots Shed Light on Backstory‏

A couple of TV spots for the new fantasy adventure “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” have just been revealed by Universal Pictures.

The first focuses on the origins of evil queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron), while the second tells of the feud between the sisters Freya (Emily Blunt) and Ravenna. The spots may be viewed at and

Ayala Malls Cinemas Exclusively Brings The Electrifying "Challengers"

Watch Zendaya’s Best-Career Performance To-Date, Opens April 24  Ayala Malls Cinemas brings another highly anticipated film to their roster ...