Sam Concepcion Back To Music With "BAGO"

After being super busy with projects like "Your Face Sound Familiar" and "You're My Home", Sam Concepcion goes back to his roots as a recording artist and launched his new album titled "Bago" under Universal Records. His previous album "Infinite" was launched back in 2013, so it is almost 3 years in the making which fans have been waiting for.

"Bago" is indeed a fitting description for Sam who has been through a lot this past years. From his career, love life, and looks. Growing up now to be a dedicated singer/dancer always draws him back to what he does best.

He introduces his album with the carrier single "Kalsada" which he says is perfect to showcase his dance prowess which is something he has not done in a long time. He still incorporates EDM to his music like what he did with the last album. 

Despite being single, he focuses now more with this new album as it would also be another busy year for him.

Download "Bago" on iTunes, Spinnr, Amazon and Deezer.

For more information, follow Universal Records’ official social media accounts at and

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