Year 23

Yup, Its My I am making this one at 4 am in the morning, not that I have not slept but I just finished my Iron Man 2 review before hitting the sack. The movie was not free and I think it was like a treat to myself. But still now that I am *ahem* older, I dont care, age is not defines me, but what I am today is what reflects me.   The picture you see above is not a political ad but something I have made years ago and NO, I will not run for politics. Just love to make you smile with what I can do, in any way that I can. I was also flooded with greetings over at my facebook which I try to respond to all of them. I have over 1000 friends, and I know most of them personally. My Palanca entry won't be possible since its deadline already, oh well better luck next year. I will still try. I have been to a lot these times yet I still fins reasons to be very very happy. To tell you the truth I really want to receive a gift today, but it does not matter how small or expensive it is, it will still make my birthday a great day. Tomorrow is Labor day and Free Comic Book Day, so there is also something to be excited after this day. Yey!

REEL DEAL: Iron Man 2

Yeah, Batman is Rich but can he fly by his own? Or Spiderman, can he blash beams from his hands?  And Superman, yes he may be the strongest but can he get the chicks and crack a good joke?

This is what I love about Iron man 2, without altering his genetics, or being born from an alien planet , he is the hero of great interest. The first Iron Man was really explosive, as in a lot of explosions. Now since there are now two (War Machine) its twice or probably trice as explosive with this one. Fire power was the name of the game, there are the missiles, laser beams, bullets, machine guns, and bombs. More Metal, crushing steel and cables...also not forget electricity which would probably take an entire power output from a plant. 

Be the First to see Legally Blonde The Musical on Stage!

Watch out, Manila! Elle Woods is here!

You may have heard that Elle Woods is hopping on a plane to dazzle us with her talent in the upcoming Atlantis Productions’ presentation of Legally Blonde The Musical.  Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the hit film that catapulted Reese Witherspoon to stardom, Legally Blonde The Musical features Nikki Gil as Elle Woods, the girl who doesn’t take “no” for an answer.  When her boyfriend dumps her for someone “serious”, Elle packs up Bruiser and her designer clothes, hits the books and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has gone before: Harvard Law.  Along the way, Elle proves that being true to yourself never goes out of style.

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iBlog 6 Summit!

Its my first time as a blogger to attend the iBlog summit 6 at UP Diliman. I was curious because this is a blogger event that focuses more on the sharing blogger experiences, ideas, techniques and all other things a blogger can actually learn a lot from. The event is a 2-day summit staring April 16-17 from 8-5pm at the Malcom Hall.

So far I have only attended the second day since we were moving to a new house. But the speakers in the summit were recognized bloggers from the Pinoy Blog Awards. One of them was Marck Ronald Rimorin
(The Marocharim Experiment), who discussed about Political blogging and how it can contribute to society.  Noemi Dado from blogwatch also shared her experiences and observations with the blogs and conducts several interviews with candidates so it can provide more information to voters and spread them through the internet. Jinoe Gavan( shared his experiences with blog contests and gave tips and tricks on how to conduct a successful blog contest. Joseph Gonzales( gave a very enjoyable discussion on community blogging as he tell the story of his blog that helped the town of Baler, Aurora by connecting people and sharing the rich culture of the town. And finally, Marhgil Macuha gave a informative talk about earning from blog via SEO.

As usual, the manila bloggers' team is there to take part in the summit and also had a lot of fun. Too bad that I have to get back to komikon which is just a few steps away from the venue (curses!). But luckily, I have some blogger friends who also went with me who will also go there. While the others went to the famous isaw stalls of UP (which I wanted to go). And there  was a afterparty held in katipunan. But in general, alls well that ends well. We felt that the talks were given more time but learned a lot of things. Blogs and bloggers are getting more bigger and affecting the society more and more. Which I feel that next year we may need a bigger venue...just a thought.

Know Your Leaders Before Shading That Ballot!

  • I guess its time that my blog could make a difference, but for the record even I have my own set of candidates for this elections, my instinct as a Filipino says that I could make a difference while being non-partisan. This by voters' education via my blog. For now I am working on the project KNOW YOUR LEADERS, a segment that will give a comprehensive and unbiased profiling of the national candidates. I know its a tough job and election is almost around the corner, but I feel that I could at least make a difference in giving the candidates a fair share of informing them to the public. Sounds patriotic? I don't think so, Its just my duty even though I may be struggling also. Just like JFK said "Ask not what you country can do for you, but what you can do for your country".
  • I guess this will also shed light to undecided voters to know about them before shading the ballots. And even this project is for national candidates, I think it may take a lot of work in research and verification. So far, I think it would also help me in my decision too. I would just ask is support and valuable information are also highly appreciated.
  • Will start posting in a few days...
  • Mabuhay ang Pilipinas at mga Pilipino! 

Entertainment shopping site Winila to Launch in IP e-Games Domination IV

As we getting more tech savvy with almost everything we do, WiniLa invites everyone to its grand launch at Domination IV–the biggest online gaming event in the Philippines.
WiniLa is a new and exciting online auction offering daily discounts on the hottest gadgets and accessories in the market. Developed and maintained locally, the site allows bidders to receive up to 80% savings on pre-selected technology and lifestyle brands such as Playstation 3, Wii, XboX, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, Mac Mini, Apple TV, Sony digital cameras, and Nokia mobile phones.
Just register for FREE at to avail these features:
  • Choose from different bid-credit packages that suits your budget
  • Engage in auctions that start at a price of zero
  • Buy an item outright without bidding
  • Use an automated Winbroker who will do the bidding for you
  • Ease of use with multiple bid windows
  • Earn free bid credits for every friend referral
You may also experience WiniLa at Domination IV happening on April 10, 2010 (Saturday) at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. To celebrate its grand launch, a special live auction will be held at the Winila booth for its registered users. Up for bid are i-Pods, Skullcandy headphones, Samsung 19” LCD, Sony Playstation 3 Slim, PSP Go, and other cool items.
Winila–Spend small, Win Big!
See you there!
Registration for Domination IV is still open. Visit for more information.

Happy Easter Everyone!

I know its kinda late but we are still in the easter season according to the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church. I wanted to share this post as a sign of celebration after Lent. I feel there is a new life for me now. I may sound like a religious man but simply I just felt better after a lot of times, hard times, has passed recently yet I am still here doing what I like to do best. There is still a lot to celebrate these days. Internet now is limited because of my resources but I am very optimistic about my ventures in the days to come. Now its a time to celebrate life, a new life, and its called EASTER.


We have seen so many versions of the classical tragedy slash love story of Romeo and Juliet, but for this

one it takes a different perspective.This is also my first time to review a local indie film. Romeo at Juliet is not actually the names of the lead characters but it follows the plot of the classic love tragedy. It tells the lives of Jospeh and Angel both having a complicated past and present. Their love flourished even if there was a lot of secrets behind their personalities. Also there is complex connection and history on how the characters came to be. The story is good, however I feel that some dialogues are not natural for those scenes.
Overall, the feel was still very good, there was love, there was pain, the sexy scenes was erotic in an

artistic way enough just to stimute the senses. There was really no nudity on the film, which most of us

was expecting but it rather left an impression of the storyline. Although it was really a love story,  a story based from the tragedy did spin off into scenes not suitable for all ages. I dont know what is the official rating for this movie by the MTRCB, but I think it would rated as R-18. I however recommend this movie for those who are into appreciating the art of the movie and not to get mushy on how their love flourished like other love flicks. There is a lot of good surprizes in the movie and its really worth your money for this local indie.

Deliberation time kids!

Movie summary in 3 lines: Sexy Bloody Love 
Technical Effects 4 out of 5 stars
(It is good even if its a reality movie, intense scenes were so realistic)
Plot 3 out of 5 stars (Book style story telling looks good but its the same pattern)
Popcornmeter (the rating if this movie would make you hungrier while watching) 1 out of 5 stars (I did not feel hunger, there was a mix of emotions in me)
Acting and Actors 2 out of 5 stars (The acting was ok but I still feel they are just acting)
DVD worthiness 4 out of 5 stars (This Indie movie is worthy!)
Sequel worthiness 4 out of 5 stars (Julio at Julia naman!)
Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars (It was nice actually)