Know Your Leaders Before Shading That Ballot!

  • I guess its time that my blog could make a difference, but for the record even I have my own set of candidates for this elections, my instinct as a Filipino says that I could make a difference while being non-partisan. This by voters' education via my blog. For now I am working on the project KNOW YOUR LEADERS, a segment that will give a comprehensive and unbiased profiling of the national candidates. I know its a tough job and election is almost around the corner, but I feel that I could at least make a difference in giving the candidates a fair share of informing them to the public. Sounds patriotic? I don't think so, Its just my duty even though I may be struggling also. Just like JFK said "Ask not what you country can do for you, but what you can do for your country".
  • I guess this will also shed light to undecided voters to know about them before shading the ballots. And even this project is for national candidates, I think it may take a lot of work in research and verification. So far, I think it would also help me in my decision too. I would just ask is support and valuable information are also highly appreciated.
  • Will start posting in a few days...
  • Mabuhay ang Pilipinas at mga Pilipino! 

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