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Changing Lives! Justin Timbaland, Justin Timberlake,and Jojo in one explosive concert!

Many artists are graced to perform here in the Philippines this year. However, there would be nothing better than having three very famous and established artists to perform for one night. I am a big fan of these three artist. Justin Timberlake being one of the best performers for this generation. Jojo which is known for her charm and voice that wowed the world. And most especiallyTimbaland, who make chart-topping  songs by collaborating with the best artists in the industry. This is benefit concert so it means that it would help a lot of people still affected by the calamities that happened here. So it would make a lot of difference in helping others while also enjoying the smooth and great sounds by the collaboration of the three. Want to win free tickets? Go the Azrael's Blog to find out why!

Here is Timbaland's newest single with Kathy Perry that is topping the charts today, one of my favorites! I believe its what you have on you iPods or MP3 players! 

OH! So Many Thrills with Chowking Orange Chicken!

Oh! (with a very surprised exclamation)

Things can happen unexpectedly and so fast that this is the only word that we could say. And this was my cry when I attended the event for Chowking's 25th anniversary at one of its branch in Bonifacio Global City. Its also the official launch of their newest product which is the Chowking Orange Chicken. This Oh-some and Oh-range-gy dish is endorsed by top actor Jericho Rosales. With the launch of the dish, which has a very appealing color and taste of the sweetness of oranges and the  juiciness of chicken that would make you dance.
Speaking of dance, the event was also filled with the party spirit since there is a dance craze that made all of the people dance, they called it the Chicken Dance. To the tune of Keysha's tictoc, a simple yet viral dance was introduced to the audience. And it was not hard for all to learn the dance since everyone is having a good time doing it.
Its seems like the song also became a last song syndrome to us who a…

My Webcomic Anniversary Contest!

Its almost a year since by webcomic blog  Krisis Komix started on Earth Hour last year. I can still remember how it was born from boredom and a lot of imagination in the office. Now for its first anniversary, krisis komix will conduct a contest for krisis komix fans! We will be giving out (1) 2 movie passes for Araneta Malls (Gateway Cineplex 10, Ali Mall Cinemas) and (2) P500 worth of sodexho gift certificates! So there are two ways to win!
Here's how...

General Rules
1. The contest is open to residents in Metro Manila.
2. You can join the contest on both the facebook page and the blog site.
3. One entry per person only for each contest.
4. Winners will be determined via random pick using a statistics software.
5. Contest Duration: March 15-26, 2010.
6.. The winners will be announced on Earth Hour Day March 27, 2010.

Facebook Fan Page (2 movie passes)
1. Be a fan in Facebook via the link to the fan page on the side.  2. On your facebook status  write using this format
“I Love @Krisis …

Ice Breaker Scambles!

Just after a pictorial for a play poster, we went to SM Manila just to freshen up and while waiting, we  encoutered this kiosk that is selling just one product. But the product they are selling is what I never expected to be, ICE SCAMBLE! Yes, the Pinoy ice delicacy that are sold by cart peddlers which I grew up with. This pink concoction has been a favorite especially to kids however recently I have not  tasted this for quite some time now. 
There was also a decline for the demand of this product when they were issued for the sanitation of its preparation. The Ice and the other ingredients were placed in containers that were open to contamination. Thus many people would not like scramble anymore since it poses a threat to health. Ice breaker ensures that their product uses clean utensils and fresh supplies making the scramble experience much better.
Althought it maybe a little bit pricier than the peddled ones but it is still affordable enough even to the average Pinoy. They also have …

What is my S.H.O.E. ?

Seven Heaven On Earth

Being optimistic everyday have its positive effect on us and what our future will be. So lets count blessings not problems for now. 1. Its the anniversary of my webcomic!         2. I am part of a big cosplay group!       Nosebleed Cosplayers' Guild 3. I will watch a stage play again after a year!      Hooray for Live Act 8! 4. I am learning to apply my Japanese! I can slightly read         Japanese labels and understand anime! 5. I am getting great feedbacks on my graphic designs 6. I am losing pounds and was able to fit to jacket I have not      used in years! 7. I hope to earn more in my blogs in the following months! 
I would like to thank and commend Earthlingorgeous for sharing this and hope you make one too!


With the businesses in need of competitive employees and managers, ENGLISH has always been a requirement to be employed. Its also one of the keys in ensuring success in the corporate world. The BPO business here in the Philippines also requires a high standard of English being a staple communication language in this international venture. Now has a program and a test for you to improve on you English skills that will produce positive results for your employment, presentations, clients and any other transactions that will lead you to personal success in life!

Starbucks Mezza is now open! Free wifi at SM Centerpoint!

Lately there had been nice improvements here in the Sta Mesa area after it was badly affected by typhoon ondoy last year. Mezza by SM has been a great landmark there. And since its also across my school (CCP), it has been very convenient for me. But what caught my attention is the new starbucks store on Mezza. Its kinda exciting since SM Sta Mesa does not have Starbucks and the other store is located kilometers away in Quezon Boulevard. It actually opened last week and saw that they have a lot of customers which I can say is a nice location. I am looking forward to enjoy a frappe here soon. 
Also another thing that happened in SM City Sta Mesa is the launch of the FREE WIFI! Yes you heard it right, free wifi and this time its available in one of SM's pioneer mall. I have not tried it yet but I was able to get a pic from the launch and it seems to be good. Now these things made me so happy since its just beside school. I thought that Sta Mesa was left out but with these improvements…

Central Colleges of the Philippines won National Cheer leading Competition!

I almost forgot that this day was also the championship of the National Cheerleading Competition  for the College Division. I did not actually went to the venue which was the Ynares Stadium but I have watched it via studio 23. There were 19 teams that is labeled as the top cheering squad in the whole country. And since there is more than thousands of schools in the nation, its a privilege that a school would be part of the 19 qualifying teams.  And since the competition is cheerleading, the routine of each team would be unpredictable. Cheerleading is also prone to a lot of accidents especially to the ones who are usually tossed up in the air.  This is the 5th year of the competition and my school, CCP, has won 2 championships since then and for this year, they intend to regain the championship title from University of Perpetual Help Delta. This season of NCC is also special since the brodcast of the event can be watched on High Defenition via ABS-CBN sports. Its also my fist time to see…

SEAMLESS NA!!! A Tribute to Francis Magalona

It has been a year since he left us. However, his legend remains in his music , his family, fans and everyone who loved him. Hailed as the king of Pinoy Rap & Hip hop in the Philippines. He is the pioneer and made the standards of the industry in the country. I have always been fan of this man. I admired him for his vision, his passion for his craft. He managed to stay in showbiz and the music industry for a long time until his death. And even at the age of 40 plus, he seems to be like a teenager dude. I want to be like him, well probably minus the prowess of rap since I'm not good at it yet.  Earlier this day, Eat Bulaga and other shows have shown their tribute to the master rapper a year after his passing. And you will still feel that the love for him never ceases. The Rap industry in the Philippines will be greatful to him and look at him as an Icon. And, most of my generation have grown up with his songs and is still played in mp3 players and and the radio. His music did no…


I know that most of you have already know the story of Alice in her adventures in a place called wonderland. But for this version, Alice is now a 19 year old lady within the Victorian society but does not seem to fit there. She fell down again in a rabbit hole to enter the world of Underland the real name of wonderland).From there she encountered talking animals and other creatures that were surreal.

Of course, there is the protagonistic Red Queen that reigns over the whole land and always on a spree of rolling heads (literally). The Knave of Hearts also as an accomplice and the army of cards. On the other hand, there is also the White Queen, a kind and pure royal with a vow not to take a life of any creature. Alice also find herself in the company of the famous characters like the Mad Hatter, March Hare and the Dorm mouse. Since the Alice for this story is a little more bigger, she have forgotten her past adventure in the same world years ago. Also she is pressured with a lot of res…

Get lost with Alice in Wonderland!

The clock is ticking and the world is awaiting as the door to the world of wonderland will open up and reveal it secrets. Tim Burton's version of the very loved novel Alice in Wonderland. Its stars Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Crispin Glover, Matt Lucas, Marton Csokas, Tim Pigott-Smith, Lindsay Duncan, Geraldine James, Leo Bill, Jemma Powell, Mairi Ella Challen and Mia Wasikowska as Alice. And this version will be the first in 3D and iMax. since we have seen the animated movie version and also countless series and other movie adaptations, but for this movie is unique. Now let me just share a classic (?) video of Alice from 1903.

I also like the OST of Alice in Wonderland by Avril Lavigne, one of my favorite artist. The title is just Alice and the video is very simple yet they have integrated parts of the movie. One interesting fact about me is I also wonder into my own wonderland when I am alone...hahaha looks creepy...but I'm just exercising my imaginatio…

I love the!


Last Friday, February 26, we were invited at the Manor Eastwood to witness the launch of the website of the Bar. Yup, the popular vodka drink that is making waves in the market as the favorite party drink. And I too could not agree more since in most of my parties that I have attended, the Bar would always be there. With 3 variants ( Lemon-lime, Apple, and Orange), its add some twist on the regular vodka kick. Going back to the event, this launched the official website of the Bar ( The website contains pretty interesting content and really worth your time browsing. First, there is a calendar of events so you can be informed about upcoming happenings you can attend to. Then you can also upload your pictures with the Bar, and you can send funny one too, however pictures may need to be screened by the web admin before they would be posted online. You can also download cool wallpapers of the Bar variants and also Angelica Panganiban!There is also a page for …

Globe launched UNLIMAIL! e-mails on the go!

Globe has launched its new service called Unlimail that will revolutionize mobile e-mail. Its an unlimited mobile email service that enables you to send and receive emails directly on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. You can have your emails delivered to you in real time, at anywhere and no need for a PC to respond to urgent emails. Send, download, and view attachments with ease! 
To register, text UNLIMAIL to 8888. You will receive an SMS notification message containing a WAP link. Click on the link to download the UNLIMAIL application for FREE!. Choose myGlobe Connect APN as your connection setting, and the application will automatically download onto your phone. Click on the UNLIMAIL application to start sending and receiving emails. 

Here are the list of Phones that are currently compatible with the Unlimail application

Symbian Phones

- Nokia N73
- Nokia N95
- Nokia E90
- Nokia E65
- Nokia 6210 Classic
- Nokia 6620 Classic
- Nokia 3250
- Nokia N80
- Nokia E51

JAVA Phones

- Nokia …