What is my S.H.O.E. ?

Seven Heaven On Earth

Being optimistic everyday have its positive effect on us and what our future will be. So lets count blessings not problems for now.
1. Its the anniversary of my webcomic!            
2. I am part of a big cosplay group! 
     Nosebleed Cosplayers' Guild
3. I will watch a stage play again after a year! 
    Hooray for Live Act 8!
4. I am learning to apply my Japanese! I can slightly read    
    Japanese labels and understand anime!
5. I am getting great feedbacks on my graphic designs
6. I am losing pounds and was able to fit to jacket I have not 
    used in years!
7. I hope to earn more in my blogs in the following months! 

I would like to thank and commend Earthlingorgeous for sharing this and hope you make one too!

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