My Webcomic Anniversary Contest!

Its almost a year since by webcomic blog  Krisis Komix started on Earth Hour last year. I can still remember how it was born from boredom and a lot of imagination in the office. Now for its first anniversary, krisis komix will conduct a contest for krisis komix fans! We will be giving out (1) 2 movie passes for Araneta Malls (Gateway Cineplex 10, Ali Mall Cinemas) and (2) P500 worth of sodexho gift certificates! So there are two ways to win!

Here's how...

General Rules
1. The contest is open to residents in Metro Manila.
2. You can join the contest on both the facebook page and the blog site.
3. One entry per person only for each contest.
4. Winners will be determined via random pick using a statistics software.
5. Contest Duration: March 15-26, 2010.
6.. The winners will be announced on Earth Hour Day March 27, 2010.

Facebook Fan Page (2 movie passes)
1. Be a fan in Facebook via the link to the fan page on the side. 
2. On your facebook status  write using this format
     “I Love @Krisis Komix! Ang Komiks na sagot sa kahirapan!  visit”
    Remember that the @Krisis Komix should be typed manually for it to be shown as a link to the fan page
3. Leave your name, contact number and e-mail here to save your contact details! Remember that an entry is valid when the status update has be posted properly.

Krisis Komix Blog (P500 Sodexho Gift Certificates)
1. Subcribe to RSS feed via e-mail
2. Just leave a comment below answering this simple question
* What Krisis Komix strip is your favorite and why?
3. Leave your name, contact number and e-mail  here to save your contact details!

That's it! So it pays to be a reader of Krisis Komix! Your favorite pinoy webcomic plus news and scoops on cosplay, comics,anime and many more! So visit now!!!

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