Nike Unveils Latest Running Shield Pack Collection

Though not a shoe shopaholic, I do love to (window) shop running and athletic shoes not just because of their design but the style and comfort that it brings to the feet for physical activities. And since I declared that I will be more active to help me achieve my physical goal which will make me a better and healthier.

My decision was due to the past years of unhealthy living which brought me into sickness. But now, I want to continue what I do best, dancing and running.  As as urban ninja, these are essential skills,  and these are something that I can improve since there are the activities that I do more often than going to the gym.

Channel News Asia Premieres Special Report on the Philippines

Asia Business Channel, an independent production house specializing in exclusive country profiles, today unveiled Channel News Asia’s special presentation, “The Philippines Moves Forward”, an investment documentary on the Philippines, to key personalities from the public and private sector prior to its public airing in January 2013. 

With a special focus on energy and tourism, the first of a two-part series features the Philippines’ most influential business personalities, high-level government officials and country ambassadors headlined by President Benigno Aquino, Jr., Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras, Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Ramon del Rosario, Jr. and Jaime Zobel de Ayala, speaking on the pervading air of optimism that is leading investors to look at the country with fresh eyes.A second report scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2013 will take the story further with a focus on finance and banking, construction, trade and industry, IT and telecommunication, health, transport and logistics.

MUSIC LYF: Ogie Alcasid’s new album The Songwriter and the Hitmakers celebrates 25th anniversary

Twenty five years into the business and Ogie Alcasid has established himself as one of the most successful hitmakers and most prolific songwriters of the Philippine music industry. In celebration of this milestone, Universal Records is releasing his most ambitious project, the 18 track album The Songwriter And The Hitmakers. 

The album gathers all the biggest singing and recording artists in the country to breathe life to Ogie’s compositions, including both his biggest hits and new songs. Gary Valenciano, Regine Velasquez, Martin Nievera, Piolo Pascual, Christian Bautista, Sarah Geronimo, Arnel Pineda, Noel Cabangon, Richard Poon, Jed Madela, Kuh Ledesma, Rachelle Ann Go, Kyla, JayR and Jaya are part of the album.

“I feel so honored to have been given a project as big as this,” says Ogie. “I am in awe of all the talents involved here.”

Tayong Dalawa, a heartwarming duet of Ogie and his lovely wife and Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez is also included in the album.

JUAN MINUTE: A Great Year For Jessa Zaragoza

It was this year that I met Jessa Zaragoza for the first time for the launch of her album under GMA Records, and she showed that she is indeed a down-to-earth star with a great voice and bubbly personality. And this year has been a great year for her and her husband Dingdong Avanzado as they both enjoy the projects and successes that came in their way.

Being a mother, singer, actress are some of the qualities of Jessa that make her a sought-after personality even after their hiatus for some time. Now that they are back in the limelight, things are going into place and sometimes going beyond their expectations.

And even both of them are busy with their own projects they do find time for each other and their daughter. She also maintained to stay fit and flawless (same goes with Dingdong who celebrated his 25th anniversary in showbiz) which still makes them very recognizable to the public even after years has passed.

Now let's look back on the things that Jessa Zaragosa did this year...

MUSIC LYF: Dingdong Avanzado SPOTLIGHT

The music industry in the Philippines has made a lot of singers and superstars, but one of the things that makes a music artist complete is to make a mark in the business and of course the fans and listeners. Recently, a handful of singers celebrated their anniversary with concerts, albums and shows. And one of them is singer-composer Dingdong Avanzado.

Dingdong is celebrating a great year together with his wife Jessa Zaragoza who is also having a lot of projects with GMA Network and also launched an album with GMA Records also within the year. The couple is very happy with all things which goes beyond their expectations. Its also surprising for me that Dingdong reached his 25th year in the industry, yet he does look young (no kidding, which means I was just born when he started his career). 

KATOTO: Kaibigang Totoo, Kardinal Chito!

Youth of the Archdiocese, its time to meet and greet our newly appointed cardinal with a special event meant to spend time with the beloved Chito Cardinal Tagle!

KATOTO: Kaibigang Totoo, Kardinal Chito! A Thanksgiving celebration for a gift of a Cardinal to the Philippines. This coming December 4, 2012, Tuesday 6PM at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium, Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, Vito Cruz, Ermita, Manila.

Its FREE to all! So bring your family, friends and even your parish to this monumental event! For inquiries, contact the Archdiocese of Manila through 523-2814 or 404-3673

LakBayan: Nurture Spa Village

Circulation is Life, Stagnation is Death.

This is the mantra that I want to speak in everyday life for a new lifestyle that I want to happen, gradual yet effective. 

Don't panic, I'm still the same crazy blogger you know for this blog, but I am now trying to trying a better lifestyle with the help of my experience in my first Glamping Experience at the Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City. It was actually my first time in the wellness spot even though I am a frequent visitor in Tagaytay. 

Glamping come from two words, Glamour and Camping. Seems to be two words with very opposite meanings. But at Nuture Spa, they actually made it to a reality with a very unique experience for each individual. Indeed Nurture Spa Village has been known througout the years a a great place to unwind and also for couples wanting to escape the very hectic and stressfull city living. And even up to now, they are a favorite venue for weddings, proposals and even a weekend getaway from their busy lives.

MUSIC LYF: Martin Nievera - Martin 3D: TATLONG DEKADA (Album)

Thirty years after the song “Be My Lady” have been one of the most  favourite  love songs of OPM and as the rise of the Concert King Martin Nievera, PolyEast Records celebrates a legendary career  with the release of the album MARTIN NIEVERA 3D: Tatlong Dekada. 

The new album represents Martin’s every aspect of his career – from recording to touring to endorsements to best-selling albums.  “Here’s a CD of 15 newly written songs just to add more magic to OPM. I’m just so proud of this album because it’s going to celebrate my 30 years in the business without having to look back. Let’s just say, today is first day of the rest of my career,” Nievera said.   

As the album celebrates Nievera’s achievements of the past and the promise of the future,  MARTIN NIEVERA 3D: Tatlong Dekada is now available in stores released by PolyEast Records which comes with a CD plus DVD-- collecting music videos of Nievera’s monumental anthems that played a pivotal role in his musical history. 

Pepito wants a vintage car this Christmas

For avid followers of the comedy sitcom Pepito Manaloto, here is an insider scoop on what will happen on the show this Sunday, December 2.

Pepito's household is frequented by a group of carolers who disguise themselves as philantropers caroling for a cause.  But as what they will soon discover, the group is a hoax.

Meanwhile, Pepito has a wish this Christmas: he wants to buy himself a vintage car as a gift. Unfortunately, his wife Elsa is not sold on the idea.  She reasons that there is no need for such car and that there is no more space left in their garage. Consequently, Pepito gets disappointed with Elsa. In the end, Elsa yields to Pepito's wish but Pepito later learns that the car brings with it some "bad luck."  What will he do with it now?

Disney on Ice 2012: Believing is the Beginning

Less than 100 days before Christmas, anticipation about the annual ice spectacle at the Big Dome is reaching fever pitch. 

This year, the message of Disney on Ice is all about believing. 

This Christmas, dreams will come true in “Disney on Ice presents Princesses and Heroes”, a beautifully created show of artistic skating and graceful acrobatics. Witness those defining moments when the wishes of eight Disney Princesses (Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Tiana), come true with the help of their devoted princes. Representing the magic of Disney, special guest and everyone’s favorite Tinker Bell takes audiences from one inspiring story to the next.

Beyond fulfilled wishes, this year’s show ushers in a world where heroes and hearts prevail. Join Ariel as she yearns to explore the world above the waves and Prince Eric as he breaks Ursula’s spell to reclaim his true love. See Prince Philip defeat the evil Maleficient as she transforms herself into a fire-breathing dragon in a race against time to rescue Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora. Be there to discover a whole new world with Jasmine and Aladdin as they evade the royal guards in a high-speed marketplace chase! And, watch in awe as the dreams of Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Rapunzel and Tiana all come true!

Families will scream in excitement as they watch Aladdin swing across the ice on a rope as he escapes from the marketplace guards in a chaotic getaway scene. And, one of the most unforgettable scenes will be that of Prince Philip fighting with a tenacious 20-foot fire-breathing dragon!

Romance accompanies adventure in the production numbers inspired by The Little Mermaid. The show illustrates how Ariel’s dreams are unlocked from under the sea in one magical moment, and how she finds happiness in an exploration above the waves.

Disney on Ice presents Princesses and Heroes is a holiday presentation from the Araneta Center, Smart Araneta Coliseum and Lactum. Official transport partners are Philippine Airlines and H&M Transport. Official TV partner is ABS-CBN. Other media partners are the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Summit Media.  Official Residence is Holiday Inn. For ticket purchases, simply log on to TicketNet Online, or call Ticketnet at 911-5555.


Will Montgomery (Nicolas Cage) is a master theif who after being double-crossed in a heist gone awry is sent to prison for 8 years. Upon his release he is ready to leave his criminal past behind and try to rebuild a relationship with his estranged daughter Allison. The FBI and his old cohorts believe that he hid the loot from the last heist 8 years ago, $10 Million in Bonds. To get his hands on it, his old partnet Vincent (John Lucas) kidnaps Allison and demands the entire $10 Million as ransom. Keeping her in the soundproofed trunk of a taxi cab, he is able to stay mobile amongst the trongs of taxis out during Mardi Gras making it nearly impossible to find.

Montgomery only has one day to get the $10 Million ransom but much to the disbelief of the FBI on his trail and Vincent, Will doesn't actually have it. Instead he must trust his instincts and his old partner in crime, the beautiful and smart Riley (Malin Ackerman), to do one more clever heist to get his daughter back alive before its too late.

MUSIC LYF: Elton John’s Most Interesting Quotes

He’s out to take over the Big Dome on December 8 and every Filipino worth his musical salt is waiting for Sir Elton John to bring his Rocket Man concert in Manila. From his numerous awards – six Grammys, four Brit Awards, an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Tony Award – to his knighthood for his services to music and charitable services bestowed upon him by nothing less than Queen Elizabeth II, Elton John has proved to the world why he’s hands down, one of the most successful music idols in history.

Elton John is not just a mere English singer and song writer. He’s a rare personality that sparks a lot of interest along the way as he releases one hit song after another from the humble start of his career mainly because of his exceptional personality. The Rocket Man is not just famous for a long and ongoing series of hit records, he’s also quite popular for his thoughts as well.

On pop princess Britney Spears:  “I do like Britney Spears. I think she’s cute. I think she’s fun. And I like her records.   You know, I’m not a pop snob whatsoever. I think she makes great pop records.”

"Celebrity Bluff" pilot wins against 'TV Patrol', 'Deal' in TV ratings

GMA's new game show, Celebrity Bluff, hosted by Eugene Domingo, Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola, aired its pilot episode last Saturday, November 17.  The episode garnered 16.5% TV household ratings in viewer-rich Mega Manila besting its competing programs TV Patrol Weekend (12.7%) and Kapamilya Deal or No Deal (14.8%). This is according to data from the more trusted TV ratings provider Nielsen Television Audience Measurement.

Furthermore, based on the exact overlap ratings results, Celebrity Bluff got a household rating of 15.0% in Metro Manila against TV Patrol Weekend's 13.1%, and 17.8% against Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal's 13.5%.

Survivor Philippines grand winner Albert "Betong" Sumaya, Comedienne Chariz Solomon and Pop Singing Sensation Julie Anne San Jose were the celebrity contestants in Celebrity Bluff's pilot episode, while comedienne/impersonator Michelle O'Bombshell was the guest celebrity bluffer.

Meralco Opens Liwanag Park For The Christmas Season!

Indeed Christmas is just a month away but we are actually decorating our homes and offices with the spirit and feel of Christmas, and we have featured several places that lighted up their Christmas tress and Nativity Scenes (Belen), but the biggest and most anticipated of them all is the Meralco Liwanag Park in the Meralco Compund in Pasig City. We were there at the lighting ceremonies and see the video at the end of the post!

Meralco once again opens its Liwanag Park to the public in time for the Christmas season. The park features light displays and attractions like Christmas figures made of scrap copper wire, a mini train ride for visitors, the Toy Town and a bazaar among others. In recent years, the park has been recognized as a must-see Christmas destination in the metro. The park will be open to the public every day, until January 6, from 6-10 PM.

The "facts" and "bluffs" of "Celebrity Bluff"

Last Saturday, GMA launched its new game show Celebrity Bluff hosted by Eugene Domingo with Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola of the Jose and Wally comic duo.

In the said episode, Michelle O'Bombshell joined in the bluffing as guest.  The celebrity contestants were Survivor Philippines Ultimate Survivor Albert "Betong" Sumaya, Jr., Julie Anne San Jose and Chariz Solomon.

Ultimately, Betong won the jackpot prize of P500,000 after completing three thrilling rounds and answering the jackpot question correctly.

Why Solar Energy Is A Great Investment

For Billions of years, the solar system has in existence and long before the age of dinosaurs where fossil fuels were derived, the power of the sun has been always been there emitting enormous amount of heat and light. Now in the modern age where electricity and energy are highly demanded by consumers and industries.

Yet were are almost out of the fossil fuels that can't be created again, thus the need for renewable sources are needed. Well, we don't need to look any futher but just up in the sky, we have the sun. Tough may perceived this as a costly investment years ago, with the growing competition and also reduced production cost, solar panel are now more affordable even for family and home use.

Green Cross School Crashers Invades Paco Catholic School!

Dengue is something not to be taken lightly as it affects a lot of people especially in our tropical climate where breeding mosquitoes can multiply exponentially, and with the latest study that the type of mosquitoes are not exclusively biting during daytime but in the night as well.

This indeed sets alarms for parents for their children especially for those who are actively playing outdoors like playgrounds, streets and even at school. Luckily, Green Cross, maker of one of the most trusted alcohol brands launched earlier this year the Green Cross Insect Repellent Lotion which aims to prevent the spread of dengue to the community. And they are on a school "raid" to different schools to save students from the threat of Dengue.

Stabucks Philippines #Rekindles Christmas Spirit

Yes, its that time of the year that we will indulge in cups of coffee and frap and the like to collect stickers to get their 2013 Starbucks Planner. The Starbuck Cheer Party held at Starbucks Bonifacio High Street. The event was filled with starbuck fans who wants to have their stickers collected to get the coveted Starbucks planner.

For this year, the planner comes in three different colors: green, brown, and black. And according to starbucks, they made sure the most of the ingredients in making the planners are recycled materials that follows their promise for an earth-friendly coffee compan.

In the cheer party there were a lot of games which gave away a lot of starbucks GCs and premium items. Starbucks also had a cup art competition with customers and their partners from other starbucks stores.

The night was also filled with music, fun, and free taste of their Christmas drinks and desserts. I actually won in one of the Q&A contest and got myself a pair of GCs. Sweet! So this marks the day that starbucks fans can now start collecting stickers and grab those planners for the coming year 2013 and Rekindle the Christmas Spirit!


Jim Paredes’ secret to being at his best every day

Fans and critics alike celebrated the film “I Do Bidoo”, a movie musical that featured some of the classic OPM hits of the Apo Hiking Society. The response of the audience to the film and to the Apo’s music proved that the musical trio’s legacy is timeless. Moviegoers, both young and old, enjoyed the Apo’s music even in today’s era of hip hop and Korean Pop. 

Even though the Apo Hiking Society formally announced their retirement in 2009—and made a final series of concerts the following year—their music remains as fresh and relevant as ever: expressing Filipino romance, optimism, and light-heartedness as beautifully today as when their music first took to the airwaves. 

MUSIC LYF: Robbie Williams - Take The Crown (Album)

ROBBIE WILLIAMS gives us some ear-CANDY with new album “TAKE THE CROWN”

After signing with Universal Music in October 2011, UK Music Hall of Fame’s Greatest Artist of the 90s, ROBBIE WILLIAMS, arrives with his forthcoming ninth studio album entitled “TAKE THE CROWN”, set for nationwide release on November 19, 2012 under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines).

The album takes flight by the lead single, "CANDY", a brilliantly addictive classic pop song Robbie wrote with former Take That band mate, Gary Barlow. “It’s a summer song about a girl who thinks she’s great. And she might be, but she’s a bit nefarious with her ways. Some songs take an age to write and some songs just fall out of your mouth completely formed, and you don’t have to think about it. I don’t know why that fell out of my mouth and out of my brain at that particular time – it just did,” explains Robbie. “TAKE THE CROWN” will also feature the original demo version of Take That's "Eight Letters", which is entirely performed by Robbie. It will be his first solo album in three years after his return to Take That in 2010. “After the Take That reunion – a busman’s holiday, a break from my career which re-energised me in many, many ways – I wanted to come back with a massive solo album," states Robbie. "My main priority was to write what I consider, and hopefully what the world would consider, to be hits. I’m very excited”. Besides “CANDY” and “Eight Letters”, ROBBIE WILLIAMS also treats us to some ear candy with other promising songs included in the album like “Shit On the Radio”, “All That I Want”, “Hunting for You”, “Hey Wow Yeah Yeah” and “Reverse” among others. 

Avida Towers Centera 3D Street Painting Festival is Back!

Calling on talented Filipino visual artists! This is your time to showcase your 3D painting skills. Make realistic art that can fool the eyes and make head turn because of the unique street art. Last year's competition was attended by art students from different colleges in Metro Manila.

Avida Land is holding its second 3-D Street Painting  Festival contest at Avida Towers Centera on December 7-8, with the theme "Pasko Natin: Ang Diwa Ng Pasko Sa Pilipinas." Read on the image for details on how to join the contest

For more information, please call (02) 6872692  or e-mail


Acoustic-pop sisters, THE DANS releases debut album under Galaxy Records and Polyeast Records

A sister act in the truest sense of the term-- creating and performing memorable music together--Stephanie and Kim Dan’s harmonies and lush arrangements now come in sleek package released by Galaxy Records and distributed by Polyeast Records.  

‘An Acoustic Journey,’ their debut release is a 13-song album that recreates some of most famous pop songs made by familiar artists and inspired by their own interpretation.  However, the album is more than just a collection of covers, it is a spectrum of songs created and reinvented by their own distinct musical backgrounds. 

The Dans’ debut album features an array of catchy and mostly covers songs which relish a distinctive blend of harmonies between the sisters.  The debut album’s kick-off single is a cover of a Selena Gomez’ pop hit “I Love You Like A Love Song” into their own acoustic take.  

UBS Optimus Foundation launches first partnership with Teach for the Philippines with PHP 43,300,000 grant

The Philippine Education System is now evolving with the introduction of the K+12 program by the Department of Education (DepEd), and it will come with many challenges along the way. And with te quality of education being jeopardized with problems such as lack of classrooms, teachers and learning materials has been an age-old problem that is still a struggle for the public schools. But along with this does come with people and foundations that believe that these things can be alleviated with the people that will innovate techniques to overcome these obstacles and will raise standards.

UBS Optimus Foundation announced its first collaboration with Teach for the Philippines (TFP), formerly Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation, to fund a leadership development program which trains high-potential leaders to teach at some of the Philippines’ high need schools. UBS Optimus  oundation has committed a substantial grant of CHF 1 million* over 5 years to support Teach for the Philippines’ cause of promoting educational equality. Teach for the Philippines will recruit and train the most promising university graduates and young professionals from the Philippines to invest two years of their lives developing their own potential through teaching at one of the Philippines' public schools nationwide. The UBS Optimus Foundation grant will go towards funding of Teach for the Philippines’ training program and support professional development activities. Teach for the Philippines is inspired by Teach for All, a successful global program that has been empowering the world’s most promising young leaders to transform their nations through education, working to ensure children who live in poverty still to access to excellent education. 

XSTIG: The World is Just a Touch Away - The New VAIO™ Duo 11

Switch instantly between slate and keyboard mode with this notebook’s hybrid Surf Slider™ design

Redefining the portable PC experience, the new Sony VAIO™ Duo 11 is a high-performance, hybrid Ultrabook™ with a sliding LCD display that switches effortlessly between slate and keyboard mode.

It is perfect for the busy individuals on the go who do not want to sacrifice style nor performance. Within its sleek frame, the new VAIO™ Duo 11 comes equipped with the new Windows® 8 operating system and allows high-precision writing with a digitizer stylus, allowing you to consume and create exciting and entertaining digital content wherever life takes you.

REEL DEAL: Rise of the Guardians - Chris Pine SPOTLIGHT

Chris Pine as Jack Frost

Chris Pine who has emerged as one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors, is currently shooting “Jack Ryan,” slated for a December 2013 release, assuming the mantle of the Tom Clancy action hero previously portrayed on film by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. This holiday season Chris Pine provides the voice of the character of Jack Frost , a ghostly blue and white 14-year-old boy with no memory of his past apart from waking up one night floating in a frozen lake.

“They know Jack as a troublemaker, as this immature kind of guy,” says director Peter Ramsey, and by all appearances, he is. Jack is a 300-year-old prankster in a 17-year-old body, with the power to create frost, wind and snow.  Happiest when he’s causing havoc, controlling winter with a swing, tap or touch of his staff, to him, a successful day is measured by how many snowballs he’s thrown, how many windows have been fogged and how many schools have closed after it’s been declared a snow day. He has no responsibilities, no one to answer to, and ultimately, at least in his mind, no purpose.

Araneta Center's Meaningful and Traditional Lighting of the Christmas Belen

Christmas might have become a time of gifts, parties, celebrations and decoarations, but one must not forget the original Christmas with the family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph stayed in a stable in Betlehem where it is opposite of what we have today, which is a humbling experience.

Araneta Center, as one of the top Christmas destinations in the country made sure that the true spirit of the season is never forgotten. They also made it a tradition for year to set up a Christmas Belen in Farmers Market which was lighted up last night and started with a mass. The Nativity becomes one of the Christmas attractions in Araneta which is in Farmers Market and Street Market which are favorite shopping centers.

Celebrity Bluff premieres today on GMA 7

This November, GMA Network raises the bar in Philippine game shows with the premiere of Celebrity Bluff.

Three of the country’s biggest names in comedy unite in the much-awaited project – award-winning comedienne/actress Eugene Domingo as Celebrity Bluff host together with well-loved comic tandem of Jose Manalo and Wally Bayola as the celebrity bluffers.

Celebrity Bluff will surely bring happier weekends to every household, as it is not just an ordinary game show. As Eugene Domingo puts it, “Masaya nang laruin, masarap pang panoorin. Kaya naman hindi dapat palampasin ang bawat episode na ihahain namin.”

REEL DEAL: The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2 REVIEW

The epic conclusion to the books by Stephanie Mayer about vampires and werewolves is finally here with the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. And just like movie series finale, there are high expectations with its conclusion.

The saga was followed by a lot of women for its romantic factor (and Taylor Lautner abs) . And some men liked it for its fight scenes and gore. Lately the main stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart also gone trough controversial break up with infidelity issues which made it awkward at some point as they attend press conferences and the premiere night. 

But amidst all the controversies the movie is one of the most awaited with the fate of Bella and Edward, and we can also include Jacob and Renesmee (Edward and Bella’s child). 

The movie will also include vampires from all over the world with special abilities. Of course my favorites would be Alice Cullen and Jane (Dakota Fanning, one of the Volturi Vampires). It will also be the first movie that Bella will finally fight by her own as a newborn vampire.

MUSIC LYF: Sabrina Sells More Than 175000 Albums Across Asia

Another proud moment for us Filipinos!

Our very own Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart – Sabrina has once again achieved another milestone, bagging a cumulative album sales of more than 175,000 across Asia from her “I Love Acoustic Series 1-4” and her latest album “Acoustic Love Notes.”  A special recognition from MCA Music was presented to her last November 4 at GMA7’s Party Pilipinas.

Since the release of her first album under MCA Music back in 2008, she is only the 2nd Filipino singer to reach this kind of success across Asia acquiring successful album releases here in the Philippines and also in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea reaching multiple Gold and Platinum record awards.  Her latest album, a collaboration with the popular radio & TV personality Joe D’ Mango turned Gold in Indonesia after only 2 months.

LAKBAYAN: Gran Prix Hotel Manila

As a thrifty yet practical traveler like me, I'm not usually a fan of hotels when travelling because I get weary with the location, the amenities and even the price. These factors hold me back and makes travelling stressful rather than relaxing. Well I'm glad that there is an "econotel" like Gran Prix Hotels and Resorts. They are actually exists in high traffic places like bus stops and main roads which is a great advantage above other hotels.

Grand Prix Hotels are located in key areas like in Ermita, Pasay, Cubao, and have provincial branches in Tarlac, Boracay and Cebu. Soon they will also have a branch in Palawan. We took a look at one its (biggest) branch in Ermita which is just a few steps away from Robinson's Place Manila and also nearby shops, money changers and restaurants. It is within the building where Tesoro's shop is located. 

REEL DEAL: Rise of the Guardians - Jude Law SPOTLIGHT

Jude Law is the wicked bogeyman Pitch in ‘Rise of the Guardians’

Jude Law is considered one of Britain’s finest actors, with a wealth and variety of film and theater performances to his credit. 

Law will star opposite Keira Knightley in Joe Wright’s “Anna Karenina.” Last year, he reunited with Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr., on “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” reprising his role from the global boxoffice success “Sherlock Holmes”. In his new animation film in DreamWorks Animations he plays evil entity known as Pitch.

WRITER: Chain Mail (Excerpt)

Here is the except from my novel CHAIN MAIL which I hope will be finished and be published in 2013.


A curse, a well planned curse. People have been mysteriously dying with no concrete evidence or suspects. All they have are pieces of paper that gives a death sentence to those who did not follow the instructions in the letter. The public is getting scared that they will receive one. It maybe a deadly prank or supernatural letter, two Investigators goes into the truth as they also avoid the touch of death or the feared chain mail.