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Circulation is Life, Stagnation is Death.

This is the mantra that I want to speak in everyday life for a new lifestyle that I want to happen, gradual yet effective. 

Don't panic, I'm still the same crazy blogger you know for this blog, but I am now trying to trying a better lifestyle with the help of my experience in my first Glamping Experience at the Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City. It was actually my first time in the wellness spot even though I am a frequent visitor in Tagaytay. 

Glamping come from two words, Glamour and Camping. Seems to be two words with very opposite meanings. But at Nuture Spa, they actually made it to a reality with a very unique experience for each individual. Indeed Nurture Spa Village has been known througout the years a a great place to unwind and also for couples wanting to escape the very hectic and stressfull city living. And even up to now, they are a favorite venue for weddings, proposals and even a weekend getaway from their busy lives.

We met Catherine Brillantes-Turvill  who is the owner and certified wellness guru, has studied health and wellness courses here and abroad that she applies to the Wellness Village as well as herself, her staff and her family. She is very passionate with helping other get back on the pink of health but wait, there's more!

Our Glamping experience starts with our camp complete with large tents, sleeping foams, toiletries and all the essentials to make the experience more like a camping in the woods minus the stressful tasks of setting up tents and worrying about wild animals. Oh, did I mention that there is also a great bonfire area?

The food in our Glamping was very special as it came from the organic farm where they grow their own vegetables less the toxic chemicals with the regular ones. Some of the things we tried are: The Bengal Tofu, Fresh Salad with Organic Dressing, Chicken Cordon Bleu to name a few and will feature them also in my food blog. They also taught us healthy drink shots using fresh ingredients and a blender. Some of them are as simple as mixing vegetables and fruits in the blender and then you have your healthy shots! They also shown us how to make pasta from Squash, it was really awesome! 

The experience won't also be complete without trying their massages. They offer different kinds of massages including "hilot" which is based on the traditional massage and healing methods. We also tried their facials which uses natural ingredients like honey to make skin smooth and soft. For example, they have "Dilag" which makes your face so smooth and rosy like a young lady, on the other hand, they also have "Makisig" for men.

Mrs. Turvill also introduced us on the true nutritional supplements trough USANA which is a vitamin and mineral regimen that not only provides complete nutrition but also a very high absorption rate. 

We also had a nature trek around the community where there are a lot of pineapple and coffee plantations. They also help these nearby communities by providing jobs and also getting supplies from them. 

We also went on a wellness journey in the morning starting with a Qi Gong (breathing exercises) and then went on wellness stations that each have their own physical and intellectual exercises to give us that holistic wellness experience. My favorite parts of the stations would be hugging a tree and dancing like a kid. 

Our stay at the Nurture Day Spa Village was just 2 days but the experience is indeed something that I will never forget. Its like unplugging ourselves from the stressful life in the city and releasing them with the help of nature and healthy lifestyle. Indeed, one should try this one for even once in a while to still feel that we are human, we are connected to the planet, that we can improve ourselves, and that healthy living does not  need to be a dream. It is time for us to reconnect with our mother earth and know that as human beings, we are called to go back to the basics of life. 

Catherine Brillantes-Turvill is a pioneer and leader in the Philippine Spa and Wellness Industry. She is the President of Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City, cited by CNN as one of the 28 Most Relaxing Spas in Asia. She is also the Founding President of the Spa Association of the Philippines. Cathy is a Certified Educator of the Living Foods Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, a Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist of the National Wellness Institute, USA, and an internationally licensed CIBTAC UK therapist

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