Take Part In The Netizen's Choice Awards!

Being a netizen today  is inevitable . With people having more access to the internet, interacting social media site and also doing a lot of things online for their daily routines has indeed changed everyone's lifestyle. Now it is also a new platform in recognizing shows, actors, networks etc., via blogs, discussions and now the NETIZEN'S CHOICE AWARDS

The starting point "Netizens Choice Awards" was the booming recognition on Bloggers online. Starmometer, Showbiznest andLionhearTV join forces to bring the latest 'star awards' which will give netizens power in recognizing the hard work and excellence of celebrities and their achievements over the last year.

"Netizens Choice Awards" will celebrate the trending hottest celebrities in television, dario, music, film and the web in the choicest.

Starting November 10, everyone who has access to the internet can vote once each day per category for their favorite "Netizens Choice Awards" nominees at www.starmometer.com, www.showbiznest.com and www.lionheartv.net. Through these votes will generate an alternative results' page. The entry with the highest votes will be listed as first. You as readers can see how many votes each project has received. You are given a maximum of 3 votes, 1 each blogsites, for each categories per day.

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