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Your excellency,                    I am but a mere young independent-minded Filipino who is part of the 90 million population of these islands. A striving student who is on the brink of not enrolling this school year due to high tuition and unemployment. I am also a blogger who writes about the social injustices yet have a few to no resources to be of aid. I have wrote this letter, my letter of hope and cooperation to your new administration. The truth is, I did not voted for you, yet I adore your parents and also promise to give my support to whoever will win the seat of the presidency, the most powerful position in the land.                   I want to first congratulate you on your victory. The past elections was truly historical, yet the real battle would start after taking oath as the 15th president of the Republic. The country awaits your ascension to power and has an overwhelming number of woes and hopes for our country. I understand how its hard to decide on national issues, I …

Freshman Masculine Wash Launch with MOCHA

I was actually intrigued about this product and what it can do for men like me. I say 'Masculine Wash', is something kinda awkward so I decided to go it its launch at A.Venune in Makati. I have seen the billboard ads but have not seen the actual product. At the product launch, it looked more like a boys night out as there was booze, casino (poker, lucky6 and slot machines), and most of all sexy girls dancing on stage. There was also sleek cars parked in the middle of the venue giving it a 'astig' feel. Now this is now a man's ultimate night out with everything that would make him (me) happy. Elev8, which I believe is also an ad agency launched their own product which is this masculine wash.

Then, the venue really got burning when the girl group MOCHA, went on stage and provided entertainment for both the guys and the gals. It really lifted the spirit of the men inside the venue (me included). But there performance actually leads us to the star of the night...finally…

YONEL'S TOP 30: December 7, 2011

And when I say jump, You say how high! And when I say go, We go all night! You say ohhh... You say ohhh... I'm a SHOTCALLER! - Taio Cruz dominates again this week!
Yonel TOP 30 HITS as of 07 Dec 2011

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PLDT SME Nation’s Bossing Ako: Inspiring Filipino entrepreneurs

PLDT SME Nation is going all out in serving the nation’s small-and-medium entrepreneurs (SME) through its massive campaign that aims to ignite Pinoy ingenuity for business with “Bossing Ako.” The “Bossing Ako’ campaign aims to encourage more Filipinos to strive to become their own boss by becoming entrepreneurs. It also seeks to inspire Filipino small-to-medium scale entrepreneurs to continue striving for success and courageously meet the challenges of growing their business.

“We are on a nationwide campaign to encourage a new generation of Filipino entrepreneurs. The Philippines needs more entrepreneurs in order to ensure our economic future. Today, about 90 percent of income in the Philippine economy is generated by SMEs. As we move forward into the 21st century, we’ll need more SMEs to provide more jobs, more income and more purchasing power,” says PLDT SME Nation Vice President and Head Kat Luna-Abelarde.

The nationwide campaign was kicked off with the launch of the song “Para sa mg…

Happy Independence Day! Still Proud to be Brown!

Here is a unique way to show my love for the Philippines. Its a poem I wrote years ago, make sure you read of them to know the story. Happy Independence day!

Nais kong maging Hapon
Isang hapong ‘di marunong mag- Filipino
Hapon na hindi alam ang Pilipinas
Nihonjin sa puso at diwa

Babad sa teknolohiya ng Akihabara
Maging ninja, Maglaro ng Shougi
O magtsaa sa bundok Fuji
Isang aktibong deboto ng Shinto

Maglaro ng yelo sa Sapporo
Sumakay ng Shinkansen Araw-araw
Mabakasyon sa Naha sa tag-init
Maging samurai at mag-hara kiri

O di kaya ay gumawa ng manga
Anime, Hentai at Sentai
Magsulat ng Kanji
Katakana, at Hiragana

Magbilang ng Tenki, Gatsu at Jikan
Magbilang ng Yen at sen
Magbabad sa mga onsen
Manood ng No at Kabuki

Bumati ng Konichiwa
Magpaalam ng Sayoonara
Kumain ng Ramen at Takoyaki
Yakisoba at Shushi

Mamasyal sa Okinawa
Sa Lungsod ng Nagasaki at Nara
Magdrive ng Honda at Toyota
Sa mga lansangan ng Shibuya

Ngunit bakit kailangan kong maging hapon?
Upang masayang buhay ay magkaroon
Mangibang bansa para …

Art Is A Bang: Manuel Baldemor Paintings Relived in Crossstich

Here in Art is a bang we will feature the society of art of today. We have a lot of fine artist yet few would take a chance to appreciate it. Now Manual To Lyf will never make you look at art the same way again.  Knowing art and its components makes one view the world differently, probably artistically.

For the first serving of this we are featuring Painter Manuel Baldemor. Known to have painted festivals in vivid colors, was also the artist behind the SM greenbags. He is actually quite busy lately with trips and exhibitions around the world.
His works usually have colorful and bright paintings which usually depicts Philippine festival and also nature. Now in a unique exhibition at SM Megamall. DMC, a company known for making cross stitch treads and patterns have remade the works of M. Baldemor into real cross stitch works of art! For most of us, this art might have been extinct because of the fewer people who still engage in the craft, but it looked very interesting to look at, also if…


I have heard of the series but never actually seen several episodes but since it rings a bell to me whenever I hear of the name A-TEAM. This special band of men, four of them, have been labeled as fugitives by the government but was actually set up. This special team comprises of the chief mastermind  John "Hannibal" Smith, The Chic-magnet, Templeton "Faceman" Peck, The Big dude, B. A. Baracus, and the Crazy but wicked guy, H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock.
The movie also stared Jessica Biel as Capt. Carissa Sosa as something like their bounty hunter in exchange of the rank she lost in her last mission. Although she looked good in the film, it seemed that her character looks like a lawyer apprehending the culprits. Their locations brings them from the sandy plains of Iraq to Germany and of course, the US mainland where they are considered fugitives.
What I loved about the movie is the integration of different personalities to work as a single team. They always f…

Who Killed Jennifer?!

We were invited to go back to the 50's to a banquet for the celebration of Jennifer Santos 32nd Birthday.  It was a night of simple pleasures and getting to know each other. Everything seem fine then it was revealed that Jennifer was killed 2 weeks ago. The Feast turned out to be an on site trial with all who attended were all suspects to the gruesome trial. I am the gardener who knows nothing about the incident, and there were 6 suspects who were given a chance to defend themselves. Was is the Stepmother and his driver lover? Or was it the jealous sister? The Former lover perhaps? Or the Best friend? Yet no one still knows who is real culprit.

So Who Killed Jennifer?

No Woman Caught Unaware
Tick-tock. 2 hours have passed. A woman has just died from its deathly grip.
Tick-tock. In 2 more hours, one more Filipina will perish. And when the day is over, 12 would have fallen victim. If you are a woman, take heed. Because this serial female killer is out there, waiting to strike. All aroun…