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Lucy’s secrets to sustaining youth... Revealed!

Doing a TV show, being a mom, wife and now a congresswoman, Lucy Torres-Gomez still stays healthy and beautiful even at her Somatopausal age,  that stage which begins in your late 20s, when the physical signs of aging start to show, and one’s vigor and vitality also begin to deteriorate.
Emotionally you sweat the small stuff less, you are less hard on yourself.  You can be deliciously unapologetic about your choices.  But while women my age are past the insecurities of youth, we are also faced with the realities of aging,” Lucy says.
Lucy never misses taking her vitamins and supplements.  In fact, she says, her hectic schedule has even prompted her to take the multivitamin supplement, Immuvit.
Immuvit is my health partner, especially now that my schedule is more hectic.  I find it convenient because you just take it daily, and you already and reap the benefits of the good it does for your optimum health and looks,” she says. Immuvit is the only multivitamin supplement in the…

Get Dunked with Oreo!

Having family day is so fun with Oreo because they have launched snack packs for only 5 pesos in three different flavors, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. They also launched in SM Megamall a family event with OREO Face Painting Booth, OREO Find the Word Game Booth and the OREO Sticky Darts Booth.
It was a very fun day since I also got to try the Velcro wall so I would look like a Oreo cookie dunked in Milk. You can also get your picture taken as an Oreo cookie!
It will be very fun with family and friends! All you need to do is buy the 3 variants of Oreo snack pack worth P15 only, or you should reach level 10 on the twist, lick and dunk game on the share Oreo website

 Here is the schedules for the OREO events

SM Megamall (August 29) Trinoma (September 12) Market! Market! (September 26)
Festival Mall (October 3)

for more details, visit

I need to get my daily solar dose, I need a Adtel Solar Kit!

Electricity is what I consider the most important necessity because without it, what would the world be?

And as a kid who grew in electric dreams, the need for power would be a must. As of now, I do have gadgets I would take along with me. Also Since I live by myself, the need for me to save on money is very crucial as the savings I can make will help me and my family.

I am currently studying engineering because I want to invent something and be revolutionary. It is complicated that is why for doing research and studies, again electricity is a friend I can rely on. 

I really want to have a solar panel kit with me so I could use it for a lot of things. One of which is to harness the bright sunlight that can still be felt in the afternoon. I would also like to use this when I go to my moms place in La Union, where they can use it as well.

Adtel is one company that offers solar kits for consumers, which is one of the very few companies that offer this 'cool' tool. They currently…

Blah blah blogs is Major Major back!

Yes, the long wait is over, as I come back to personal blogging that I thought I have forgotten due to my busy schedule. But alas I am here again to speak my heart and mind out about the things that happened to us and to the whole world. It was really incidental but I was really compelled to make such an article after two major (major) events that happened recently that actually stole the attention of the world.

Manila Jaycees CLICK The Third Entrep Summit! Click to get free tickets!

For the three years now, JCI Manila (Manila Jaycees) has been staging the Entrep Summit – a gathering of prominent entrepreneurs from different fields who share their experience and life lessons in the hopes of encouraging or inspiring individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations. This year, the Entrep Summit will feature trailblazing entrepreneurs who have been successful in tech and digital media related endeavors. This project encapsulates one JCI-Manila tenet that "economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise" and cement JCI Manila as a leadership organization actively participating in the business concerns of young leaders and entrepreneurs. Being the lifeblood of the Philippine economy, the SMEs should consciously adapt and grow with market changes and take steps to attaining their business goals - thus coining the term "Entrep Summit".

Proceeds from the Entrep Summit 2010 will go to the various JCI Manila community devel…


Esquire – In the original Wall Street, the part of Darien Taylor, Bud Fox’s (Charlie Sheen) girlfriend and Gekko’s ex “was not well developed.”Michael Douglas who plays Gekko (“Wall Street 1 and 2”) would later say that Daryl Hannah’s casting caused problems. Hannah wasn’t happy playing the materialistic social climber, and director Oliver Stone’s tough approach to her performance upset her.While Douglas bagged an Oscar for his performance, Hannah won a Razzie for worst Supporting Actress. In the new movie, “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps” which opens worldwide this September, Oscar-nominated Cary Mulligan plays Winnie, Gordon Gekko’s estranged daughter and girlfriend of Shia LaBeouf’s Jake Moore.

Win a Nokia 5230 from Manila Reviews in the “Nokia: My Life” Promo

Manila Reviews is giving away a NOKIA phone!
All you  have to do is click on the picture on the left. On that page, mechanics about the contest are posted there. There are a lot of ways for you to win! Either blog, tweet, post, like, comment and many other things. 
Also visit their other sites,, and  for more information! 

Promo period is from August 16-Sept 16, 2010!

REEL DEAL Movies and Television: Vampires Suck Spotlight

CHRIS RIGGI FOR TEAM JACOB IN “VAMPIRES SUCK” He’s über-zealous in buffing up – that’s because Chris Riggi is playing Jacob in the upcoming comedy “Vampires Suck” inspired by the cult teen phenomenon on vampires and falling in love.  Riggi’s Jacob immediately notices Becca (Jenn Proske), the new girl in town but Becca notices Edward Sullen (Matt Lanter) more.  As Jacob persuades Becca not to associate with the Sullens, he is at the same time undergoing a strange transformation of his own that has him peeing on hydrants, chasing stray cats and sporting a wolf tail from the seat of his pants.             As Jacob’s name is synonymous with a perfect-carved bod, Riggi has displayed an intense dedication in working out and has definitely achieved tremendous results – such that the audience will be treated to a better-looking Jacob version in the movie.  Riggi earned mainstream consciousness in his recurring role as Scott in the hit television series “Gossip Girl.”  Coming from an artistic fa…

Vampires SUCK!

There’s a new Bella in town - a.k.a. Becca in the upcoming spoof comedy “Vampires Suck” from geniuses Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer who gave us the laugh-out loud parodies “Scary Movie,” “Date Movie” and “Meet the Spartans.”
Becca, played by Jenn Proske stars in the all-tangled love triangle opposite Matt Lanter , Chris Riggi and Ken Jeong (“Hangover”). In a recent interview with, Proske revealed that she’s Team Edward but she still has strong feelings for Jacob. “I kind of feel a little bit of pressure because I play Becca, the Bella character. Plus, Matt Lanter who plays Edward looks good on set! Matt was amazing. I had never been on camera before and was nervous that whoever I was working with would judge me. He was so willing to teach me tips and was so friendly. We hang out all the time but we’re just friends,” Proske gushes.
Jenn definitely nailed every bit of Bella’s character such that after one major audition, she immediat…

1GOAL! Football and Education!

Education beats poverty. That’s why, for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, some of football’s greatest players are joining together with VSO, other 1GOAL partners and millions of people from across the globe. We have one goal: to help the 72 million children around the world who are missing out on a primary education get one.
They will be presenting the 1GOAL petition to the world’s leaders in New York in September. It urges them to follow through on the promise they made in 2000, through the Millennium Development Goals, to provide universal education. Add your name now and hold them to their promise to give every child a chance to go to school.
Now it needs your help to refer your family and friends to support the cause. We know for a fact that many are dire need of basic education as a mean to emancipate from poverty. It would not take a long time, just a few minutes to register and you have made a big difference. So you don't have to be rich to help others in the quest for education for …