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Yes, the long wait is over, as I come back to personal blogging that I thought I have forgotten due to my busy schedule. But alas I am here again to speak my heart and mind out about the things that happened to us and to the whole world. It was really incidental but I was really compelled to make such an article after two major (major) events that happened recently that actually stole the attention of the world.

First, the Manila Bus Hostage Crisis on August 23 at Luneta Park. This 9-hour stand off ended in a cruel and bloody aftermath with 9 casualties including the hostage taker Rolando Mendoza. This drama unfolded with local and international media taking each moment on camera which some are also blaming that made the hostage taker furious and went on a rampage.

With this tragedy, the HongKong Government issued  a "black" travel warning to the Philippines as it would be a dangerous place for its citizens. What made things worst is the Pinoys who took pictures of the ill-fated bus as some sort of a tourist site, without considering the anger of the Chinese people still mourning on the death of its people. It is very heart breaking that many pinoys have not considered the consequences of their actions which made the gap wider and hate to flourish between the two nation. I as Filipino would like to extend my apology for this and will pursue justice for all who were a part of this.

For now, lets be considerate of these things and focus on what we done wrong that led to this tragedy. Also as a people, we must regain the trust the people of HongKong have given to us, as it has been a long time partner of Filipinos for employment, business, tourism, and culture. We should not let centuries of good camaraderie be broken by people who did not think well enough to consider all these factors. Mourining is still in the air, we must strive for justice...

Now looking on the other side of the coin, one good news so far is the performance of Maria Venus Raj in the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas. She did not really won the  crown, but she wowed the whole world with her grace and beauty as she mad it until the final five of the competition. She was a crowd favorite in websites and online polls. However, in the final question from Mr. Baldwin regarding the biggest mistake of her life  her answer seems a little bit vague and led to to her famous word "major major".  Many said that if she gave a different and unique answer, she might have taken the crown. But since the competition is over, we are still very proud on her achievement.

We could also recall that Venus went to a lot of hardships before reaching here beauty queen status. She grew up in a poor family yet she graduated college with honors. Its hard to understand that of her intellect, she would not give a sensible answer to a simple question. But I do see is her determination to be competitive and also being herself. Many queens have lived a life of captivity of setting into norms of beauty as very mild and commercially driven (although the main objective is for charity). She is a beauty worthy to be recognized. For this, I can really say I am 'major major' proud of you!

Thats it, its been a while so I made sure that I have given points and figures that matter and would hopefully wake up the pinoy spirit somehow. For now, Blah blah blogs is back! Stay tuned for more!

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