if you have concerns... donations, queries about the victims and damage done by Typhoon KETSANA (Ondoy) please click on the link!


will be updating this blog every hour for more links and if ever pictures and videos...

Ondoy Aftermath...

Its still not over, there are people still needs rescue, some are missing, some feared of found dead. I makes my teary thinking of the people who are affected by this disaster. Our family was fortunate to live in a higher part of Sta Mesa and we are in the fourth floor. However, we remembered the past experiences we had about floods and typhoons. Because in the past, our houses (because we move to another house to rent) were places that are pronce to these events, we actually made a contigency plan whenever its starts to rain hard. So far we are thankful for the situation were in as of now but never forget and sympathize with fellow filipinos in those grave hours.

Also while I am making this blog, a patch of sunlight struck me as I type in laptop in the balcony. Its probably God showing me that there is still hope amidst this crisis. There are still rains but its more occational now, so it gives me a peace of mind. Also I was inspired by the heroism by our fellow Pinoys helping others. For now I dont blame the government, celebrities, and political aspirants yet. It would waste a lot of energy that would be better helping in fund drive, donations, volunteer work, repacking, cleaning, repairs, serach and rescue operations. Facebook, plurk and twitter was actually helping in providing information to help rescue and recover people in need. Pleas for help also with local and foreign celebrities also joined tha cause. This was also helpful to the media also who is our first line of reliable information especially in this times of crisis. Photos and videos of devastations are also in circulation. I was also able to see the aftermath when I went to church on sunday. Muddy streets, establishments like supermarkets flooded inside, cars flooded, no power in some areas, garbage also was around so as to dead animals like rats and cats.

Although this was the case of the capital, I still see the festive spirit of the pinoy by Bayanihan, others volunteered, donated, and even prayed for the success of relief operations. According to PAG-ASA this was the heaviest downpour recorded in which the last one was way back 1967. So there is no doubt that this one was really unexpected. A real tradegy it was a the body count of dead people rising, there was also the numerous families who lost their homes in the flood. There are also reports of looting and scamming affected homes, which would make your blood boil. But let not our hearts be consumed by despair, as the rains stopped, floods down and the joint groups are working, I appeal to all to join the cause. If there are clothes that you dont wear anymore, please donate them, its your thanksgiving to God for you were spared. If you also have spare food also include them. We can eat in peace knowing that you fed a person and saved a life.
Volunteer groups also are open for people who wish to volunteer. I believe I have posted them here in the blog, also with the help lines for any other concerns needed for assistance. If you don't have resouces or the ability to render volunteer work, I suggest help in speading credible information that can help the authorities in their missions. Again, twitter, plurk and facebook is currently used to dissiminate information for the benefit of the people.
Also prayers are encouraged for the nation and the people, I felt Gods answer when it cleared the skies on sunday giving the public the opportunity to help and rebuild. Thus more prayers can also save more lives in peril and will assist us in rebuilding the hope for the people.

Finally, what I ask is just show even a small gesture of charity and hope. It would really go a long way. Be always vigilant and keep your passion to help alive... we can make it through this rain

ONDOY HELP (numbers of government and non government agencies for victims and relatives)

Public Service muna po tayo...

eto po ang ilan sa mga numbers na pwede niyong tawagan sa anumang tulong na mahihingan ng tulong sa mga nastranded, napinsala o anuman na lubhang na-apektuhan ng bagyong Ondoy. Eto ang ilan sa mga available na numero...

Rescue Operations
  1. National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) (+632-9125668, +632-9111406, +632-9115061, +632-912-2665) Help hotlines: (+65 734-2118, 734-2120)
  2. Red Cross (143, +632-5270000)
  3. MMDA (136)
  4. Coast Guard (+632-5276136)
  5. Senator Dick Gordon (+639178997898, +63938-444BOYS, +632-9342118, +632-4338528)
  6. Senator Manny Villar (+639174226800. +639172414864, +639276751981)
Rubber Boat Requests
  1. NCRPO (+632-8383203, +632-8383354)
Power Supply
  • Meralco (+63917-5592824) If you want service cut off to your area to prevent fires and electrocution.
Relief Aid and Donations

  1. Victory Fort is opening its doors to those affected by the typhoon. Call 813-FORT.
  2. Clare Amador (+63928-5205508) or Jana Vicente at +63928-5205499). Drop off for relief donations is at Balay Expo Center across Farmers Market Cubao.
  3. Drop off points: One Orchard Road Building in Eastwood, or message http://www.twitter.com/miriamq for more details.
  4. Donations for Ondoy Victims to be distributed at the Philippine Army Gym inside Fort Bonifacio or GHQ Gym in Camp Aguinaldo starting now.
  5. Team Manila stores in Trinoma, Mall of Asia, Jupiter Bel-Air and Rockwell shall be accepting relief goods for distribution by Veritas.
  6. Relief Goods: Caritas Manila Office (+632-5639298, +632-5639308) or Radio Veritas @ Veritas Tower West Ave.. Cor EDSA (+632-9257931-40)
People Tracker (using your phones, get your friends and family to turn on their finderservice for you)
  • FINDERSERVICE. For Smart, text “wis ” to 386.
  • FINDERSERVICE. For Globe, text “find to 7000.

Ang MRT at LRT ay bukas 24 oras ngayong araw.

Sa mga kapwa bloggers, I encourage you to post these info on your blogs so people will be provided with these informations. If posible also send them through text brigade. We will also ask for your prayers (whatever religion your in) for our cause. mag-BAYANIHAN tayo!

Blah Blah Blogs! Special Edition! ULAN! AME! RAIN!

雨! 嵐!

Singal no. 1 ang Metro Manila

Suspendido na ang klase sa kolehiyo sa buong Metro Manila

Kanselado na ang mga flights sa Manila Domestic Airport

Napostpone o nakansel ang lahat ng events ko ngayong araw pati na bukas.

Chance ko na itong magawa ang komiks, krisis komix...

Buti na lang nasa 4th floor ang bahay namin

Overlooking sa bagong ilog at sapang namuo sa tapat namin

Na-awa naman ako sa mga kaibigan sa call centers at mga trabaho na bawal umabsent kahit may bagyo.

Na-alala namin last year sa luma naming bahay, ang baha ay parang gyera.

May taga-lagay ng balde sa tumutulo sa bubong

May tagasalok ng tubig na naipon sa loob ng kusina

May contingency plan na rin kami kung lalo pang tumaas ang baha.

Alam ko marami din ang ganitong lagay, lalo na yung sa mga barong barong.

Kaya hindi ko ma-appreciate ang ulan, di ko alam kung biyaya ba yun o pinsala.

Pero sa kabila nito, tuloy ang buhay... titila din yan....

Sana next time snow naman...

füdfÿt!...food bloging for a delicious lyf!

Now you have more reasons to love manual to lyf! Presenting füdfÿt, the blog segment dedicated to food! Actually this one already existed in my multiply site however, since there were changes that are convenient for the blogging experience, just like Blah Blah Blogs!, and this time the feel will be more tastier, more juicier , more delicious you might even lick you fingers after reading it. I'll probably post the archive post I had in the past but eventually will post something new within a few days. So also don't expect a diet, expect gluttony with style. Also prepare for the interesting ways about the things we will talk while cyber dining.
I'm not a chef but I really love food and do research about the different flavors, genres, tastes, and servings. We can go sosyal and conyo to street and turo-turo. Lyf is a big fudfyt and we gotta eat, drink and be merry before we say bye bye. And for a traveler like me who never gets tired to discovering new frontiers and finger food.
Of course I still believe in responsible eating, to savor each dish but not treat as a way to enjoy life...

for now stay tuned...

SM Manila wifi event!

Looks like I fell in an event here in SM Manila. Its was actually the wifi launch here. Its kinda made my day since I really love the Internet. I was actually in a meeting just a while ago. I actually don't know that this event was today. I just realized it after doubting the encryption needed for the free wifi.
laptops waiting for their share of the connection !
get hot on the spot
Also I have tried the wifi of this mall while it was in beta, and I could say it is really fast. Also lucky for me that I brought my camera and my laptop charger. And Ooh! The sponsors, Tokyo tokyo, informatics, Mei Lin, San Mig coffee pro health. They also tested the strength of it but getting food bloggers roam around the mall with a video stream while dining in some restaurants within the mall. Sweet! So the thing I could do now is to blog more at SM. And I love it!!!
Baloons! with prizes!

Blah Blah Blogs! Ferry Ride on the Pasig River...

Ferry Joy ride...

I love going to new places, however since I'm always busy with a lot of things however I actually got a chance to ride the pasig river ferry service. Yep you heard it right, this ferry goes trough the pasig river. My original location was Intramuros where one station, Plaza Mexico is located. I was very fustrated with the traffic in road at that time and tried to go on a cruise on that ferry service. I was aware that this service is already operational however I never tried to go on board. Well it was really a new feeling knowing that you road is the pasig river. And that one fact is I cant swim, so it was one of my hesistations. But because of the need to go to school I had to take a chance to take the ferry service. I was quite impressed about the station and the ferry itself. a fare of 20 pesos is fair for a student from intramuros to the PUP station.

the golden mosque near the river

a boat! a boat!

Pandacan oil depot

also part of the oil depot

under the bridge

inside the ferry

the other ferries...

under the Quezon bridge

a different view of escolta

guess where...

And the journey itself is also an adventure. Seriously, how many of us go to work or school through the river. I have passed to stations like Escolta, Lawton, and the highlight was to pass by the Malacanang palace which again we don't see directly since it faces Malacanang park. You know, security purposes. Also with this reason I was not permitted to take a click on the "white house". 

Don't also miss the oil depot, one of the benefactors of the river but also contributes to its contamination. However, another sight to see are the birds that fly over the polluted river. They seem to adapt the environment of man and was able to survive with it. Thus there might be some hope in reviving the river. And practically there had been improvements thanks to the linear parks on the side but still a lot of work to be done to attain the former glory of the river.

I love Papelmelroti!

Hindi naman ako model o sponsor ng papelmelroti pero gusto ko lang sabihin na mas naging organized ang buhay ko dahil sa mga notebook at book of days. Magaganda kasi ang mga products nila at di makakailang cute ang designs. At kung papansinin niyo mas nauna silang maging earth friendly dahil sa paggamit ng papel kaysa plastic tapos ang papel na lalagyan pwede pang maging gift wrapper na may lugar para isulat ang message. Astig noh?
Kaya naging suki ako sa kanilang stores... at aabagan ko kung ano pang products nilang bago. For more info just click on the papelmelroti image!



How do you say thank you?
I believe there are a lot of ways...
I have been to a lot of things
the good, the bad, and the damn ugly!
Still I see each morning as a new day to start over gain
Another day to treasure friendships and relationships
although may face trials and conflicts
in the end we will always speak the same compliment...
Thank you...
Now let me thank these groups and persons who made me what I am today
just like a tidbit of chocolate, made life sweet...
Its better to say thank you today
than regretting the opportunity at the end...

This wave that rocked CVG! Different personalities, yet with one goal which is to be agents excelling in everything. Thanks guys!

My past and present course mates in Engineering. without them, studying would be very boring and lonesome. I am not a genius so thats why i thank you for your presence and assistance.

The Student Catholic Action (SCA) and Campus Ministry family which was my ministry up to now and still continues to inspire me in many ways. I met so many people, been to a lot of places and made a lot of change in my life. For this, I give my thank you from my heart.

A big Thank you for my family where we shared the jubilees and tragedies of life. My greatest support, critics and the people I can turn to.

A salute and thank you for the heroes of the past and the present... my Lolo was one of them. Without their sacrifices, we would never enjoy the freedom and happiness we are having.

Thank you for the celebrities that I haved rubbed shoulders with. They were very nice and humble. Even though they are celebreties they make you feel comfortable but will leave you starstruck.
To the forum mates in Life in Progress, especially to its creator Julius Villanueva... again different people sharing the same passion, I thank you for the inspiration and words that made me searh in the dictionary which also fueled me in making my own comics.
The TENers and TEN: the evening news... news broadcasting which are out of the box, unique and fun. They made me into be a more responsible Filipino. I could say... relax... chill...thanks
Tita Cory Aquino...
Thank you, you inspired me so much even though I never met you in person. An advocate of peace, a true public servant, and a lover of the arts. However, I just had a glance on your journey to you final resting place...
AYOM (Archdiocesan Youth Organization and Movements) brethren... coming from different youth organizations found unity in diversity... likes the game mafia (the psych game not the video game)... yet still find ways to be of service t others and the ministry they are in.
Team JM Cruz Experience, yup a team... taking calls... troubleshooting things... such a stressful life, yet every end of the day you learn something new. Even after my resignation I still, thank you (Its the first part of the spiel in each call)

my Magwayen family, this theater group taught me the essence of excellence hard work and humility. Rekindled my passion to write and act. As the years pass and new members join in the pirsuit of greatness and art was really sugar amidst the salt...thank you. kudos magwayen!

There are still a lot of people I would like to thank however I may have forgotten thier names or the occassions we have shared. Bloggers (especially for the one who shared about this) , viewers, friends, family, and other friends offline and online. THANK YOU!

And most especially my biggest thank you is given to our God above which without him I am nothing.

For this, can I ask a favor? Just show your gratitude for others, say thank you to them. Post it, share it, make your own blog, or whatever you want. Because I believe that if we fill the world with "thank you" , the world would be far more better and happier.

say your thank you at...

Blah Blah Blogs! I want Noy-body, nobody but you!

Hindi pa nga tayo nakakarecover sa pagkawala ni Tita Cory, isang malaking hamon na naman ang hinaharap ng pamilyang aquino at siguro ng bayan na rin ang panawagan upang tumakbo siya sa eleksyon bilang presidente. Kamakailan lang ay nagpahayag si Mar "Padyak" Roxas na isa sa pinakamatunog na tatakbo sa panguluhan. Naganap pa ito sa Club Filipino na siyang lugar kung saan nanumpa sin si Pangulong Aquino. Kinabukasan, nagpahayag naman si Noynoy ng kanyang naramdaman sa matinding sakripisyo ni Mar. Pero nag-iwan din siya ng tanong kung talagang tatakbo ba siya. Sabi nga ng senador ay abangan na lamang ang kanyang pasya matapos ang kanyang "retreat" sa mga carmelite sisters sa Zamboanga at matapos din ang ika-40 na araw ng pagpanaw ng Pangulong Aquino. Ngunit walang espesipikong araw kung kailan ang kanyang huling pagpapasya.
Tama nga naman na magbigay ng oras si Senador Noynoy ukol sa pasyang ito. Dahil nga hindi biro ang posisyon ng presidente. Ayon nga kay Kris Aquino, naranasan na nila ang malakanyang at di madali ang hamong ito. Banat pa nga niya, dapat maging single lang siya dahil sa maraming dahilan at may kinalaman na naman kay Joshua na umano ay na high blood. Ang kanilang panganay ay napasabak din sa interbyu na halos napaiyak dahil sa tindi ng tanong at tenyon at atensyon na nakukuha ng kanilang angkan. Kaya halata sa kanila ang isang matinding pressure bilang pamilya ito. Mabuti naman at napakatatag ni Noynoy, na nagiisang anak na lalaki ng mga Aquino, na tila mas lumabas na panganay sa kanila at naging sandigan nilang magkakapatid.
Sa ngayon iba iba ang ginagawa ng mga tagsupporta ni Noynoy tulad ng pagngangalap ng signiture campaign, pondo at mga sulat ng supporta upang makumpirma na ang kanyang pasya ukol dito.
Oo nga pala, si Mar Roxas, kahit na umatras na siya matunog pa rin siya na magiging bise dahil pareho naman silang nasa partido liberal. Si Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan na nauna nang nagpahayag ng kagutuhan na tumakbo sa bise, nagdadalawang isip na rin. Gayun din sina Gov. Panlilio at Padaca na nagpahayag na tatakbo kung walang karapat dapat na kandidato bilang alternative candidate. Tila nagsisimula na ang drama at komedya sa pulitika na parang isang telenobela...
Sa ngayon, kailangan nga lang nating maghintay at magbantay sa mga kandidato. Dapat tandaan din ni Sen. Noynoy na ang cory magic ay hindi kayamanan na pwedeng ipasa sa kanya dahil ito ay ine-earn. Marami pa ang aabangan... marami pang shocking revalations... andun din ang mga ka-lokang statements ni Kris Aquino, ang buong showbiz community at ang buong bansa...

susunod! Now na!

Ayala Malls Cinemas Exclusively Brings The Electrifying "Challengers"

Watch Zendaya’s Best-Career Performance To-Date, Opens April 24  Ayala Malls Cinemas brings another highly anticipated film to their roster ...