Blah Blah Blogs! Ferry Ride on the Pasig River...

Ferry Joy ride...

I love going to new places, however since I'm always busy with a lot of things however I actually got a chance to ride the pasig river ferry service. Yep you heard it right, this ferry goes trough the pasig river. My original location was Intramuros where one station, Plaza Mexico is located. I was very fustrated with the traffic in road at that time and tried to go on a cruise on that ferry service. I was aware that this service is already operational however I never tried to go on board. Well it was really a new feeling knowing that you road is the pasig river. And that one fact is I cant swim, so it was one of my hesistations. But because of the need to go to school I had to take a chance to take the ferry service. I was quite impressed about the station and the ferry itself. a fare of 20 pesos is fair for a student from intramuros to the PUP station.

the golden mosque near the river

a boat! a boat!

Pandacan oil depot

also part of the oil depot

under the bridge

inside the ferry

the other ferries...

under the Quezon bridge

a different view of escolta

guess where...

And the journey itself is also an adventure. Seriously, how many of us go to work or school through the river. I have passed to stations like Escolta, Lawton, and the highlight was to pass by the Malacanang palace which again we don't see directly since it faces Malacanang park. You know, security purposes. Also with this reason I was not permitted to take a click on the "white house". 

Don't also miss the oil depot, one of the benefactors of the river but also contributes to its contamination. However, another sight to see are the birds that fly over the polluted river. They seem to adapt the environment of man and was able to survive with it. Thus there might be some hope in reviving the river. And practically there had been improvements thanks to the linear parks on the side but still a lot of work to be done to attain the former glory of the river.

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