How do you say thank you?
I believe there are a lot of ways...
I have been to a lot of things
the good, the bad, and the damn ugly!
Still I see each morning as a new day to start over gain
Another day to treasure friendships and relationships
although may face trials and conflicts
in the end we will always speak the same compliment...
Thank you...
Now let me thank these groups and persons who made me what I am today
just like a tidbit of chocolate, made life sweet...
Its better to say thank you today
than regretting the opportunity at the end...

This wave that rocked CVG! Different personalities, yet with one goal which is to be agents excelling in everything. Thanks guys!

My past and present course mates in Engineering. without them, studying would be very boring and lonesome. I am not a genius so thats why i thank you for your presence and assistance.

The Student Catholic Action (SCA) and Campus Ministry family which was my ministry up to now and still continues to inspire me in many ways. I met so many people, been to a lot of places and made a lot of change in my life. For this, I give my thank you from my heart.

A big Thank you for my family where we shared the jubilees and tragedies of life. My greatest support, critics and the people I can turn to.

A salute and thank you for the heroes of the past and the present... my Lolo was one of them. Without their sacrifices, we would never enjoy the freedom and happiness we are having.

Thank you for the celebrities that I haved rubbed shoulders with. They were very nice and humble. Even though they are celebreties they make you feel comfortable but will leave you starstruck.
To the forum mates in Life in Progress, especially to its creator Julius Villanueva... again different people sharing the same passion, I thank you for the inspiration and words that made me searh in the dictionary which also fueled me in making my own comics.
The TENers and TEN: the evening news... news broadcasting which are out of the box, unique and fun. They made me into be a more responsible Filipino. I could say... relax... chill...thanks
Tita Cory Aquino...
Thank you, you inspired me so much even though I never met you in person. An advocate of peace, a true public servant, and a lover of the arts. However, I just had a glance on your journey to you final resting place...
AYOM (Archdiocesan Youth Organization and Movements) brethren... coming from different youth organizations found unity in diversity... likes the game mafia (the psych game not the video game)... yet still find ways to be of service t others and the ministry they are in.
Team JM Cruz Experience, yup a team... taking calls... troubleshooting things... such a stressful life, yet every end of the day you learn something new. Even after my resignation I still, thank you (Its the first part of the spiel in each call)

my Magwayen family, this theater group taught me the essence of excellence hard work and humility. Rekindled my passion to write and act. As the years pass and new members join in the pirsuit of greatness and art was really sugar amidst the salt...thank you. kudos magwayen!

There are still a lot of people I would like to thank however I may have forgotten thier names or the occassions we have shared. Bloggers (especially for the one who shared about this) , viewers, friends, family, and other friends offline and online. THANK YOU!

And most especially my biggest thank you is given to our God above which without him I am nothing.

For this, can I ask a favor? Just show your gratitude for others, say thank you to them. Post it, share it, make your own blog, or whatever you want. Because I believe that if we fill the world with "thank you" , the world would be far more better and happier.

say your thank you at...

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