SM Manila wifi event!

Looks like I fell in an event here in SM Manila. Its was actually the wifi launch here. Its kinda made my day since I really love the Internet. I was actually in a meeting just a while ago. I actually don't know that this event was today. I just realized it after doubting the encryption needed for the free wifi.
laptops waiting for their share of the connection !
get hot on the spot
Also I have tried the wifi of this mall while it was in beta, and I could say it is really fast. Also lucky for me that I brought my camera and my laptop charger. And Ooh! The sponsors, Tokyo tokyo, informatics, Mei Lin, San Mig coffee pro health. They also tested the strength of it but getting food bloggers roam around the mall with a video stream while dining in some restaurants within the mall. Sweet! So the thing I could do now is to blog more at SM. And I love it!!!
Baloons! with prizes!

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