füdfÿt!...food bloging for a delicious lyf!

Now you have more reasons to love manual to lyf! Presenting füdfÿt, the blog segment dedicated to food! Actually this one already existed in my multiply site however, since there were changes that are convenient for the blogging experience, just like Blah Blah Blogs!, and this time the feel will be more tastier, more juicier , more delicious you might even lick you fingers after reading it. I'll probably post the archive post I had in the past but eventually will post something new within a few days. So also don't expect a diet, expect gluttony with style. Also prepare for the interesting ways about the things we will talk while cyber dining.
I'm not a chef but I really love food and do research about the different flavors, genres, tastes, and servings. We can go sosyal and conyo to street and turo-turo. Lyf is a big fudfyt and we gotta eat, drink and be merry before we say bye bye. And for a traveler like me who never gets tired to discovering new frontiers and finger food.
Of course I still believe in responsible eating, to savor each dish but not treat as a way to enjoy life...

for now stay tuned...

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