Ondoy Aftermath...

Its still not over, there are people still needs rescue, some are missing, some feared of found dead. I makes my teary thinking of the people who are affected by this disaster. Our family was fortunate to live in a higher part of Sta Mesa and we are in the fourth floor. However, we remembered the past experiences we had about floods and typhoons. Because in the past, our houses (because we move to another house to rent) were places that are pronce to these events, we actually made a contigency plan whenever its starts to rain hard. So far we are thankful for the situation were in as of now but never forget and sympathize with fellow filipinos in those grave hours.

Also while I am making this blog, a patch of sunlight struck me as I type in laptop in the balcony. Its probably God showing me that there is still hope amidst this crisis. There are still rains but its more occational now, so it gives me a peace of mind. Also I was inspired by the heroism by our fellow Pinoys helping others. For now I dont blame the government, celebrities, and political aspirants yet. It would waste a lot of energy that would be better helping in fund drive, donations, volunteer work, repacking, cleaning, repairs, serach and rescue operations. Facebook, plurk and twitter was actually helping in providing information to help rescue and recover people in need. Pleas for help also with local and foreign celebrities also joined tha cause. This was also helpful to the media also who is our first line of reliable information especially in this times of crisis. Photos and videos of devastations are also in circulation. I was also able to see the aftermath when I went to church on sunday. Muddy streets, establishments like supermarkets flooded inside, cars flooded, no power in some areas, garbage also was around so as to dead animals like rats and cats.

Although this was the case of the capital, I still see the festive spirit of the pinoy by Bayanihan, others volunteered, donated, and even prayed for the success of relief operations. According to PAG-ASA this was the heaviest downpour recorded in which the last one was way back 1967. So there is no doubt that this one was really unexpected. A real tradegy it was a the body count of dead people rising, there was also the numerous families who lost their homes in the flood. There are also reports of looting and scamming affected homes, which would make your blood boil. But let not our hearts be consumed by despair, as the rains stopped, floods down and the joint groups are working, I appeal to all to join the cause. If there are clothes that you dont wear anymore, please donate them, its your thanksgiving to God for you were spared. If you also have spare food also include them. We can eat in peace knowing that you fed a person and saved a life.
Volunteer groups also are open for people who wish to volunteer. I believe I have posted them here in the blog, also with the help lines for any other concerns needed for assistance. If you don't have resouces or the ability to render volunteer work, I suggest help in speading credible information that can help the authorities in their missions. Again, twitter, plurk and facebook is currently used to dissiminate information for the benefit of the people.
Also prayers are encouraged for the nation and the people, I felt Gods answer when it cleared the skies on sunday giving the public the opportunity to help and rebuild. Thus more prayers can also save more lives in peril and will assist us in rebuilding the hope for the people.

Finally, what I ask is just show even a small gesture of charity and hope. It would really go a long way. Be always vigilant and keep your passion to help alive... we can make it through this rain

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