A Furry Buddy’s Guide to Christmas

Public awareness campaign shares practical holiday gift ideas for pets

The Christmas season spells the celebration of joy and gratitude for the gift of companionship from loyal pet cats and dogs. With Christmas day just around the corner, nothing says love better than a parade of presents for your pets. The Pet Food Institute’s (PFI) Well-fed, Well-nurtured campaign shares a few gift ideas to share the holiday cheer with your furry companions.

MUSIC LYF: Countdown to 2014 at Eastwood City

2013 is now on its final hours! Party and greet the new year 2014 with great music and vibe! Be part of Eastwood City New Year Countdown to 2014

Happening LIVE at the Eastwood Mall Open Park. Explosive performances by Jessica Sanchez, Bamboo Music Live, Up Dharma Down, South Border, Michael "Mitoy" Yonting & the DRAYBERS, Hidden Nikki and Dj Ace Ramos. Show starts 6:00pm onwards. ‪

Join in the online trending with the hashtag #‎EastwoodNYE2014‬

Blah Blah Blogs: 150 facts about Rizal (Part 2)

150 facts about Jose P. Rizal
(Part 2)

Sorry for the two year gap, but today being Rizal Day reminded me that I must not stop looking for amazing facts about Jose Rizal which has influenced and shaped the Philippines in every way. And due to insistent public demand were here to share more interesting facts!

    21. Rizal's favorite meal includes tuyo, champorado, hot chocolate, and fruits. Which at that time costs a peso.

    22. Rizal was thought of being the father of Adolf Hitler because of his trips to Europe, however it was cleared that Hitler was born 2 years after Rizal's departure from Europe.

    23. Rizal would be not considered as a "doctor" because there was no "board exam" for his  profession in the Philippines, but due to his studies and experience he earned his title and gained popularity 

    Karylle wishes everyone ‘Sweet and Spicy’ New Year

    For most of us, wearing Polka Dots during the celebration of New Year has been a tradition. 

    With the forthcoming celebration of the New Year, singer-actress-TV host Karylle gives a new twist to the tradition by coming up with a “Sweet and Spicy” twist to it. Karylle’s  “Sweet and Spicy” underwear line for Bench highlights her different personas – the sweet Showtime host and the spicy underwear Bench endorser.

    Karylle’s line of underwear is available at all Bench stores nationwide.

    For more updates, please follow Karylle: On Twitter and Instagram: @anakarylle

    REEL DEAL MMFF 2013: Boy Golden REVIEW

    Action movies are making a comeback to the Philippine movie industry, and they are making waves and revolutionizing Pinoy action films are made. With the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) being the most anticipated movie extravaganza in the Philippines, it is also a great time to showcase this genre to compete among comedy and horror films. For this year 2013, one of the action films included here is Boy Golden: The Arturo Porcuna Story.

    Directed by Chito Rono, and led by Manila Kingpin, El Presidente star and Laguna Governor Jorge "ER"  Ejercito and KC Concepcion, it narrates the life of the infamous gangster Arturo "Boy Golden" Porcuna during the 1960's (which is similar to ER's last film about Asiong Salonga). 

    Being a period film makes it more complicated and detail-oriented, they managed to pull this off make an impression. And that was the struggle back in their previous films, however they learn from their past mistakes and made a lot of improvements for this film. There is also a odd style of lighting technique used for the film which I can describe as "psychedelic" but makes its distinction as not the average type of film.

    Fight and gang scenes are the most interesting part of the movie with practically everyone involved in one way or another. Who would thought that gangland Manila was this brutal and chaotic. So far, the only recommendation for improvement would be the special effects, it is decent but might need to be more refined.

    Another interesting thing in Boy Golden is the "loveteam" of KC and ER. It may be an unlikely pair for some, but it can be seen as more of "partners in crime" than a romantic tandem. well it is a gangster movie anyway and not a chick flick.

    Devastation of Typhoon Haiyan still haunts children

    Children need support, education to overcome trauma, build resilience

    UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, after a four day visit to the Philippines, said that he was deeply impressed by the spirit of the people and the communities working with the government, United Nations and other partners to rebuild their lives and futures. 
    The massive typhoon disrupted the lives of nearly six million children and destroyed the homes of 1.4 million children and their families. 

    Boy Golden Cast Raid Glorietta For Their Mall Tour

    One of the to-watch films for the Metro Manila Film Festival is "Boy Golden: The Arturo Pocurna Story" makes their mall tour before the opening of the MMFF in theaters. The cast led by KC Concepcion, John Estrada, and Buboy Villar takes the spotlight in one of busiest malls in the metro to meet and greet fans and mall goers to watch Boy Golden.

    Though ER Ejercito may not be at the mall show, it got a lot of attention with its trailer and some singing acts made by Buboy Villar and KC. Buboy shares that his role is a gay teenager, a huge change from being a child sidekick in his previous projects. John Estrada is also a crowd favorite as he emerges and throws posters and shirts to the crowd. John plays the antagonist  in the movie and also can be considered as his "comeback" as he is very seldom seen doing movies  especially action films.

    MUSIC LYF: Patti Austin Live in Manila for the Holidays

    As Filipinos celebrate the holiday season, it’s time for a fun-filled occasion that warms the heart, fills the soul, and looks forward to a better 2014 for The Philippines.   

    Headliner Patti Austin will be joined by some of the Philippines’ most popular performers and a fantastic live band in a concert celebrating the New Year, commemorating the indomitable Filipino spirit, and contributing to a better future.  

    Part of the proceeds will be donated to the victims Typhoon Haiyan for relief efforts.   Patti Austin will personally lead a continuing effort to design and build houses in Tacloban through Habitat For Humanity. 
    The overall tone of the event will be joyous and upbeat, signifying a “Brand New Day” in the Philippines as the country and the world join together in gestures of celebration, goodwill and support.  Patti will perform the hit songs which have made her a huge star in the Philippines and worldwide.

    REEL DEAL MMFF 2013: My Little Bossings

    I hues its high time for Ryza Mae Dizon and James "Bimby" Aquino-Yap to have their share of the limelight to star as the main character in a movie. This 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival made this happen with "My Little Bossings" featuring Bimby and Ryza, Vic Sotto and Kris Aquino.

    Since this year, Enteng, Agimat, and SRR are shelved fo this year, a fresh story would be a great way to launch the rising career of "Aleng Maliit" and Baby James (Well definitely not a baby anymore). 

    My Little Bossings brings together the powerhouse productions behind The Enteng Kabisote Series and Sisterakas now together in support of the kids that have become the darling of the crowd. Ryza who won Little Miss Philippines in 2012, and Bimby hails from prominent families has been crowd favorites.

    Avoid the Morning Rush: Take the morning plunge with Nestea RTD

    Do you go through your mornings in one big blur?  Do you find yourself racing from one task to another without enough time to breathe? 

    The morning rush is something we have grown accustomed to and we no longer question if chaotic mornings are the only way to go. But peaceful and blissful mornings are possible if we take the plunge the night before. A great day starts with good night’s sleep, making the morning plunge a relaxing dip into your day.

    So here are a few things to do the night before to finally avoid the morning rush.

    Have a to-do list and plunge into it

    P&G, Puregold successfully stage first-ever VIPuring Convention

    It was a day of celebrating entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurs themselves.

    Procter & Gamble Distributing Philippines, Inc. and Puregold recently held the first-ever VIPuring Convention at Puregold Paseo De Blas in Valenzuela City. The exclusive event was P&G and Puregold’s way of thanking retailers and entrepreneurs for their loyalty and support.

    The occasion allowed Puregold GOLD members to enjoy exclusive privileges like on-the-day amazing deals and discounts on P&G products. The event also featured talks on how to level up one’s business and provided inside information on local and global business trends. Training was also conducted by both P&G and Puregold on how to best grow their businesses.

    REAL DEAL MMFF 2013: Boy Golden

    Another MMFF entry we love to see this season is Boy Golden : The Arturo Porcuna Story by Screema Concept and Viva Films. Led by ER Ejercito (from Asiong Salonga and El Presidente), and KC Concepcion, the movie is set in the 60's gangland Manila. Drected by Chito Rono.

    ER will play the gangster Arturo “Boy Golden” Porcuna whle KC plays Marla Dee. This action-packed movie brings the feel of the old city and the gang wars which happened back then. John Estrada, Baron Giesler, Eddie Garcia, Leo Martinez, John Hillaro, Joem Bascon, John Lapuz, Gloria Sevilla, Roi Vinzon, Dick Israel, Buboy Villar, Dexter Doria and Mon Confiado are also casted for this film where most of them also worked with the past 2 films of ER Ejercito.

    A movie of many first for many of the stars, like the partnership of KC and ER, KC's action film leading role. The success of Manila Kingpin and El Presidente paved the way for the anticipation for another action-filled ER movie.

    DepEd Secretary’s Christmas Message 2013

    Bro. Armin Lusitro sends out his Christmas message to the everyone through this statement:

    A Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

    This is a challenging greeting to give, especially with the understanding that our brethren from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are struggling to recover and rebuild their lives from the devastating blows brought about by floods, insurgency, earthquakes and a super typhoon. There have been great losses to life and property, and we, as a Department, have been directly affected. A number of our students, staff, teachers and administrators, together with their families, comprise some of the victims and survivors. Even our school facilities were not spared.

    It is easy to succumb to hopelessness and despair during these times. Yet it is precisely for these conditions that the message of Christmas becomes more relevant to us: the message of HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE.

    Alaska Crema Opens a Food Bazaar i Eastwood

    Everything with milk or cream becomes special especial this coming Christmas season! With menu filled with sweets and juicy treats, cream has always been a requirement for the upcoming noche Buena. But there will be some dilemma for some who wanted something new for their feast.
    Alaska Crema has that covered with a Food Bazaar that showcases dishes and one of a kind creations by chefs, homemade discoveries and budding food artists. It all happens at the Eastwood City Mall.

    The SM Store Pre-Christmas Sale‏

    Here's a perfect Christmas treat to get you through that last-minute shopping

    The SM Store nationwide PRE-CHRISTMAS Sale! December 17, 18 and 19!!!

    Up to 50% off on great selections! For more info, join The SM Store online community on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

    Lifestyle Networks' Celebrity Chef Help Raise Funds For Storm Relief Operations

    It was a rare night for the local culinary scene when the best Filipino chefs, including celebrity chefs Sandy Daza, Sharwin Tee, and Gene and Gino Gonzalez, united under one roof with the vision of raising funds for Sagip Kapamilya’s relief operations through the ICanServeFoundation in the Lifestyle Network’s Around the Philippines in Small Plates. 

    As such, it aptly has chosen to unite the various regions of the country in a different way to mirror the oneness among its people following the calamity. 

    SYKES Year-End 2013: A Celebration of the SYKES Spirit through Music

    If music is the universal language, then all 7,000 SYKESers spoke as one last December 15. Taking a page from Coachella, the theme for this Year-End Celebration was Music Festival. SMX was transformed into an indoor concert grounds as the stage was set for six of the biggest names in the music industry. One couldn’t help but feel the excitement as SYKESers entered the venue to rock on! 

    Setting the mood for the party was our very own Misc Bands. Crimson n’ Claire and Misc All-Stars gave us the taste of what to expect for the rest of the evening. Opening the program was the internationally acclaimed STOMP dancers. With their rock-solid beat and energetic choreography, the room was filled with enthusiasm and positive energy! 

    Best Ever My Super Plan for Business: creating more value for SMEs

    Subscription enables contributions to the Globe Bangon Pinoy initiative

    Globe Business is further strengthening its partnerships with small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) to grow their trade by way of enhancing its current offers through the “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business,” bannering a complete range of features and services which could be tailor-fit according to their requirements.

    The “Best Ever My Super Plan for Business” enables SMEs to create a subscription based on the specific communication needs of their organization – whether they are call-intensive, text-heavy or online-dependent for their commerce. They can have a plan start to work for them by choosing one suitable for a monthly budget. It automatically comes with a consumable value – higher than the actual plan value – which can be converted to call, text, IDD or surfing credits.

    Start The New Year With Barney's Birthday Bash!

    You are invited to Barney’s Birthday Bash! Join the loveable, huggable Barney & Friends as they sings and dance their way into your hearts in a new, interactive concert party tour. 

    January 25- 26, 2014- Mall of Asia Arena (4 SHOWS ONLY)
    February 1, 2014- Waterfront Cebu City Hotel

    Celebrate with Barney on his birthday at this ‘super-dee-duper’ live on stage concert, featuring more than 25 much loved sing-along songs including “Mr. Knickerbocker, “Dino Dance”, “Baby Bop Hop” and “Rock ‘n Roll Star.”. 

    Children will be dancing in the aisles to contemporary cuts of old favourites “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, “Wheels on the Bus” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. A show which celebrates fun and friendship, don’t miss all the laugher of the party when BJ pretends to be a magician and Barney blows out his birthday candles on the biggest birthday cake ever. 

    Book your tickets now at smtickets.com or call 470 2222.

    REEL DEAL MMFF 2013: Kmmy Dora (Ang Kiyemeng Prequel)

    Kimmy and Dora Go Dong Hae are set to take us back to where it all started.

    In 2009, the eloquent and adamant Kimmy and the very naive yet sweet Dora delighted everyone with a very hilarious and family-oriented blockbuster flick Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme. The exciting dual roles were portrayed by award-winning versatile actress, also tagged as “The Global Actess” and “Darling Of Asian Cinema” Eugene Domingo. Written by Chris Martinez and directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal under Spring Films.

    The movie revolved around Kimmy and Dora’s battle for their business tycoon-father Luisito Go Dong Hae’s (Ariel Ureta) attention. Aside from the much coveted attention, Kimmy and Dora also battled it out to capture Johnson’s (Dingdong

    Dantes) heart. Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme earned a whopping P100 million in just few weeks and currently owns a spot as one of the highest grossing films in the country. One of the cited factors for Kimmy Dora’s record-breaking success was its independent promotion and marketing efforts without any strong push from large mediums like TV. The movie took advantage of promoting on other platforms such as social media. Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme was the successful sequel of the blockbuster giant in 2012. The sequel tackled twin’s horror-comedy quest for life and love. In this installment, Kimmy and Dora married Barry (Zanjoe Marudo) and Johnson (Dingdong Dantes) - their respective partners from part one. Most part of the movie was filmed in South Korea. The sequel also boosted enormous blockbuster returns and marked as one of the biggest players that year.

    Patti Austin Live in Manila for the Holidays

    As Filipinos celebrate the holiday season, it’s time for a fun-filled occasion that warms the heart, fills the soul, and looks forward to a better 2014 for The Philippines. 

    Headliner Patti Austin will be joined by some of the Philippines’ most popular performers and a fantastic live band in a concert celebrating the New Year, commemorating the indomitable Filipino spirit, and contributing to a better future. 

    Part of the proceeds will be donated to the victims Typhoon Haiyan for relief efforts. Patti Austin will personally lead a continuing effort to design and build houses in Tacloban through Habitat For Humanity. 

    The overall tone of the event will be joyous and upbeat, signifying a “Brand New Day” in the Philippines as the country and the world join together in gestures of celebration, goodwill and support. Patti will perform the hit songs which have made her a huge star in the Philippines and worldwide.

    REEL DEAL: The World's Smartest Dog and his Boy in "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" Trailer

    Mr. Peabody, the most accomplished dog in the world, and his mischievous boy Sherman, use their time machine—the Wabac—to go on the most outrageous adventures known to man or dog. But when Sherman takes the Wabac out for a joyride to impress his friend Penny, they accidently rip a hole in the universe, wreaking havoc on the most important events in world history. Before they forever alter the past, present and future, Mr. Peabody must come to their rescue, ultimately facing the most daunting challenge of any era: figuring out how to be a parent. Together, the time-traveling trio will make their mark on history.

    From DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox, “Mr. Peabody & Sherman (3D)” will open March 2014 in theaters nationwide to be distributed by Warner Bros. in Phils.

    HEALTHY LYF: Herbalife’s Top Ten Tips for Healthy Holidays

    According to Samantha Clayton, Herbalife’s director of worldwide fitness and education, it’s all about minimizing impact. “No matter where you are on your personal wellness journey, think twice before over-indulging during the next few weeks. My advice is to, at the very least, try to break even and maintain your weight this holiday season. It’s amazing how easy it is to gain weight in such a short amount of time, and although weight gain is an easy as eating a few too many pieces of pie, taking off those pounds come January is a much harder tasks.”

    To keep those calories from creeping on this holiday season, Herbalife is sharping these top 10 tips:

    Tip 1 – No savings:

    Don’t cut down or starve all day to enjoy the party at night. Skipping your breakfast and lunch is a not a good way to avoid weight gain. There are many reasons why this is a good tactic; a drop in sugar level, lack of energy and lack of concentration are just a few of the down galls of the “starve and binge” technique. Chances are, if you wait all day to enjoy the party food, you will consume twice the amount because you will be so hungry.

    Tip 2 – Snacks:

    Have a healthy protein rich snack before you head out to a holiday party. Filling yourself up on healthy snacks that contain protein will keep you full and stop you from having that extra cup cake.

    Tip 3 – Move around:

    Use holiday parties as an opportunity to socialize with your friends. Keep walking around and don’t park yourself next to chips and dips. Walking counts as exercise so the more you move the better.

    Tip 4 – Dance:

    Let loose and dance off the party calories; the extra bonus is that the more time you spend dancing the less time you will spend eating.

    Tip 5 – Routing:

    Don’t skip your work-outs. The best thing you can do is keep your exercise routine intact. We all know holiday diets can go awry, but if you can at least keep your workouts going it will help.

    Tip 6 – Watch your drinks:

    Try to avoid drinking too many sweet drinks. It’s amazing how many calories can be hiding in a simple holiday punch. Stay hydrated with water helps.

    Tip 7 – Maximize your time with quick fix workouts:

    If time is tight try to do a quick 10-minute routine in the morning and another 10 minutes before you go to bed. Simple exercises performed in an interval style will help burn some calories and keep you toed over the holidays.

    Tip 8 – Step away from the computer:

    Sitting in front of your computer screen looking for that bargain may cost you in the long run. Stay active this holiday season by walking around the shops and carrying bags or boxes doubles up as a workout.

    Tip 9 – Make every minute count:

    Think active all holiday season. Take the stairs. Park in the furthest spot from the store. Get outside and go for a walk. The more active you are the fewer points you will gain.

    Tip 10 – Routine:

    Don’t wait until January 1st to start you exercise plan, start today. The sooner you get your body into a positive active and healthy routine the better chance you have of reaching your personal health goals.

    Sykes Continues to Dominate and Innovate This 2013

    It has been a busy year for the country, and despite the tough times many have been through, there are still a lot to be thankful for the year. The economy continues to grow, thanks to remittances and the BPO industry which gives great opportunities to a strong half-million workforce. As a former agent, it is indeed a fast-paced world where a lot of skills are formed yet you can still find fun and friendship in this very busy world.

    There is no doubt that the BPO industry is here to stay, and SYKES PHILIPPINES has been its pioneers which opened a lot of opportunities to many Filipinos. Now more than 15 years in the country and continuing to expand, it has been providing world-class service to worldwide clients.Sykes Philippines has recently opened their Glorietta Site in Makati and continues to be the top call centers in the country. 

    Misa De Gallo Diaries 2013: Prayers for Healing (DAY ONE)

    The year has been very tragic to many of Filipinos especially to those affected by Typhoon Yolanda, Visayas Earthquake and the Zamboanga Crisis. It would be fitting that the first mass is offered to all those who fell victim to these unfortunate events. And as of this writing, news of the accident which happened on the Skyway is also heartbreaking.

    The start of the Simbang Gabi is the most important and challenging of all of the masses since it will be the first and missing it would affect the spiritual momentum. I chose to start with the territorial parish which reminds me that I have to start with where I am first before going to different places. 

    Misa De Gallo Diaries 2013

    Christmas may come easy to many as it would be the season of festivities  and gifts but has it also come to mind to many about the tradition of Misa De Gallo or Dawn Masses which has been part of the Filipino culture even dating back before the revolution. And if you have been reading MTL for quite some time, these days also mean the start of  having the Misa De Gallo Simbang Gabi Diaries.

    Rex Navarrete @ Solaire Resort & Casino!

    Fil-Am Rex Navarrete, the 2011 Aliw Awardee for Comedy is back in Manila for a special one night only show!

    Navarrete started doing comedy at the age of 19. His portrayals, which ranged from his ESL teacher Mrs. Scott to his Uncle Boy and to Maritess the domestic worker gave him the voice to air his thoughts on issues and speak about things that otherwise wouldn’t be mentioned.

    Navarrete gathers all of his material from what he calls “real Rex moments,” reality and shared life experiences. “I think everything has humor; you will always find humor. I don’t always make stuff up. Even though most of my material is geared for a Filipino audience, if you’re smart enough you’ll understand the universality of it”, he explains.

    REEL DEAL: Experience An Unprecedented Kind of Real In "Walking With Dinosaurs The 3D Movie"

    For the first time in movie history, audiences will truly see and feel what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.  “Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie” is the ultimate immersive, big-screen adventure for families.  You’ll meet dinosaurs more real than you’ve ever seen as you embark on a thrilling prehistoric journey, where Patchi, an underdog dino, triumphs against all odds to become a hero for the ages.

    XSTIG: Teens fleeing from Facebook

    Digital expert looks into the trend, sees opportunity for mobile messaging apps

    Facebook made a rather staggering confession during its Q3 earnings call recently. David Ebersman, Facebook’s chief financial officer said, “We did see a decrease in daily users specifically among younger teens. We wanted to share this with you now because we get a lot of questions about it.”

    To a certain extent, the exodus may have been brought about by moms, dads, titos (uncles) and titas (aunts) invading Facebook walls of teenagers and generally – bursting their personal digital bubbles.

    SM Consortium confident to win light rail single ticketing project

    SM Consortium, led by SM Investments Corp. with members BDO Capital and Investment Corp., Advanced Card Systems Ltd. and Penta Capital Investment Corp., is confident of a favorable result in the ongoing financial evaluation of the MRT/LRT Automated Fare Collection System Project.

    “With no cost to the government to build and modernize the ticketing system and a one-time concession fee of P1,088,000,000 to be paid to the government unconditionally, we believe that our proposal is most advantageous to the government and the riding public,” said Norman T. Pe, senior vice president of Penta Capital.

    The Department of Transportation and Communication is now evaluating the proposals of the three bidders – AF Consortium led by BPI, SM Consortium and Comworks Berjaya Consortium – which passed the technical proposal stage.

    Christian Bautista continues partnership with Ink-All-You-Can

    Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista has made bold moves the past months and engaged in projects that stretch his artistry. Acknowledging the singer’s unparalleled dedication to his craft, Ink-All-You-Can continues to support the singer in all his endeavors.

    Last November 28, Christian Bautista represented the Philippines in the ASEAN-Japan Music Festival – Music For Healing After The Earthquake, which hoped to deliver hope and courage through music to all those affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. The festival held at the NHK Hall in Shibuya Japan was attended by 4010 people, and was aired over at NHK Channel.

    MUSIC LYF: OPM Artists Record "The Prayer" For Yolanda Victims

    On October 15, 2013, an earthquake with the energy equivalent to “32 Hiroshima bombs” devastated the Visayas, and parts of Mindanao and southern Luzon.

    Two days later, the Loboc Children’s Choir sang, “The Prayer,” with the rubble of the hundred year old Loboc Church as their backdrop.

    Their performance moved so many people here and abroad. Then, tragedy struck again.

    On November 8, Typhoon Yolanda, the most powerful tropical cyclone of the year hit East Samar, Samar and Leyte.

    Thousands died. Millions were left hungry, desperate and homeless.

    Relief efforts from the Philippines and the rest of the world are currently helping the victims survive and find temporary homes.

    REEL DEAL: Party In The Jungle - "Rio 2" Poster Revealed!

    The merriest of characters in the worldwide hit animation “Rio” reunite in “Rio 2” where they now head to the Amazon from the vibrant city of Rio De Janeiro as seen in this latest poster from 20th Century Fox. 

    The film’s macaw lovebirds Blu and Jewel (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway) are now facing parenting issues whether to stay in the city or make a new nest in the jungle to raise their children.  Along with their friends,  “Rio 2” continues the grandeur of adventure as we see Blu and Jewel raise their children while unexpectedly meeting relatives in the wild and dodging dangers brought about by familiar and new set of villains.

    “Rio 2” opens April 9 in 3D nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

    Visit 20thCenturyFox/Philippines Facebook page, 20thCenturyFoxPh YouTube channel and Twitter handle @20centuryfoxph for more breaking news on your most anticipated movies.

    MUSIC LYF: Linkin Park Will Have Benefit Concert For The Philippines

    When Linkin Park had their concert here in Manila last August, many loved to have them back soon.  Now even while in the US, they are extending their help to the victims via a benefit concert alongside The Offspring, and other special guests on Saturday January 11th, 2014 for CONCERT FOR THE PHILIPPINES at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA.

    Get a ticket to the CONCERT FOR THE PHILIPPINES at musicforrelief.org by donating or raising a minimum of $250 for Music for Relief’s Typhoon Relief effort.

    As an incentive to those outside the LA area, fans have the opportunity to donate a minimum of $10 to win one of two special VIP tickets packages including airfare and hotel. Visit www.musicforrelief.org for details.

    REEL DEAL: Action Superstar Jackie Chan Movie Reboot - "Police Story 2013"

    Jackie Chan faces another formidable challenge in his upcoming high-octane action movie “Police Story 2013.”  Faced with a group of cold-blooded syndicate where his only daughter is acquainted with, Chan plays Zhong Wen, a dedicated ordinary police officer for over 20 years determined to eradicate evil under his watch. 

    Known for doing his own (even dangerous) stunts, Chan’s character Zhong finds himself trapped in the machinations of a syndicate revealed to be connected to a ruthless criminal imprisoned by Wen years back and had been exacting revenge since then. 

    Jing Tian also stars in the movie as Chan’s daughter Miao Miao, a medical student whose fondness to her father had waned over the years.   Unknown to her, the friends she made along the way are his father’s perennial enemies for years, worse her boyfriend, who owns a very dubious fashionable club, is closely connected to the man who committed manslaughter whom her father had imprisoned for life.  Waiting to carry out their revenge, Miao Miao’s boyfriend Wu Jiang (played by Liu Ye) sees the hostage scene in his club an opportunity to trade his friend Fu (Zhou Xiao Ou) in prison to be released in exchange of the club patrons’ release.  Fu is the man whom Zhong had imprisoned years ago.  Zhong in a race against time to save his daughter and the other hostages, is forced to play along with the syndicate’s games until he gets the chance to take them down.