MUMBAI LOVE: Will True Love Prevail over Tradition?
by Emy Abuan

It is often said true love, like gold, must pass the “test of fire”.

This story is not just another love story. This is the love story of two people from two different sides of the world, separated by culture and tradition yet strongly bound by pure and true love for each other.

Here is Nandi, a self-made Indian-Filipino, who believes in his heart that somewhere in this world he will find his soulmate through destiny. His parents, however, still cling to the revered Indian tradition of choosing the right partner for their son. Ella, on the other hand, is a young Filipina businesswoman who sources accessories for a jewelry shop in Makati. Her work brings her to Mumbai, India where she didn’t expect to meet the man of her dreams.

By some magic of fate, the two meet in the majestic city of Mumbai where Nandi and Ella start up a friendship and romance. Nandi takes Ella to the most interesting and colorful places in Mumbai such as the center of arts and culture, the sacred temples and museums and historical sites of Mumbai where Ella begins to fall in love with the people, culture and landscape. Nandi, the young man from India who showed her the magnificent beauty of India has quickly captivated her heart.

However, an emergency in Ella’s home office suddenly happens forcing her to leave for home without even letting Nandi know, not even give him her cellphone number or any contact info, to the latter’s frustration. Not giving up that easily on his quest for his love, Nandi seeks the help of his cousin Romni and both fly to Manila to look for Ella. This time lady luck smiles on Nandi who is able to find Ella in Manila and they start from where they left off in Mumbai.

But their sweet love must face more conflicts such as deeply respected age-old traditions of their different cultures. Will this interracial love prevail in the end or will love give way to tradition?

Mumbai Love is directed by multi-awarded director Benito Bautista and is distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation.

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