Lifestyle Networks' Celebrity Chef Help Raise Funds For Storm Relief Operations

It was a rare night for the local culinary scene when the best Filipino chefs, including celebrity chefs Sandy Daza, Sharwin Tee, and Gene and Gino Gonzalez, united under one roof with the vision of raising funds for Sagip Kapamilya’s relief operations through the ICanServeFoundation in the Lifestyle Network’s Around the Philippines in Small Plates. 

As such, it aptly has chosen to unite the various regions of the country in a different way to mirror the oneness among its people following the calamity. 

Made up of 7,107 islands, the Philippines is home to a diverse culture. Part of this culture is a variation in practices, rites, and language; but one thing common among all people, regardless of region, is a love for a flavor uniquely Filipino that is expressed in many ways.

The Lifestyle Network thus took that love for Filipino flavor and whipped up a night to bring together many of its different expressions through Around the Philippines in Small Plates, creating a most unforgettable dinner menu that distinctly embodied the diversity of the Philippines.

From fresh produce, culinary delicacies, and export products to local arts and crafts, Around the Philippines in Small Plates put the spotlight on the creativity of the Filipinos. 

This creativity shone through in the creations of some of today’s biggest names in the local culinary scene, including Lifestyle Network's FoodPrints’ Chef Sandy Daza, Curiosity Got the Chef’s Chef Sharwin Tee, Chefscapades’ Chef Gene and Gino Gonzalez, Wildflour’s Chef Allen Buhay, Grace Park’s Chef Margarita Fores, Chef Hylton le Roux of Market to Master, Milky Way Café’s Chef J Gamboa, Green Pastures' Chef Robby Goco, Restaurant 9501’s Chef Myrna Segismundo, Chef Glenda Baretto of Cafe Via Mare, Chef Jessie Sincioco of Chef Jessie’s, Chef Ginny de Guzman of Gustare, Chef Juan Carlos de Terry of Terry’s Selection, and Chef Fernando Aracama of Aracama.

Aside from all these culinary masters, sumptuous dishes were also served by some of the country’s best establishments, such as La Cocina de Tita Moning, Alavar Seafood Restaurant, Pepita’s Lechon, General’s Lechon, Discovery Suites, Bizu, Kitchen’s Best, Fog City Creamery and Baby Pat’s breads and pastries; with the official wine partner for the night, Beringer of Happy Living fine Wines, and coffee care of the EDSA Beverage Group.

"Around the Philippines in Small Plates" was also held hand in hand with "Choose Philippines: A Pinoy A-fair," where products and merchandise that further embody the diverse aesthetic of the Filipino culture were shown and made available for purchase.

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