Dogs Underwent Special University With Pedigree

Pet lovers from all over the metro came to Bonfacio High Street to enroll their loved pets to undergo "university" education for their dog which will make them better, healthier, and makes their owners very happy.

Spearheaded by National Geographic Channel, and Pedigree, the event is called the NGC Pedigree University which happened on November 24, 2013 at BGC. The whole strip was filled with tents that caters to a specific skill or services that dogs and owners would have to go through so that they can earn their "degree".

These are the categories that they would go throughout the day with a graduation at the end of the day

  • Canteen 
  • Science 
  • English
  • Orientation 
  • Clinic
  • Locker Room 
  • Art Class
  • Talent Class
  • Physical Education
  • Gym

Joining them in giving talks of how to take care of pet are dog specialist, Dr. Lani Acero, and Fox Philippines CEO Jude Turcuato who is very happy about the outcome as all of these were inspired by one of their shows, "Dog Whisperer" with Caesar Milan.

One of the inspiring dogs who graced the event was "Kabang" who got into an accident while saving someone at the expense of losing his upper jaw and nose. He is now fully recovered with prosthetic but can live without it.  

High Street also became a fashion strip of fashionable dog with shinny hair and some dressed to impress. With a large variety of breeds roaming around, it seems harder to see similar dog that come in almost all shape and sizes.

Indeed the NGC Pedigree University has made a lot of dog and their owners very happy and well educated. Everyone is now looking forward for next year as it would get bigger and bigger.

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