A Furry Buddy’s Guide to Christmas

Public awareness campaign shares practical holiday gift ideas for pets

The Christmas season spells the celebration of joy and gratitude for the gift of companionship from loyal pet cats and dogs. With Christmas day just around the corner, nothing says love better than a parade of presents for your pets. The Pet Food Institute’s (PFI) Well-fed, Well-nurtured campaign shares a few gift ideas to share the holiday cheer with your furry companions.

Groom for Good

Pet owners can pamper their pets by grooming at home. Maximize quality time with your pet this Christmas by putting together a simple grooming kit. Bag up the shampoo, ear cleanser, nail clippers, and brush for a treat that is sure to make them feel the warmth of the season.

Bathing and good grooming are essential routines to keep your pets in prime health. Apart from ensuring the cleanliness and appearance of the pet on a regular basis, keeping these in the daily checklist shrinks their chances of acquiring infections and other illnesses. For instance, a severe hairball due to unkempt pet hair can soon lead to serious intestinal blockages. Ears should be checked regularly to ensure that they are clean. A veterinarian or groomer can assist with this. Even long nails can pose problems as it may gradually contribute to health problems.   

Creating a schedule for thorough grooming of your cat or dog allows you to check for the physical attributes that may need immediate attention and prevent a worried visit to the veterinarian. However, it is advised to communicate your planned grooming routine with a professional to help assess the appropriate age and process to groom your pet.

A Day in the Sun

The festive occasion is an opportunity to take an indoor or outdoor experience with your pet. Why not gift your cat or dog an interactive toy that can also double as an enjoyable exercise toy that can keep your canine or feline companion fit even after the holidays.

Various studies show that cats and dogs that frequently engage in health-boosting activities enjoy a long and happy life. May it be an indoor or outdoor pet, it is important for pet owners to initiate an exercise session that helps stimulate their mind and body. Even a toy that is as simple as a rubber ball or a quick trip through a flight of stairs can make a difference in the pet’s fitness. An exercise routine that complements the pet’s diet is also key to leading pet wellness.

Holiday Chow

An extra treat may be in order and your cat or dog surely deserves it. Pets will need energy to keep up with the December festivities and what better way to get them going than light and healthy snacks in between meals.

Aside from the regular meals, pet owners love rewarding their cats and dogs with treats for good behavior or to simply show appreciation. Keep in mind that the right amount of nutrition is critical to long term pet health. It is important to monitor the number of treats in a day is significant as well to maintain the cat or dog’s ideal weight. 

It is the season of giving but remember that only appropriate treats must be provided to pets. Table scraps or people food such as a piece of raw meat or a bit of chocolate can throw off the diet and present dangers to the pet’s health. A veterinarian can provide a list of treats that should be avoided to sustain good health.

PFI believes that while a gift wrapped in a box may bring excitement to a pets’ life, it is extending a home that supports their overall wellness that truly expresses unconditional love and responsible pet ownership. With the right nutrition, pets are able to live a long active life and share more memorable experiences with the family.

As the voice of the United States pet food industry, PFI remains committed to strengthening its partnership with the Filipino public in order to promote proper nourishment and pet care that raise Well-fed and Well-nurtured cats and dogs. 

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