Dear Fireworks

Its the last day of the year, I hope to see you next year. But actually I want to see you now, really it's true. It has been weeks since I saw you, I only had a slight conversation with you yet I feel happy for the rest of the day. Yes, this is a secret love letter for you and it is meant to be a coded message to you as I cannot contain what I wanted to say. 

Yes, I can say I am torpe, but if I get caught, I guess that the perfect moment to be very true. I just met you personally this year, but I am getting distracted with images of you...and me...well you know... together. Probably if given the chance I will do whatever to provide happiness in anyway that I can, no bulI$h*+, promise.

I thank the gift of words, so that I can express things that can get clogged up in my system. And if I don't share them, it would be bad for me. I been thinking of doing this several times, and I think I made a good choice. I believe in Serendipity, in unexpected love that comes, when you least expected it. Sorry for being a hopeless romantic, I been quite lonely in my life having to be jolly and fun for everyone, but I guess I have to let myself into the feeling of love also.

I think this is now my time to love, and you are that one I've been patiently waiting for. I know, we still barely know each other but its a chance I'd like to take, and hopefully you will too. I will let love take its pace. I like to start it first with a great friendship, because I think this is the best foundation of a good relationship. Well I am no expert, I hardly had a romantic relationship in my life which makes me a noob. 

Well, I don't want to bore you with my endless fustrations of life and love. But I think this serves as your first notification that you caught my attention, you are now someone special to me and I hope soon, you will feel that. 

Why Fireworks? Well, its simple, you happen to bring that whole new spark in my life. To do things again that I love, to push me beyond my confort zones and to be able to face my fears while your blazing grace sooths all of the negativity away. The moment would be short but leaves an eternal imprint in me that will never be erased. 

It's the new year now, 2014, and I do hope that this year I we could at least share some time, some moments, probably movies or dinner, walk together, and probably talk and share ideas. I'm happy with that and I hope you will too. 

Because I am too shy to admit that I love you.

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