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I heard the new Starbucks planner is now up for grabs...Its more of a tradition now to have the planner that I know many are coveting to have one. As a matter of fact I never had one, but really want to have one! If you may notice, starbucks has become more of the casual lifestyle of the modern pinoy. This proves the booming number of starbucks stores, the people experiencing the flavor of frappé and cappuccino which is not now exclusive to the sosyal people. So I would say that this brand has been a flavorful treat like a pat on the back after a hard days work.


füdfÿt: Dare to be Fit 'n Right at Taste Asia!

Dare to be Fit 'n Right at Taste Asia!

As the holidays approaches, its actually good to know that you can stay or be fit even it may seen impossible or frustrating. We maybe familiar with all the weight loss and exercise products and medicines in the market that, in which most cases fail to maintain or achieve the real results or what we can really call "fit". Well, Del Monte Fit 'n Right juice drinks and fruit snack is for you!

You might also wonder why did I feature this on a food portion of the blog, well the Fit & Right products are still considered food or beverage with a good effect on you body. Also, I've been very frustrated with my actions also on how to lose weight. However for this event, its more than the good food and the flowing drinks, it was also a event for fitness with real gym instructors and fitness gurus like Jim Saret (he trains UAAP, PBA and Philippine Olympic Team members to name a few) who gave hands-on examples and exercises that one can do without going to the gym. I was really amazed with thier 4-minute exercise that can burn up to 400 calories in just 10 minutes (even after the work-out, which they call afterburn). They also defined that a fit person is not only with the appearance. Factors such as muscle strenght, flexibility and cardio-ascular endurance are also some of the basis of fitness.

Looking at my figure today, I badly need a reduction of pounds. So I was inspired to do the exercises also with the help of the L-carnetine from Del Monte Fit 'n Right will boost my metabolism plus the calories that will be converted to energy. Hmmm... this actually gave me an idea that I could be the next success story for the Fit 'n Right commercial!

just a simulation...lets compare the results probably after some months...

now for the fun stuff...

good food + good bodies + good and fit lifestyle = GOOD TIMES!

sige kuya takbo!

love the new flavors and sizes!

move over gerald and phil...I will be the next fit & right endorser!

with these snacks so good, you'll forget they will make you fit!

I've been a fan of fit & right since its launch,
and with the new flavors and the 1 litter bottle,
we have more reasons to love this drink!

Also they are inviting everyone to join the Dare to be Fit 'n Right Fun Run on November 22, at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds. There will be 3K, 5K and 10K runs, which will be perfect for competitive and casual runners. One more thing exciting with this event is the chance to win a lenovo laptop in the raffle! Talk about run and win at the same time! Interested like me? well here are some additional information...

To register: For only P300, runners can have thier race packet with the Dare to be Fit 'n Right singlet, race bib, Fit 'n Right Products and a raffle coupon!
Pick your race packet: Race packets are claimed from November 16-20, 2009 at Del Monte Phils., Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig Global City or at CEMG, 3A Vernida 1 Building, 120 Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Those who register after November 16, 2009 can claim their race packets on November 20, 2009 at CEMG.
Run: Official call time for runners is at 4 am in frount of the Music Hall in SM Mall of Asia. Gun start is at 6 am.
1st Place: P10,000 in cash + other prizes + one month free membership in Fitness First.
2nd Place: P5,000 in cash + other prizes + one month free membership in Fitness First.
3rd Place: P3,000 in cash + other prizes + one month free membership in Fitness First.
for more inform,ation, please contact Ms. Marianne Tapales at 8925842 / 8134930 loc . 105 or at 0915-5498282 or e-mail or

A great thing about the race is that Del Monte will donate the proceeds to the victims of the recent typhoon it is truly a win-win situation! Winner in shedding those pounds, winner in staying fit, and winner in helping others.

So do you Dare to be Fit 'n Right?

füdfÿt: OUTBACK treat!

Outback Yumminess!

Coming Home to Outback!




Just looking at the pictures makes my mouth water... as in drooooling! And what would make a perfect day is to take a bite at this scrumptious ... and you want one for free?

Well here is some details from

Exclusive to Hit A Bargain! Facebook members, Outback Steakhouse is giving away ten (10) gift cheques worth P1,000 each!!!

Simply share the Outback Steakhouse promo! The top 10 with the most number of shares/exposures through various forms of media (e.g., blogs, forums, social sites, email, etc.) win!

Make sure to send / submit to Hit A Bargain! (via email: the different sites’ page/s’ “url” where you shared Outback Steakhouse promo. Deadline of submission is on November 15, 2009. The top ten (10) winners will be announced on November 30, 2009.

You may also share this promo ... to at least 20 friends (more is better!) and copy furnish

FREE Outback Privilege Cards await the lucky winners, too! So, start sharing now!

Blog Action Day! Clmate Change!

Today is the day for us to contemplate about what we have done with our planet. No matter how small or big that you have given to pollution, deforestation and abuse of natural resources. You may have heard this a gazillion times in many ways and means, but the more important question that comes with the call is "Have you done your part?".
If that seems to scary or too big for you, why not start small. I also was overwhelmed by the challenge of this questions, so how does one start small and yet contribute globally? Well, I started with a challenge to myself to avoid littering even if the place is already filthy and dirty. I always say to myself that "Why should I contribute to more pollution?". We may be too spoiled that some metro aide or sweeper would clean up our mess. But hey, we are humans, we were made to clean and preserve the earth not to make it more filthier.
See, even a small act of kindness to mother earth can do a lot. And it doesn't stop there, there are more ways to help and contribute and if you feel you can do a good job at these, you would probably take it a step higher by tackling more major areas of concerns in the environment. I also try my best to send this message through my blog, even if there is a small audience. Its better to do something small cause it will provoke you to do more bigger things in the future... a future that I wish to see, more greener and healthier to live in.

One Blogging Nation! Philippine Blog Awards!


fact: I made my first blog post way back on 2003 and I used blogger for it. Thats 3rd year high school. I got to know blogger by a tech magazine, and some blogs I have i the past were kinda short sometimes like a post on twitter.

Now after some years, I have appreciated the life of a blogger and how we are changing the world. The internet was really a liberating space to all people, including me to explore new frontiers. Information comes in fast but there would be a lot of fabricated and misleading ones. However, its popularity and usefulness became rapid. Giving a new dimension on the word media.

A Blog starts by exploring the world through our own eyes and feel the actual events. Take some photos, go in front of the computer, generating a chain of thoughts (well sometimes thinking come firsts while some takes notes), emotions, explanation, and of course humor... clcik POST... then you have a BLOG!

For this event, this paved way to amateur and pro bloggers to converge, meet and geet ika nga. Then the awards were given to the deserving winners, altough some were not present, either they were online at that time. There were a lot of categories that really sparked some interest in me. I also dream of getting a award, but not for now, patience is still a virtue. It was also a night of affirmation of the power of blogs can actuallly save lives. Proven by the recent typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

This event was also when I met kuya Azrael in person. I also had a chance to take a glimpse at Manolo Quezon III, Andy Smith (from qtube), and other online personalities. To the organizers of this event, kudos for your appreciation giving bloggers this opportunity and hope for more in the coming years. And hope that the blogging community will expand further, bring more laughter, and promote peace and factual truths. However don't limit yourself in beaing creative and also to love your blog with youre whole heart so it, like enjoying it.

I have became more active in the internet in the past few years and hope that the trend will be invreasing in numbers, be more responsible and BLOG!

the winners!

soon this blog will be posted there!

one blogging nation

Olympic fever! Samba in Rio de Janeiro!

Its Rio de Janiero!

After the long and gruel wait, millions spent in advertising and promotions, also the tears shed, and with the help of their people and leaders, one emerged victorious in the bout for hosting the 2016 summer Olympic games. The one chosen was RIO DE JANEIRO! Yes, it was the beach city of South America which will actually make history as the 1st city in the continent to host the games. It was really a unpredictable decision since that it rivals the very prepared and impressive showmanship of the city of Madrid. Madrid was a tough contender since it boast of the venues which are 70% and above completed. A shocker to others was the elimination of the city of Chicago of the USA, which was supported by president Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. Oprah Winfrey was also there to show her support however it was short-lived when it was announced to be eliminated in the 1st round. It was swift yet cold-blooded defeat for the Americans. Then another fast swipe for the chance was Tokyo, which promised the green Olympics, yet some experts say it lacks enthusiasm from the public. Then there was two, Madrid and Rio.
Both cities has been aiming for this spot for four times now, yet they still persistent and patient for this day. For Madrid, the King Carlos and also the Prime Minister Zapatero was there for the Spanish bid. And for Rio de Janeiro, the President Luiz da Silva and football legend Pelé, showed their confidence for the Portuguese-speaking Latin Nation. People on both Madrid and Rio waited patiently on the streets (for Rio's case its on the beach). The world is excited until the announcement was made by Jacques Rogge...

and with that, the rest is history...

not a candidate city anymore, because its official...

This actually made me hope that Manila may also have a chance to host the games, since Rio has the same poverty-stricken situation as the Philippines, who knows, for now like Rio de Janiero, we must believe first...

Bagyo na naman! (Awit habang hininitay ang Pasko)

Bagyo na naman!

Bagyo na naman
o kay tulin ng araw
Bagyong Nagdaan
di ba nga nung kailan lang
Nagyong Babagyo
dapat lang paghandaan
Nagyong may Bagyo
tayo na't magtulungan

Bagyo! Bagyo!
Bagyo na naman muli
mga araw na di pinakamimithi
Bagyo! Bagyo!
Bagyo na naman muli
Bayanihan 'siyang maghari

Bagyo na naman
o kay tulin ng araw
Bagyong si Ondoy
di ba nga nung kailan lang
Nagyon si Pepeng
Tayo'y kinakabahan
Nagyon may Bagyo
Buhay ay 'yong ingatan

Bagyo! Bagyo!
Bagyo na naman muli
mga araw na di pinakamimithi
Bagyo! Bagyo!
Bagyo na naman muli
Bayanihan 'siyang maghari

Bayanihan 'siyang maghari!