Blog Action Day! Clmate Change!

Today is the day for us to contemplate about what we have done with our planet. No matter how small or big that you have given to pollution, deforestation and abuse of natural resources. You may have heard this a gazillion times in many ways and means, but the more important question that comes with the call is "Have you done your part?".
If that seems to scary or too big for you, why not start small. I also was overwhelmed by the challenge of this questions, so how does one start small and yet contribute globally? Well, I started with a challenge to myself to avoid littering even if the place is already filthy and dirty. I always say to myself that "Why should I contribute to more pollution?". We may be too spoiled that some metro aide or sweeper would clean up our mess. But hey, we are humans, we were made to clean and preserve the earth not to make it more filthier.
See, even a small act of kindness to mother earth can do a lot. And it doesn't stop there, there are more ways to help and contribute and if you feel you can do a good job at these, you would probably take it a step higher by tackling more major areas of concerns in the environment. I also try my best to send this message through my blog, even if there is a small audience. Its better to do something small cause it will provoke you to do more bigger things in the future... a future that I wish to see, more greener and healthier to live in.

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