One Blogging Nation! Philippine Blog Awards!


fact: I made my first blog post way back on 2003 and I used blogger for it. Thats 3rd year high school. I got to know blogger by a tech magazine, and some blogs I have i the past were kinda short sometimes like a post on twitter.

Now after some years, I have appreciated the life of a blogger and how we are changing the world. The internet was really a liberating space to all people, including me to explore new frontiers. Information comes in fast but there would be a lot of fabricated and misleading ones. However, its popularity and usefulness became rapid. Giving a new dimension on the word media.

A Blog starts by exploring the world through our own eyes and feel the actual events. Take some photos, go in front of the computer, generating a chain of thoughts (well sometimes thinking come firsts while some takes notes), emotions, explanation, and of course humor... clcik POST... then you have a BLOG!

For this event, this paved way to amateur and pro bloggers to converge, meet and geet ika nga. Then the awards were given to the deserving winners, altough some were not present, either they were online at that time. There were a lot of categories that really sparked some interest in me. I also dream of getting a award, but not for now, patience is still a virtue. It was also a night of affirmation of the power of blogs can actuallly save lives. Proven by the recent typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng.

This event was also when I met kuya Azrael in person. I also had a chance to take a glimpse at Manolo Quezon III, Andy Smith (from qtube), and other online personalities. To the organizers of this event, kudos for your appreciation giving bloggers this opportunity and hope for more in the coming years. And hope that the blogging community will expand further, bring more laughter, and promote peace and factual truths. However don't limit yourself in beaing creative and also to love your blog with youre whole heart so it, like enjoying it.

I have became more active in the internet in the past few years and hope that the trend will be invreasing in numbers, be more responsible and BLOG!

the winners!

soon this blog will be posted there!

one blogging nation

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