Why It's More Fun In The Philippines!

There are so many reasons why it is more fun in the Philippines, and aside from breathtaking views, one can find himself in an adventure anywhere and anytime in the country especially when it comes to food tripping. This is why I never get bored of exploring starting from by birthplace and home city Manila.

I also explored several places in the country but I'm looking forward to traveling to more this year. It's indeed fun and addicting at the same time.  It's really more fun in the Philippines!

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REEL DEAL: Chronicle - Alex Russel SPOTLIGHT


A young man flies between the buildings, lifting cars into the air with the power of his mind - based on an original story by director Josh Trank and screenwriter Max Landis, “Chronicle” is the tale of three teens who find a power beyond their imagination, and the struggle they face in learning to control it.

Like so many of us, they’re obsessed with chronicling their lives, however mundane – or in their case, however extraordinary.  For Andrew, Matt and Steve have stumbled upon something beyond their – or anyone’s – understanding. They’re now capable of, well, almost anything.  They can move objects just by thinking about them, crush cars through force of will.  They learn to fly…the ultimate wish fulfillment, until things get dark.

As the story opens, Matt is a cynical, know-it-all, too-cool-to-care teen.  But like his two new cohorts, Matt undergoes radical changes after an encounter with a mysterious force leaves him with incredible powers.  The two other members of the newly empowered high school trio are Matt’s cousin, Andrew (portrayed by Dane Dehaan), and campus king Steve (Michael B. Jordan).  Australian actor Alex Russell reflects on playing the all-American high schooler in the following q&a:

Q: It's not like a traditional Marvel or DC superhero movie.  Was that part of the attraction?
A: You get to do all these incredible action sequences.  You get to do superhero stuff, but the characters are so layered. Not to say that isn't always the case, but if there's a superhero movie the prime thing is to sell that aspect of it—the superpowers and the function of a superhero. This is more about characters learning about themselves and developing as people. It's interesting to think about what Matt, Andrew and Steve would have been like if they hadn't had  superpowers. 

LAKBAYAN: Boracay Garden Resort offers 70% off room rates

Boracay Garden Resort offers 70% off room ratesat the 19th Travel Tour Expo

Visit Henann Resorts’ booth at the 19th Travel Tour Expo (TTE) at the SMX Convention Center from February 17 to 19 and get as much as 70% discount on Boracay Garden Resort’s packages. Based on twin sharing, pay as low as P3,812 net per person for a three-day stay in a deluxe room. The package is inclusive of two-night accommodation, roundtrip transfers via Caticlan, and daily breakfast and dinner.

Boracay Garden Resort is a subsidiary of Henann Resorts, owner and operator of Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Spa, Regency Lagoon Resort, Boracay and Henann Resort at Alona Beach Bohol.

The resort rests on a two-hectare property located at the center of Station 2. It has 201 well-appointed deluxe and premiere rooms with charming and elegant interiors. It features premiere rooms with direct access to the pool and family rooms that can fit up to six persons.

Quick Blogs: Facebook and Other Sites Down

After going home, the first thing I did is to check on m accounts especially mail and facebook which are my main channels of communications to friends and clients. However, I just wondered why I cannot access Facebook and Hotmail. I thought the internet was not really available but when going to other sites like google and plurk, everything is doing fine.

After ranting and asking on twitter about this hassle, me and blogger/online friends found out that the reason for this is the connection which is provided by Globe. No word or official annoucement was made about the outage but areas affected includes Metro Manila, Bulacan, Pangasinan and Cavite. 

As of the moment, Yahoo, Hotmail and Facebook are the main sites that I (on my end). I hope this is addressed and fixed soon as we do depend on these sites not only for socializing but also for business and network building. I think I will just sleep and hope to be able to log in to facebook via my dreams...


PAGTUTULUNGAN.ORG: Bloggers' Meet Up With World Vision Philippines

Many people would think that helping others requires one to be materially blessed and stable. That is how many people see the world right now. And it was a great pleasure to be invited to a great organization that sets its eyes on promoting a holistic approach in helping poor communities especially the children who needs education and nutrition.

World Vision actively promotes education to underprivileged children and  malnourished kids. And aside from those they also provide sustainable livelihood and spiritual support. In the Bloggers' meet last Jan 26, I got to know more about world vision aside from its booths found in malls. 

Though it is an international organization, they make sure that they provide programs that fit Filipino needs. Also its not that hard to sponsor a child which is basically 20 pesos a day! I do want to have a sponsored child soon when I have a stable income so I can be consistent virtual parent which can follow the footsteps of community heroes like Efren Penaflorida, who is a World Vision sponsored child back then.
They have reached 33 provinces and 44 cities, but the mission does not stop there because there are still a lot of people and places needing help to survive  but also to help themselves out of poverty and despair.
Like World Vision on Facebook and visit their Website at http://www.worldvision.org.ph/

EastWest Bank Lookson a Great Yearand Looks Forward For A Greater One

Seventeen years since it first opened its doors to the public, EastWest Bank is now one of the country’s fastest growing and most profitable banking institutions.

The year 2011 was marked with performance milestones that have set the stage for a bigger and bolder 2012 for one of the country’s top performing banks.

From 2006 to 2011, EastWest Bank has displayed exceptional growth. In 2006, the bank registered total assets of P30 billion. As of last year, the bank has over P90 billion total registered assets which is a compounded annual growth rate of around 29 percent since 2006.

Last year, the bank made great strides in its core businesses which exhibited healthy growth. Unaudited figures as of December 2011 show that bank deposits grew by 16.9% year-on-year while corporate loans moved up 11.2% on the same period. The bank also saw a 24.9% year-on-year increase in consumer loans as of the last quarter of 2011. 

REEL DEAL: Contraband - Mark Walberg SPOTLIGHT

Mark  Wahlberg produces and plays  “Chris Farraday” in Baltasar Kormakur’s  CONTRABAND

For Contraband, Director Baltasar Kormákur employed the same casting technique he used during the years he made movies in his home country.  Rather than choosing an actor by his or her looks, the director casts according to the performer’s personality.  “I like to find the core of people,” he says.  “The outer appearance is less important.  What is the person?  You try to figure that out and make that right for the character.”  

The first actor cast was the same man to whom the director brought his ideas for a film inspired by the one in which he last performed.  Kormákur commends: “Mark Wahlberg has a mixture of boyish charm and toughness, and you believe him as a blue-collar guy.  Chris has actually walked out of the criminal world, but then he’s forced back in.  That’s the great thing about heist-thrillers.  It’s great to see people step outside the norm and do something that the rest of us wouldn’t do.”

Describing his character, Wahlberg explains: “Chris is definitely a thinker, but he is not afraid to raise his voice or get his hands dirty.”  For Wahlberg, when his character finds himself back in the game, and possibly over his head, that’s when the fun begins.  He offers: “Chris is continuing to try to figure out a way to survive, to still solve the problem and then get his ass home to his wife and kids.”

What drew you to this project?

I saw the original movie and really liked it a lot.  These are the kind of movies I like to watch, with the kind of characters I like to play. Now our new thing is to try to find cool European films, obtain the rights and remake them.

Can you describe your character, Chris Farraday?

He is just a good, hard-working guy trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately, his brother-in-law is not the sharpest guy around so Chris has to go back and clean up his mess. This forces him back into the world of smuggling.

XSTIG: 3D Vizion

New technology gives Philippine ad industry a much needed make-over

Something new has just landed on Philippines’ shores, and it’s all set to drive things towards a more interesting direction.

In a world where the medium has become the message all on its own, the Philippine advertising industry has a new platform for brands to shine on.

Advertising over the years

A world that prides itself on being able to reshape people’s lives, the advertising industry has found ways to subvert the common avenues of TV, radio and print for more strategic dissemination of information. Subversion and disruption are keywords for the advertising industry because with the growing sophistication of the mass market—one that is just as tech savvy—there is a real need to rise above the noise and clutter. 

LAKBAYAN: Puerto Princesa Underground River is Officially One of the New 7 Wonders of Nature!

ITS OFFICIAL! After being announced as one of the provisional contenders of the New 7 Wonders of Nature announced this January 28 by Mayor Edward Hagedorn, also confirmed by N7WN President Bernard Weber, who is also impressed with the site after visiting it months ago. With intense campaign from various organizations including the Department of Tourism, Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUG) was successfully pushed by the Philippine online community as votes are made online. 

Also in the New 7 Wonders of Nature list are the Amazon, Halong Bay, Iguazo Falls, Jeju Island, Komodo, and Table Mountain. Mayor Hagedorn also thanked President Aquino and other officials who helped in the campaign. At the start of the nominations, several natural sites were also pushed by Pinoys like Mayon Volcano, Tubataha Reef and Chocolate Hills to name a few.

Government officials said to have an official announcement on Monday. The prestige of being on the New 7 Wonders of Nature will indeed help boost tourism in Puerto Princesa and Palawan but also aims to teach people the importance of nature.

With this triumph, we love to have this now as an itinerary for LAKBAYAN this year 2012!



A certified ensemble of hit filmmakers takes the romantic-action genre a notch higher in “This Means War” starring Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy where best friends CIA agents and best friends discover that they are dating the same woman which ultimately affects both their professional and personal lives.

Filmmakers director McG whose worldwide hits include “Charlie’s Angels,” “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” and “Terminator Salvation,” screen scribe Simon Kinberg who penned the incredibly thrilling films “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “”X-Men: The Last Stand,” “Jumper” and “Sherlock Holmes,” and Will Smith as the film’s producer lock forces to create another unprecedented romantic-action-comedy movie in “This Means War.” 

In “This Means War,” Reese Witherspoon plays Lauren, a very decisive woman, but in her romantic life she's just a disaster. The man she moved from Atlanta with ended up leaving her, shattering her heart and crushing her spirits. Having been unable to date, her best friend Trish (Chelsea Handler) finally decides to help her to enter the dating world again.

PAGTUTULUNGAN.ORG: WFP Continues Relief for Washi (Sendong) Victims

Photo Credit: WFP/Voltaire Domingo/Philippines
WFP Assists in the Philippine Government’s Tropical Storm Washi Efforts Philippine President Benigno Aquino III, Vice President Jejomar Binay, and Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman are joined by World Food Programme Regional Director for Asia Kenro Oshidari, WFP Philippines Country Director and Representative Stephen Anderson, WFP Philippines Iligan City sub-office head Baicon Macaraya, and WFP National Ambassador Against Hunger KC Concepcion during groundbreaking rites at the Barangay Sta. Elena relocation site at Iligan City. WFP is supporting the government's relief and early recovery efforts for persons highly affected by Tropical Storm Washi. 

For more details see: http://www.wfp.org/rss Twitter: @wfp_asia and @wfp_philippines and @wfp_media Facebook: WFP Philippines

Also we like to encourage you to send your own videos about WFP and how hunger can be the most solvable problem today. Will post my video very soon! Now we have fellow blogger Flow Galindez to share his thoughts.




Three ordinary teenagers suddenly become powerful after a night in the woods upon close encounter with an unidentified underground phenomenon in “Chronicle.”

“Chronicle” is as real as it gets introducing the audience to Andrew (Dane Dehaan), Matt (Alex Russell) and Steve (Michael B. Jordan) – recognizable teens, each with a distinctive personality and each facing relatable challenges that come with being in high school, forming new friendships, and exploring new facets of their ever-changing lives.  They’re imperfect, awkward, and a little reckless. 
Their discovery leads them to acquire powerful telekinetic abilities; in graphic novel parlance, they have superpowers. They’re now capable of, well, almost anything.  They can move objects just by thinking about them, crush cars through force of will.  They learn to fly…the ultimate wish fulfillment.  Then things get dark.  
One of these teens could be you or could be amongst those close to us or our acquaintances.  Dane DeHaan unleashes a powerful creeping performance as one of the lead stars in “Chronicle” and explains further his character, Andrew.

Q: Can you tell us about your character?
A: Andrew is a poor kid who comes from a rough family background. His mom is really sick and his dad is on disability from being a firefighter so for him, things are really tough. But his circumstances extend to other areas of his life as well. He is, by all means, a loser in school and not just a kid who goes under the radar, but the kind of kid that people really go out of their way to make fun of and bully. In that way he's a victim. 

Q: Do you think he struggles with the responsibility of the power?
A: Yes, but it’s not  a case of “How responsible am I going to be with this power?” I think he just really enjoys having power, messing around and finally having friends. It does, in the end, overtake him. 

Q: Is it more fun to play a character that is conflicted?
A: It's always fun to play a complicated character, definitely. It's not always fun to go to dark places, but it's always fun to play a character who has such an extreme arc, who goes through so much. I don't think I've ever played a character like him.

Q: How was the dynamic with the other actors?
A: It's good. I always try to form some sort of relationship with the people I work with that mimics the relationship I have with them in the movie. I think we did a pretty good job of that. Michael, Alex and I have all become pretty close and friendly; we all have our inside jokes and we can poke fun at each other. We can hang out and have a good time. Doing that in our personal lives away from work has definitely had a positive influence on the movie.

Q: It's a strange mix of a big action movie with the sensibilities of a character piece.
A: Yes, I think the movie does an incredibly good job of taking the concept, somebody getting superpowers, and dealing with that in a very realistic way. If a group of teens in real life actually got superpowers they would mess around with it, see how much fun they could have with it and eventually it would probably all spin out of control because they've been given way too much power. I think the reality of it is what truly drew me in.

Q: What's it been like working with your director, Josh Trank, in his first film?
A: It was my first time working with a first time director. There is definitely an excitement and energy that goes along with that. I think that one of the cool things about the project is that we're all around the same age in real life. All of us are still beginning our careers in many ways. Even though all of the actors have done other movies and TV shows we still have a youthful, “go get 'em,” attitude. Josh matches that. In many ways he's much more of a peer than any other director. He's going through it for the first time, like us. There's definitely an excitement to that.

Q: There’s a really interesting shooting style to the film, with the characters filming all of the scenes – how has that been to work with?
A: It's great. It's another reason why the film is so inventive. It's found a way to do this kind of handheld stuff but used the reality of the circumstances to make it less dizzying and less gritty. It's really interesting how every camera movement in the movie is really motivated and grounded in reality, as much as the plot and the characters and all the other elements.  
Intense till the end, “Chronicle” opens February 2 in theaters (108) nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

REEL DEAL: The Darkest Hour (3D) REVIEW

2012 is marked it its first "end of the world" movie with THE DARKEST HOUR (3D in selected cinemas). Starring Emile Hirsch, Max Minghella, Olivia Thirlby, and Rachael Taylor

Two young American men travel to Moscow to sell their social networking/party finding software only to find their software is already being sold by the Russian team they were to sell it to, led by a Swedish businessman. While commiserating in the company of attractive women they and many other people see an aurora-like apparition in the sky.

The group now finds themselves in a race to survive with almost the world population wiped out not only in Moscow but other cities as well. With invisible enemies around them and with no place to run or hide, how will they survive this catastrophe? 

EastWest Bank new logo heralds corporate rebranding

EastWest Bank recently launched its new corporate signature signaling new levels in its corporate strategy and the transformation of its value proposition to one that will ring closer to its customers’ needs, encapsulated in the brand promise, “We make good things happen.”

The new brandmark is one of the results of months of in-depth brand assessment and audit by FutureBrand, the Singapore-based international branding expert commissioned by EastWest Bank. Its signature color is a light, fresh green symbolizing renewal and fresh growth, with purple and magenta rounding off the arrows. The colors are considered unique and a visual standout in a field of reds, blues and yellows typically favored by other financial institutions.

EastWest Bank president and CEO Antonio C. Moncupa, Jr. said “the new logo was created from two arrows representing the directions of the bank’s name, coming together to symbolize the relationship between bank and customer, in the heart of which good things happen. It also communicates our intent to become a world-class service provider, and our focus on customer benefits and aspirations consistent with our new brand tagline, ‘Your Dream. Our Focus.’”

EastWest Bank chairman of the board Jonathan T. Gotianun said “the rebranding exercise is part of our holistic effort to bring EastWest Bank to a higher level of performance, competitiveness and strength. It is not just about changing our logo or adopting new corporate colors. Our brand represents the value the bank delivers to our customers and our brand promise to them. We hope this rebranding effort will help focus our energies and align all our efforts consistently and more effectively towards delivering our brand promise to our customers.”

Quick Blogs: Whitening Challenge Accepted

Just finished going to two events (EastWest Bank and Soyami Chips) today and will hit the sack in just a few minutes because I have to wake up early. But before that I took on the challenge of a whitening set from FaceOne which uses stem cell technology to help repair and clean the skin. Its just funny to see the name of one of the creams, FAIR WELL MY FRIEND. Maybe wishing me good luck on this challenge. Lets see how effective this is. Will post updates in the following days.

For now, Good Night and Fair Well my Friends! 
this made me smile

ART IS A BANG: Call for Entries for Manila Archdiocese Painting Competition

Young Filipino artists will have a chance to showcase their talent and passion for the art at the Manila archdiocese’s 5th annual painting competition.

Organized by the archdiocese’s Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church, the contest has actually started last December and scheduled to end this month.

The theme for this year’s competition is “The Rosary, its Mysteries and the Filipino Family.” The contest is open to Filipino students and out-of-school youths, ages 15 to 25 years old. Organizers said the contest hopes to foster contemporary artistic interpretations of the Catholic faith particularly among young artists, and seeks to promote awareness and appreciation of religious art.

The first prize-winner will take home P40,000. The second placer will receive P30,000. The winner for third place will receive P20,000. Three “Juror’s Choices” will also receive P10,000 each.

Submission of artwork entries is on Jan. 27, 2012 at the Museo ng Arkidiyosesis ng Maynila in Intramuros, Manila. Awarding of winners will be on February 4, 2012.

Entry forms for those who are still interested to join are available at the MACC office, in selected schools and parishes, or may be downloaded at the archdiocese’s official website www.rcam.org . [CBCPNews]

MUSIC LYF: Christian Bautista Goes "First Class"

Diamond Asiansation Christian Bautista is all set to release his latest album "First Class: Outbound Expanded Edition". This album includes 9 new tracks, 5 hits from "Outbound" and 3 of Christian’s earlier hits- "The Way You Look At Me," "Hands To Heaven" and "Since I Found You".

"Beautiful To Me", the carrier single of this latest release, features Miss Universe 3rd Runner-Up Shamcey Supsup, in a music video. 

YOU CAN START VOTING FOR IT ONLINE! To vote for the MV, register on http://www.myxph.com/ & go to the POLLS box. Type in BEAUTIFUL TO ME CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA.

FREE Christian Bautista 'Beautiful To Me' RINGBACK TONE. GLOBE users text UD497 send to 2332. SMART users text FTME send to 2728.

Christian Bautista 'Beautiful To Me' RINGBACK TONE for SUN users. P15 for 15 days: Text GetSong 6152015 to 2728.

from: Universal Records Philippines

HEALTHY LYF: Hooked on Phiten

Being a blogger takes a toll mostly on health because we usually stay up late and a also stay in front of the computer for hours and even almost the whole day. That is why w are the usual victims of sickness such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Back aches and also muscle pains.

The True Benefits of Phiten Accessories

Most brands need a certain claim in order to market and sell its products. Some of these products however go overboard with its claims which fuel misconceptions and trickery. One such brand that does not sacrifice honesty in their claims for sales is the Phiten brand of wellness and sports accessories, and true enough, this has managed to help keep them stay on top of the market.

REEL DEAL: The Force is Back in 3D


From visionary filmmaker George Lucas, “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace” is back with an immersive 3D dimension for a richer cinematic experience.

Following the first acclaimed and hugely successful Star Wars films, ”Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace was released in 1999.  The movie starred Liam Neeson as Qui-Gon Jinn and Ewan McGregor as his apprentice Obi-Wan-Kenobi, a determined young Jedi Knight. Natalie Portman played Queen Amidala. Jake Lloyd starred as Anakin Skywalker. It is a fantastically exciting adventure set 32 years before the events of the original.  Writer, director and producer George Lucas is the creator of the phenomenally successful Star Wars saga and the Indiana Jones   series. Lucas directed his first feature film, THX 1138, in 1970. In 1971, Lucas formed his own film company, Lucasfilm Ltd. In 1973, he co-wrote and directed AMERICAN GRAFFITI. Four years later, Lucas wrote and directed STAR WARS, which broke all box office records and earned seven Oscars.

The Star Wars saga is a modern-day fairy tale reflecting the vision of George Lucas.  Lucas imbued this new myth with pieces of American pop culture, including movie westerns, swashbucklers and – for seasoning – Japanese samurai epics.  Star Wars was also a reaction against Watergate, Vietnam and other periods of domestic turmoil that seemed to undermine the concept of the hero for disillusioned Americans.


Based on a great Icelandic movie Reykjavik-Rotterdam, a different way to see the importance of family. What happens whens a simple family life gets involved into a complicated world of gangsters, drugs and smuggling.

Mark Wahlberg leads the cast of Contraband, a white-knuckle action-thriller about a man trying to stay out of a world he worked hard to leave behind and the family he’ll do anything to protect. Set in New Orleans, the film explores the cutthroat underground world of international smuggling—full of desperate criminals and corrupt officials, high-stakes and big payoffs—where loyalty rarely exists and death is one wrong turn away. 

Chris Farraday (Wahlberg) long ago abandoned his life of crime, but after his brother-in-law, Andy (Caleb Landry Jones), botches a drug deal for his ruthless boss, Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi), Chris is forced back into doing what he does best—running contraband—to settle Andy’s debt. Chris is a legendary smuggler and quickly assembles a crew with the help of his best friend, Sebastian (Ben Foster), to head to Panama and return with millions in counterfeit bills.


2012 starts with a "thorny" story which is love. Like a cactus, it causes pain, suffering, and injury. In the enf will there be a happy ending.

This is what Star Cinema is presenting for their first movie of the year 2012, MY CACTUS HEART. Starring the hottest stars Matteo Guidecelli, Xian Lim and Maja Salvador! The story of Sandy (Maja) who grew up in a unconventional family. She doesn't beleive in happily ever after. She believe that love only gives heartaches and  grew into a chronic 'mambabasted' (heartbreaker). What what if someone comes along and will make her question what she believes in? Can that someone change her jaded heart?

"This is Maja at her best!", this is what other say after watching rushes of MY CACTUS HEART. Not surprizing at all since we all know Maja is one of the most talented actresses we have around. Maja seems to have dominated and tried all genres like drama, comedy, horror and romance. Her teleseryes last 2011 were all top raters like IMPOSTOR and MINSAN LANG KITA IIBIGIN, and has another teleserye LUMAYO KA MAN SA AKIN in the Kapamilya Gold block. 

REEL DEAL: Munting Heredera Finale

Munting Heredera ends incredible nine-month long journey

After months of dominating on primetime, GMA-7’s Munting Heredera concludes its successful nine-month journey with a nerve-racking finale week from January 30 to February 3.

Intended to run for only 13 weeks, the Kapuso family drama received several extensions after consistently topping ratings charts. The show garnered its highest audience share last August 30, 2011 with an overwhelming 49.5 points among Mega Manila households according to AGB Nielsen (based on May 9, 2011 to January 17, 2012 Mega Manila households data). To this day, Munting Heredera remains at the top of its game as it continues to register high ratings relative to its competition. 

Likewise the show made its presence felt on the internet as netizens avidly followed and discussed the many twists and turns in the story. 

From the show’s basic plot, which tells of a grandmother searching for her missing heiress, the writers of Munting Heredera headed by Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan and its award-winning director, Maryo J. delos Reyes were able to make the story even more engaging by introducing new characters and sub-stories.