Quick Blogs: Facebook and Other Sites Down

After going home, the first thing I did is to check on m accounts especially mail and facebook which are my main channels of communications to friends and clients. However, I just wondered why I cannot access Facebook and Hotmail. I thought the internet was not really available but when going to other sites like google and plurk, everything is doing fine.

After ranting and asking on twitter about this hassle, me and blogger/online friends found out that the reason for this is the connection which is provided by Globe. No word or official annoucement was made about the outage but areas affected includes Metro Manila, Bulacan, Pangasinan and Cavite. 

As of the moment, Yahoo, Hotmail and Facebook are the main sites that I (on my end). I hope this is addressed and fixed soon as we do depend on these sites not only for socializing but also for business and network building. I think I will just sleep and hope to be able to log in to facebook via my dreams...


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