XSTIG: 3D Vizion

New technology gives Philippine ad industry a much needed make-over

Something new has just landed on Philippines’ shores, and it’s all set to drive things towards a more interesting direction.

In a world where the medium has become the message all on its own, the Philippine advertising industry has a new platform for brands to shine on.

Advertising over the years

A world that prides itself on being able to reshape people’s lives, the advertising industry has found ways to subvert the common avenues of TV, radio and print for more strategic dissemination of information. Subversion and disruption are keywords for the advertising industry because with the growing sophistication of the mass market—one that is just as tech savvy—there is a real need to rise above the noise and clutter. 

An inevitable call for transformation

Since the invention of television in the 1920s, screens are the preferred method for wide-scale distribution of ideas and messages. History shows us that TV has more than proved its effectiveness as a great tool for marketing not just products and services, but people and even beliefs as well— allowing individuals to affect not just their personal timelines but that of the world’s as well. Art and great thinkers recognized that the television was the way of getting into people’s minds and hearts. But when Andy Warhol predicted that “in the future, everyone will get their 15 minutes of fame,” he stumbled unto the underlying power of the internet.

However, nearly a century after it made big waves and changed the global landscape, television has lost some of its power to move people. More people are on the internet and on YouTube then there are still watching their televisions. The screens are different, but the experience is still the same.

Enter glasses-free 3D screens—a revolutionary platform that holds big promises for advertising professionals and companies. Dubbed as the “future platform of advertising,” glasses-free 3D screens make such an imprint among its audience that multiple studies can do nothing else but emphasize the marketing value of this selling tool. Because it redefines the viewing experience. What was once a flat plane is now a living playground of stories and colors. 

“Glasses-free 3D screens leave such a lasting imprint that studies have shown that it is 10 times more effective more than regular 2D media,” shares Katrina Bantug, President and CEO of 3D Vizion. “A US study discovered that when used in a mall, the sales of the brand featured in the glasses-free 3D screen went up at least 12% in addition to the store reporting a 34% increase in consumer traffic.”

Imagine watching your favorite 3D movie. Only this time, with more realistic, crisp images and minus the hassle of wearing those bothersome red and blue glasses—glasses-free 3D screens create an entirely new consumer experience that has yet to be offered by any other media out there, regardless of their interactive values. Images that pop out of the screen. Images so realistic, it allows you to perceive and understand the product as it is.

“We cannot overemphasize how powerful this new tool is,” explains Katrina Bantug. “Glasses-free 3D is the future not just of advertising but of viewable media, as a whole. These screens do not just transport the message; it explains it, in all its glory, using compelling images that are sure to leave a lasting mark on the minds of the viewers.” 

3D Vizion’s vision

The arrival of glasses-free 3D in the Philippines certainly opens a whole new era for the advertising industry. Using ground-breaking system that takes the best of high-definition 2D and combines it with the latest in 3D technology, a budding company called 3D Vizion is well on its way to revolutionize the business—putting the country at par with other first world nations.

“When we decided to pursue this, we had only one intention in mind—to come up with a company, that will revolutionize the way we do advertising here in the country—to provide our countrymen with the best available technology out there,” adds Katrina. “Myself, Mr. Mohan Kulkarni and DEMIKK Holdings, Inc., as represented by Ruben Tiu, came up with this idea of having a fully-operational Filipino company that offers world-class, first-class products and services.”

3D Vizion uses proprietary technology to provide companies with a revolutionary platform that they can use not just to catch attention, but ultimately, to generate sales. Because of this, the company has been getting a lot of attention from other organizations who want to get the word out of their offerings, likewise 3D Vizion’s technology is slowly being recognized as the new standard platform for more cost-efficient yet undeniably effective mass marketing efforts.
In addition, multiple studies have found that similar technology has a proven track record of heightened engagement, yielding 92% in memory retention among audience, with 68% of said statistics displaying a higher probability of following the experience with a purchase. Studies conducted in other industries, such as education also prove the effectiveness of the medium in making people perceive, understand and remember ideas.

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