Friendly Reminders for Devotees of the Black Nazarene

Here are some tips and warnngs that devotees and tourists should keep in mind when going to the feast of the Black Nazarene (Translacion 2012) in Quiapo and Luneta.

1. Pack less- don't bring unnecessary devices  that can be targets by snatchers.

2. Bring a towel and water umbrella and extra shirt - rain or shine it is still hot and you need to wipe the sweat off. the last two indeed will come in handy.

3. Do bring footwear - though people said its tradition/devotion, do not torture yourself because there are many sharp and rough surfaces along the way.

4. Place your backpack in front - aside from professional snatchers there are also "slashers"

5. When planning to be a "mamamasan" (rope pullers) - better to have a group to always know where you are and know if you are OK.

6. For mass goes - to get inside the church it would take 1 mass to go in 1 mass to go out.

7. Know places in the Quiapo/Sta Cruz area - with swarms of people better know escape alleys and places to avoid also.

8. Bring candies and a mini first aid kit - better be safe even on your own. Candie help remove nausea.

9. Organize your things before going - this will save the hassle of looking for money, food and religious items. 
10. Be vigilant - though it a enriching faith experience to celebrated with solemnity. Crooks might take advantage of you even while in prayer.

For those who want to stay at home and avoid the chaos live streaming is available at and

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