2012 starts with a "thorny" story which is love. Like a cactus, it causes pain, suffering, and injury. In the enf will there be a happy ending.

This is what Star Cinema is presenting for their first movie of the year 2012, MY CACTUS HEART. Starring the hottest stars Matteo Guidecelli, Xian Lim and Maja Salvador! The story of Sandy (Maja) who grew up in a unconventional family. She doesn't beleive in happily ever after. She believe that love only gives heartaches and  grew into a chronic 'mambabasted' (heartbreaker). What what if someone comes along and will make her question what she believes in? Can that someone change her jaded heart?

"This is Maja at her best!", this is what other say after watching rushes of MY CACTUS HEART. Not surprizing at all since we all know Maja is one of the most talented actresses we have around. Maja seems to have dominated and tried all genres like drama, comedy, horror and romance. Her teleseryes last 2011 were all top raters like IMPOSTOR and MINSAN LANG KITA IIBIGIN, and has another teleserye LUMAYO KA MAN SA AKIN in the Kapamilya Gold block. 

In the Bloggers' meet up with Maja Matteo, and Direk Enrico Santos, Maja is witty and occasionally talks about her dream to be a recording artist. The movie's soundtrack "Kaba" was sung by Matteo which Maja also wanted to have her own rendition. During the presscon she is indeed lively and a great potential talk show host. This makes her personality a perfect fit for her role in MY CACTUS HEART.

MY CACTUS HEART is also special for it is Matteo's first starring role. He also part of prime shows with Xian Lim in MY BINONDO GIRL. From being known as a racer in his early years has now become a great actor. Xian Lim also shines as his career also rockets after pairing with Kim Chui in My Binondo Girl. He plays the role of Bene, one of the two men who will try to win over Sandy's 'cactus' heart.
With this exciting love story and fresh casting combination, MY CACTUS HEART is proudly presented by Star Cinema. Directed by Enrico Santos, to be shown nationwide in over 100 theaters on January 25, 2012!
Here are some clips on the Bloggers' Presscon at MAx's Scout Albano. enjoy!

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