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MARDI GRAS at the Central Colleges of the Philippines!

Last year, I blogged about the schools foundation day although I was quite busy knowing the activities, but since I became more involved with the school this year, we had meetings on how the foundation day will be celebrated and the theme is now MARDI GRAS as it falls near the great celebrations this February. 
The Central Colleges of the Philippines will celebrate its 57th founding anniversary with a lot of activities like battle of the bands, school fair, and a lot of interesting booths! This is one big celebration that you should not miss! I will be posting the schedule of activities in a few days, so tell your friends to visit CCP and have a great party! CARNIVAL!
Remember the date February 10-12, 2011.

ART IS A BANG: Ani ng Sining Philippine Arts Festival 2011!

Its almost February and we can have a lot of fun with Art at the Philippine International Arts Festival 2011, check on the poster for schedules and activities! And to kick it off, they have this event this January 30 and the festival runs the whole month! So art lovers arise!

Blah Blah Blogs: Ang Tunay na BBB!

Unang una, nais ko sabihin na ang nag-iisa at walang katulad na BBB ay walang iba kundi ang BLAH BLAH BLOGS! Halos malurkey na ang buong blog world dito sa Pinas sa pagsulpot ng issue ng Big Bad Blogger, nung una ay hindi naman siguro kailangang pagusapan pa ang ganitong balita dahil medyo madalas na mangyari na ang  mga ito, ngunit sa pagkakataon na ito, napansin ko sa loob lamang ng kaunting panahon, tulad ng apoy ay kumalat at lumaki na ito hanang nakaabot sa sa iba't ibang sulok. Nahihiwagaan pa rin ang karamihan, kasama na ako sa tunay na Big Bad Blogger (ayokong isulat na BBB dahil blah blah blogs ito, oks lang kahit mag type pa ako ng extra).  


Tila nabulabog ang ang Zodiac universe sa pagsali ng Ophiucus sa horoscope. Pero sa totoo lang, matagal na palang nakapwesto dun ang constelation ngunit hindi na ito na-consider na mapabilang sa super elite group ng zodiac. Ang ibig sabihin ng Ophiucus ay "serpent-bearer" at hawak nito ang Constelation na Seprens. Ngunit kahit kadikit na ito ang iba pang signs ay hindi na ito binilang. 
Kailan lang ito napagusapan muli nang nabangit sa isang pagaaral na nag-'shift' ang posisyon ng mundo sa kalawakan matapos ang ilang dang siglo at dapat na daw ibilang ang Ophiucus sa zodiac. At sa ganitong pangyayari, makaling shift din ang naganap sa zodiac dates at horospope. Pero paliwanag ng mga Astrologers, hindi naman sa posisyon ng mga bituin nababatay ang horoscope at astronomy kundi sa pwesto ng mga planeta na bihira naman magpalit ng pwesto sa labas ng kanilang orbit.
Kung gayunman, nakaktuwang isipin na marami ang nahumaling dito, parang nung isang linggo lamang ay nataranta…

ART IS A BANG: Pasinaya 2011 at CCP

Venue : All CCP Venues
Time : 9:00 am - 6:00 pm Date : Feb 6 2011

The most popular one day multi-arts festival features more than 80 shows and 2000 participating artists led by the Resident Companies of the CCP. Artists perform previews of the upcoming music, theater and dance season. The festival also features visual arts exhibits, film screenings, storytelling sessions, an arts and crafts market. All you can see, pay what you can.
Suggested donation: Php 20.00. Priority Pass: Php100.00

Lyf's Guide to Commuting: Ferry Joy Ride

I love going to new places, however since I'm always busy with a lot of things however I actually got a chance to ride the pasig river ferry service. Yep you heard it right, this ferry goes trough the pasig river. My original location was Intramuros where one station, Plaza Mexico is located. I was very fustrated with the traffic in road at that time and tried to go on a cruise on that ferry service. I was aware that this service is already operational however I never tried to go on board. Well it was really a new feeling knowing that you road is the pasig river. And that one fact is I cant swim, so it was one of my hesistations. But because of the need to go to school I had to take a chance to take the ferry service. I was quite impressed about the station and the ferry itself. a fare of 20 pesos is fair for a student from intramuros to the PUP station.
the golden mosque near the river
a boat! a boat!
pandacan oil depot
also part of the oil depot
under the bridge

inside the ferry

Traslacion 2011: The Feast of The Black Nazarene

The ageless tradition lives on of the oldest and probably the longest procession in the country happens again in Manila. And today is my 8th year joining the procession. Thank God that the date falls on a Sunday in which I don't have a shift on that day. Most of us would know what happens on this feast, that there will be a lot of people, not just hundreds, not just thousands but millions! This would make manila the most dense place on that day! Amazingly enough that there are people that actually came from near and far provinces. 

The feast of the Nazareno shows faith and prayers can make a difference. I admit that I have never tried to join in the procession walking on my bare feet but I think i will try that on the next years of the feast. This year, I was not able to start the mass at Luneta, but decided to attend mass. It was the most physically challenging mass as I pass through the sea of devotees to get inside the basilica. I took me almost two masses to get in and out of t…

GIRLS! Do Wanna be Discovered?


REEL DEAL: Gulliver's Travels PLUS Scrat's Continental Crack Up!

When you insert Jack Black into a great classic story, the effect is a LOL-a-thon! We have been familiar with the story written by Jonathan Smith centuries ago. And the classic picture of having a man tied up on the beach by hundreds and hundreds of little people called Lilliputians. Though the story is a fairy tale classic, having this one retold with the modern touch is good and absolutely funny.   The setting of Lilliput actually follows the classic traditions and customs, basically Gulliver is the only thing modern. This makes the clash and a lot of laughs with so many things one could relate to. You would definitely like the Royal Family of Lilliput especially the princesses. You could actually learn a classic word from the nobles, something you can add to your vocabulary. I could say it is a family movie since you could realize values with the turn of events. Though if you would compare it to the classic story, it goes to almost a 270 degree turn. I could definitely say that you …

There is Something I Want You to Know about Minute Maid!

I just drank a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy. They say it’s got ‘no preservatives added’. Aw, c’mon…It’s bottled juice. Is that even possible? So I thought maybe... there is an exception, there could be a way of having natural juice without adding nasty preservatives... hmmm... I want to take another sip just to sure...
I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it’s got no preservatives added.  So I read the ingredients (even the fine print) and everything checked out! It really has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED!  That means it doesn’t have ingredients that may turn out to be allergens, or worse...carcinogens!  Whew! Now that’s healthy goodness that tastes so good, I... was surprized with what I have found and feels at ease knowing that what I drink inside is as real as the real fruit itself! I suddenly remembered that through the years I have been drinking preservatives! Now knowing of a healthy option, so its OK to have it everyday!
So okay, it’s got no preservatives added. That’s really good…

Misa De Gallo Diaries 2010 Day Nine: Long Journey

Day 9: Long Journey 
The last day of simbang gabi was actually the most challenging since I have to search for the last stop for the Misa de Gallo series this 2010. The challenge for me was to find that church in the wee hours of the night as I planned that the final mass should follow the dawn schedule. However, since I do have a shift at 6 am, I need to find a schedule that fits either the 4 or 4:30 schedule to be able to reach the office on time. My first option of course would be the Mandaluyong area but I have explored the nearest parishes and churches in that area. Also St. Francis church in Ortigas masses start at 5:30 am, which is not a good idea. I then decided to go to Makati and check out the churches near Ayala like the Greenbelt chapel but they would start at 5 am. Then also checked the schedules at Don Bosco Makati, it was 4:30 but Makati is along way to go still.  Then I decided to hop to another jeep now going back to Manila and decided to go with Manila Cathedral. Thou…


Get a chance to win laptops or mobile phones with SM Cyberzone’s “I Like” Promo!
Terms and Conditions: 1. Only photos with complete registration details are considered valid to enter the promo. 2. Manipulation or edited photos are not considered valid entries for this promo. 3. All the employees of SM Cyberzone (including its suppliers and distributors), and Mediacom, and the relatives up to 2nd degree of consanguinity and affinity are not qualified in joining the promoAlso, persons reporting regularly to the promoter, sponsor or advertiser under a contract of service and who, by the nature of the service they render may have a direct & personal knowledge of the promo are disqualified from joining. 4. Winners must be residents of the Philippines. 5. SM Cyberzone will collect your personal information to enable it to conduct the offer. In administering such offers, the company usually discloses claimant’s personal information to organizations associated with the offer. All personal detai…

Blah Blah Blogs! JUAN MINUTE!

This 2011, start the year right. be in the spotlight!
Coming this year will be the year I will make video blogs! Presenting JUAN MINUTE!
Details will be given soon... also I want to post some of my plan for this 2011. not like a resolution but goals to achieve this year probably a good way of reminding me what will I do this year  here are my eleven main goals and the sub-goals and mirco-goals will be discussed next time I am very positive to achieve them and they would be very successful.
1. Be nominated for the Philippine Blog Awards 2. Publish the 'Manual to lyf' book 3. Submit an entry (and hopefully win) for the Palanca Awards 4. Win/Buy a new laptop (very needed) 5. Upgrade to a DSLR camera 6. Launch JUAN MINUTE and other video blog projects this year 7. To be/have my radio show 8. To attend WORLD YOUTH DAY in Madrid Spain! 9. To be more active in advocacies and charities this year. 10. To do more projects in cosplay, komiks (KRISIS KOMIX), and Theater  11. To graduate!