Misa De Gallo Diaries 2010 Day Nine: Long Journey


Day 9: Long Journey 

The last day of simbang gabi was actually the most challenging since I have to search for the last stop for the Misa de Gallo series this 2010. The challenge for me was to find that church in the wee hours of the night as I planned that the final mass should follow the dawn schedule. However, since I do have a shift at 6 am, I need to find a schedule that fits either the 4 or 4:30 schedule to be able to reach the office on time. My first option of course would be the Mandaluyong area but I have explored the nearest parishes and churches in that area. Also St. Francis church in Ortigas masses start at 5:30 am, which is not a good idea. I then decided to go to Makati and check out the churches near Ayala like the Greenbelt chapel but they would start at 5 am. Then also checked the schedules at Don Bosco Makati, it was 4:30 but Makati is along way to go still. 
Then I decided to hop to another jeep now going back to Manila and decided to go with Manila Cathedral. Though alone, the journey was worth it as I saw the big church with a lot of people and saw a scene that is what I picture the simbang gabi. I used to think that since it is the Cathedral of the Archdiocese and the premiere office of the Cardinal, the church goers would be more of the high society, but I saw that the church does open its doors to the less privileged citizens of the Intramuros and South Pier area.  

I miss going back to Intramuros since I was studying in PLM and also attending activities from the Archdiocese of Manila. I look forward of being more active in the church and be of service in the next year. And after going to several churches just to cap off the tradition of having the dawn masses of Misa de Gallo, it was definitely worth it.  It was the first time to complete it with 9 different churches, with going trough many things before, during and even after the mass. For the small reflections I have realized during the one hour mass that strengthened my faith. 

I have to admit it was really tiring and the same time frustrating since I dont have a handy laptop with me and also finding the venue would be accidental or due to critical observation. I couldn't have done and completed this without his providence. And the reason why I blog about this one is just one way of how I thank him for all of these. For the bountiful year and new friends I have met. For giving me a time to encounter him even at the darkest hour. Truly the message of Christmas is about hope and love. I does sound cheesy but taking a look on all of it. The Misa de Gallo became my own personal journey, a recollection or even a retreat to ponder about these experiences and share it to others. 

2010 is the most difficult yet blessed year for me, I almost lost everything yet here I am and again rising to another life with optimism and hope. The Long journey does not stop here, his arrival is just the start. Now we walk again looking ahead yet still looks behind to remember the learnings, looking left and right to see friends and family that is journeying with you and looking up to see the God that is leading you to the direction to the Kingdom that we definitely want to go to.

The Misa de Gallo 2010 is now over
Christmas is here!
Also a happy new year to all!
Next year will be another story,
another set of diary stories.
Yet the Journey still goes on...

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