Blah Blah Blogs! JUAN MINUTE!

This 2011, start the year right.
be in the spotlight!

Coming this year will be the year I will make video blogs!
Presenting JUAN MINUTE!

Details will be given soon...
also I want to post some of my plan for this 2011.
not like a resolution but goals to achieve this year
probably a good way of reminding me what will I do this year 
here are my eleven main goals and the sub-goals and mirco-goals will be discussed next time
I am very positive to achieve them and they would be very successful.

1. Be nominated for the Philippine Blog Awards
2. Publish the 'Manual to lyf' book
3. Submit an entry (and hopefully win) for the Palanca Awards
4. Win/Buy a new laptop (very needed)
5. Upgrade to a DSLR camera
6. Launch JUAN MINUTE and other video blog projects this year
7. To be/have my radio show
8. To attend WORLD YOUTH DAY in Madrid Spain!
9. To be more active in advocacies and charities this year.
10. To do more projects in cosplay, komiks (KRISIS KOMIX), and Theater 
11. To graduate!


  1. Hi and Happy New Year! This looks interesting. Anyways, if you can't have a radio show, make it a podcast.

    Wishing you success in the project!


    BTW, why not come to The Blog of Jay? ...and no, I'm no spammer or something. LOL

  2. Good luck with everything you listed here, especially with the book and Juan Minute. I'll be a subscriber! :)

  3. Good luck sa huling plan mo. Yun yata ang pinaka importante haha. ;)