Be K-drama marathon-ready this year with a Samsung Smart TV

The New Year calls for new lists: resolutions, manifestations, and K-drama marathons! But this 2021, say goodbye to the neck-craning, eye-straining struggle of watching on a mobile phone when you switch to viewing on a TV. Samsung has partnered with Viu to give free Viu Premium subscription for a year, so you can watch the latest shows ad-free on a bigger screen. 

Kick off the New Year with Viu’s latest K-dramas on a smart TV:

True Beauty

This rom-com features a high school girl who rises to stardom with her expert makeup skills. No one has ever seen her bare face, and she prefers to keep it that way – until Lee Su Ho sees her without makeup. That is just the beginning of their love story. First on Viu, this highly anticipated webtoon turned drama stars Moon Ga Young, Astro’s Cha Eun Woo and Hwang In Yeop.

Mr. Queen

We love a period piece with a twist! The story revolves around Jang Bong Hwan, a chef at the President’s Blue House, and how his world turns upside down when his spirit somehow transcends into the body of a queen from the Joseon period. First on Viu, Mr. Queen is set to make your days even more interesting this year.

Cheat on Me, If You Can

Starring Go Joon and Parasite’s Cho Yeo Jeong, Cheat on Me, If You Can features an unconventional yet intense story about love, marriage, and the guilt one feels from making bad decisions. With a novelist wife obsessed with the idea of killing people further thickening the plot, the turnout of events will leave the viewer on the edge of their seats.

The Penthouse

Achieving high ratings in South Korea, The Penthouse is nail-biting story of an ambitious woman who is determined to do whatever it takes to both enter high society and a luxury penthouse in the Gangnam District. First on Viu, this drama is the highly anticipated reunion of writer Kim Soon Ok and PD Joo Dong Min, who worked together on the popular SBS drama The Last Empress.

Samsung Smart TVs are made for K-drama marathons. Not only do they come pre-installed with the Viu app, the Samsung Crystal UHD (2020) boasts an upscaling feature to enhance picture-quality to the next best resolution, and customized audio modes so you won’t miss out on the details on your favorite shows and have greater kilig moments.

K-drama fans, now is the best time to level up your viewing experience. Get a free one-year Viu Premium subscription with every purchase of select Samsung TVs, now with more models and sizes to choose from. The promo runs until March 31, 2021.

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Mikey Bustos on navigating the challenges of being an online celebrity

Besides exercise and meditation, Mikey 
also explores other hobbies such as reading 
to help keep his creative mind in top shape.
“I don’t think anyone is prepared for the life that comes with going viral in the internet.”

It’s been 14 years since Mikey Bustos first posted a video on YouTube. It was a video of him performing as a front act for a Pussycat Dolls concert in Manila. And while initially renowned for his career as a singer and performer, it was really the relatable content he has been masterfully crafting and posting online that has captured the hearts and laughs of many.

“It’s been such a learning curve,” said Mikey about his career, despite years of creating countless viral videos such as “Adobo” - a parody of the song Let It Go from Frozen - and “Balikbayan Box” - a parody of the Miley Cyrus Hit “Wrecking Ball”. “You just have to navigate through,” he added.

While having to constantly think of new ideas is already a challenge in itself, having an audience that can directly interact with you via a comments section is another. “Having to deal with bashers is something you never get used to,” he remarked.

Other challenges Mikey mentioned that he has encountered in his career was having to fight through insecurities, second guessing himself, and managing his schedule.

There was even a time when Mikey was juggling multiple YouTube channels all while traveling, performing, and managing his ant business. And while it was a challenge for him to do all these simultaneously, all these “trades” brought about plenty of opportunities.

With these opportunities, however, come crucial choices he needed to make.

On taking risks

In the time of the pandemic, Mikey always makes sure to bring 
“trusty” items like face masks, face shields and Diatabs 
wherever he goes to help ensure “peace of mind”.
“For me, to be successful, you need to take calculated risks,” said Bustos who mentioned that one of the biggest risks he made in his life was moving to the Philippines from Canada.

But this was just one among many risks Mikey had to take in order for his career to flourish further.

“Signing contracts, teaming up with brands, expanding a team, collaborating with other content creators—these are all risks and choices you have to calculate and think about. You can’t just throw all your chips in and wish for the best” he stressed.

On the art of de-stressing

With all these decisions and challenges, not to mention having to sustain his career and business, there is no doubt that stress and risk of burnout frequent Mikey’s life.

To combat these, he turns to exercise and meditation.

“I always try to incorporate exercise into my routine. I go to the gym a few times a week, and now I’ve taken a love for running—making sure I go 10km every day. In terms of mentally staying in shape, I do a lot of meditation and prayer.”

To lessen the risk of burnout, Mikey also makes sure to explore his hobbies, which is sometimes a blurred line for him as his work involves making the most of his interests and sharing it online. He solves this dilemma by exploring his hobbies without feeling the need to bring a camera with him.

On the importance of trust

To combat the stress and risk of burnout that
comes with his successful career, Mikey makes
sure to incorporate exercise and meditation
to his daily routine.
Another way Mikey reduces the stress brought about by his career and ventures is working with people that he trusts, which for him, is crucial to success.

In the time of the pandemic, Mikey also shared that bringing “trusty” items with him wherever he goes is key to having an extra “peace of mind”.

“Lately, I always bring all sorts of protective gear—masks, alcohol, face shields, and the like. I also make sure to bring a lipbalm because ‘you never know when you’ll be on camera,’” he remarked.

“I also make sure that I bring Diatabs with me wherever I go, especially when I’m running. It helps because I’ve been having ‘banyo-phobia’—When I’m far from the house and I really have to go, it’s hard for me to go use the public toilet because of the fear of acquiring the coronavirus. That’s why it’s always good to have Diatabs around,” he shared.

Diatabs is a product of Unilab, a trusted anti-diarrheal brand in the country, that can easily take care of your upset stomach and give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to bowel trouble. It is available in leading drugstores and pharmacies nationwide. To learn more, visit

ZAYN scores another No.1 album in the Philippines with ‘Nobody Is Listening’

ZAYN’s third studio release Nobody is Listening makes history once again as it debuts at No. 1 on iTunes Philippines Top 100 albums chart a few hours after its release. Co-written by ZAYN, the project highlights his R&B influences and showcases deeply personal lyrics. Nobody is Listening sees ZAYN in complete creative control, from designing the album cover art to his sound, he has created a moment in music that is all his own.

The album contains the previously released singles “Vibez” and “Better,” both of which were embraced by fans and critics alike, with Wonderland proclaiming ZAYN was here to “save 2021” with the release of “Vibez” and Billboard calling “Better” a “straightforward R&B track, expressing love in spite of disagreement and designed to showcase one of the most skilled voices in modern pop.”  The latter single has accrued over 105 million streams across all platforms, and upon release the video received a half a million views in the first 10 minutes.

Fintech apps that blew our minds (and helped our wallets) in 2020

2020 saw significant changes to the way we live, work and play. As people stayed in the safety of their homes for weeks and months on end, we needed to alter our daily routines and use technology more than ever. From Zoom meetings and food deliveries to online shopping and Netflix bingeing—and occasionally, doing all these things at the same time—our smartphones, laptops, and the almighty internet have become absolute musts in the new normal. 

So it comes as no surprise that technology has also become indispensable in helping us buy, finance or otherwise acquire all the delicious food, irresistible shopping deals, and other wonderful things and everyday necessities that have kept us alive and well in 2020. Now more than ever, people need fast, safe and secure ways to make payments, send or receive money from loved ones, and apply for loans or other financial tools—especially those who are using these tools for the very first time under extraordinary circumstances. 

10 Work from Home Essentials You Need for a More Productive 2021

No office? No problem. Work more efficiently with these must-haves from Shopee! 

We’re all finding it a little difficult to swing back into the rhythm at work after the holidays. After all, the current work-from-home setup makes it even trickier—you have to deal with distractions such as an inviting bed, loud neighbors, and clingy pets. 

Still struggling to maximize your efficiency at home, even with months of working remotely under your belt? This new year, use a few key products to make working from home a breeze! Check them out below. 

Acer Philippines opens first flagship store

The first Acer flagship store in the Philippines has finally opened its doors to consumers on January 15. It is the largest in the country to date and is located at the SM Megamall Cyberzone.

This new tech haven will house the best products from Acer and Predator brands, intricately displayed for an elevated shopping experience. It is interactive and much more customer-friendly. 

A sure eye-catcher for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike, the store is divided into two sections, dedicated for Acer and Predator products. Acer sticks to its minimalistic personality and is designed with light earthy tones with a long table and shelves where the products are displayed. On the other hand, the Predator comes in a striking sleek black interior all throughout. 

Globe site builds help Dagupan residents prepare for the future

Globe maintains its momentum in improving its network and upgrading its sites to build a #FirstWorldNetwork, with more sites up in rural areas where connectivity was once dire. Globe has been building new cell sites to fulfill the telco's commitment to have 4G LTE nationwide, in areas such as Brgy. Tambac, Dagupan.

Developments like access to the internet are more than crucial to residents in the area. For them, internet connectivity opens the door to more educational opportunities and economic possibilities for their barangay’s youth.

Be K-drama marathon-ready this year with a Samsung Smart TV

The New Year calls for new lists: resolutions, manifestations, and K-drama marathons! But this 2021, say goodbye to the neck-craning, eye-st...