5 Reasons Why Your Hair Might be Falling Out

Losing up to 100 strands of hair every day is normal. If your hair starts to shed more significant than usual, or if they do not grow back as they should, it can be a source of concern. Once the cause is detected, hair fall remedy or baldness cure for hair loss treatment can be easier. 

While genetic condition like male pattern baldness is the main culprit for hair loss in the Philippines, the causes widely vary: genetic or hereditary hair loss, alopecia areata, male pattern hair loss and reactive hair loss.

What are the possible reasons why your hair is excessively shedding? Find out the 5 reasons why your hair might be falling out. Read more: https://bit.ly/35xfuDA 

Grab spurs cashless payment adoption for public transportation through Cash-in With Driver Feature

Cash-in with Driver allows cash-paying commuters to enjoy safe and reliable GrabCar services by activating their GrabPay wallet during the ride, paying cash to their drivers at the end of the trip, and receive their change credited in their GrabPay wallets. Through the Cash-in with Driver feature, Grab is able to help ease and accelerate cashless payment adoption in the Philippines by having driver-partners guide cash-paying commuters on their GrabPay wallet activation.

As the country looks towards a safe and sustainable economic recovery, transportation remains a key factor for many Filipinos to perform their essential activities. With public transportation adopting cashless payments, many Filipinos require help to fully embrace this new way of paying cashless for their everyday commute – and Grab is introducing a solution to address just that.

Add To Cart SC Johnson Brands Now On Shopee

We actually learned to be domesticated during these times as we were introduced to many home products, and some who are already experts in home care have also discovered new brands that improved our indoor living lifestyle. And with products such as Baygon, Glade, FamilyGuard, Mr. Muscle, Pledge, OFF, Kiwi, and Ziploc are names under the SC Johnson brand which are well known here and internationally.

Many of these brands remain household names and trusted products by families for generations that is why even up to the latest generation, many can recall their names and functions for their homes. Generally they have become a staple for each home, which also a part of our budget for home use and maintenance.

Brazilian Pop Supertar Anita Invite Cardi B & Myke Towers To Join Her On Her New Single "Me Gusta"

Anitta drops “Me Gusta,” a star-studded anthem for the last days of summer featuring Cardi B and Myke Towers. The single builds on the warm, sultry sound that’s made Anitta one of Brazil’s biggest breakout pop superstars. Paired with a stunning video, it’s a taste of her forthcoming album, which is  executive produced by the award-winning Ryan Tedder. 

On September 23, Anitta, flanked by Cardi and Towers, will give “Me Gusta” its sure-to-be-sizzlin television debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The Brazilian phenomenon has also been confirmed to perform at iHeart Radio’s Fiesta Latina 2020.

On “Me Gusta” the trio spill simmering verses over a humid guitar riff, flipping effortlessly between English and Spanish. Anitta's gorgeous vocals float like a cloud, Cardi's bars are stinging and self-assured, and Towers' indelible tonality, flow and force prove to be the perfect counterpart for these two female powerhouses. It’s a song that begs for sweaty clubs and crowded beach parties — but for now, dancing in our bedrooms will do. 

Pinoy Rap Communities Join Forces with Safeguard to Deliver #SafeWash Hand Hygiene Awareness

After weeks of rebuttal against Fred D’ Germ, an online ‘influenzah’ and rapper spreading misinformation on the importance of proper handwashing, thousands of Filipinos have tuned in to show massive support for Safeguard at the #SafeWash Raprapan sa Global Handwashing Day that went live online last October 15, 2020. In the event, Fred D’ Germ bitterly accepted his defeat with the outpouring of comments from Safeguard fans.

The star-studded Raprapan sa Global Handwashing Day was headlined with big Filipino names in the rap community like Loonie, Shehyee, Ron Henley, recruited to represent team Safeguard. While Fred D’ Germ had Santi Dope on his team during the rap battle. Through the power of rap music, Safeguard hopes to reach more Filipinos to further strengthen the importance of proper handwashing.

World Vision ensures a bright future for the most vulnerable children thru Give Hope campaign

Months have passed since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and it is still a great risk to a lot of lives today. But even though children have not been significantly affected by the virus, they continue to be extremely vulnerable to the negative impacts.

Last May 2020, World Vision conducted a rapid assessment and the study revealed that 92% of the household respondents’ livelihoods were disrupted, with the daily or casual laborers as those severely affected. This resulted to 60%-68% of the households being unable to meet their family’s daily requirements to survive.

The assessment showed that food security has worsened during the pandemic as their average food spending was further reduced from Php 1,797.06 to Php 1,184.82. This shows the importance of immediate planning and implementation of projects/ activities that will cater to our kababayans in need.

FREE Extra NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo Exclusive at Watsons

Along with the ongoing threat of this pandemic health crisis comes, one has to adapt to the new normal that affects everything and everyone. Despite the urgency of reopening businesses for economic reasons, the majority of the Filipinos are still forced to stay at home with uncertainty. 

Apparently, these endless quarantines have taken emotional and mental tolls in the household affecting Filipino women, most of whom work from home and work at home. They have to take care of the entire family and household while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

For some women, such trying times are something to lose their hair over, literally. Not many know this, but stress can actually cause hair loss. Mental health issues like anxiety and depression can also contribute to hair loss. Discover some of the 5 reasons why your hair might be falling out. Read more: https://bit.ly/35xfuDA

5 Reasons Why Your Hair Might be Falling Out

Losing up to 100 strands of hair every day is normal. If your hair starts to shed more significant than usual, or if they do not grow back a...