Wovensound and Ihasamic! weave together stories of struggle, survival, and resilience on hip-hop track “The Constant”

Eclectic music producer Wovensound and acclaimed rapper Ihasamic! mark another exciting collaboration with the release of their new single “The Constant,” out now via Umami Records. 

With sultry R&B vocals from Sreshya, introspective verses from ZFRL and Ihasamic! himself, and a smoky, downtempo production from Wovensound, the massive new tune echoes the group’s frustrations and fears over the uncertainty that’s been clouding their headspace during this time of forced withdrawal. 

Despite its tendencies to embrace pensive gloom, the song ties together stories of struggle, survival, and resilience with dignified honesty, while channeling their collective energy into something inspiring and worthy of discussion.

Madam Inutz received a House and Lot from her Talent Manager Ka-Freshness Wilbert Tolentino

There's no stopping Daisy Lopez or better known as "Madam Inutz", 'Ang Mama-bentang Live Seller ng Cavite' as she soars high in her showbiz career. This is with the solid support and guidance that she is getting from her manager, former Gay World titlist,  businessman, social media influencer, and philanthropist, no less than Wilbert Tolentino.

Madam Inutz took her colorful and vibrant personality inside the Pinoy Big Brother House as she has been named as one of the housemates of PBB Kumunity Season 10. She was one of the first three official housemate that was announced to enter the PBB House.

Before Madam Inutz became officially part of PBB, she released her very first and much-awaited debut single "Inutil" and also recorded her next song just in time for the holiday season, "Sangkap ng Pasko". Inutil is a categorized as a novelty song while Sangkap ng Pasko is a ballad one which everyone can deeply relate to because it is a very heart-warming song perfect for the whole Filipino family who never fails to celebrate the Christmas season together no matter what they're going through.

Viber Invites You to a Cebuano Food Feast with Let’s Eat Bai!

Get exclusive promos and updates from Let’s Eat Bai Community

Viber, one of the world’s leading free messaging apps, invites Cebuanos to celebrate Cebu’s culinary specialties and other food delights through a first-of-its-kind partnership with food and delivery platform Let’s Eat Bai. 

Let’s Eat Bai has launched its own Viber Community giving members exclusive access to promos and updates from their favorite local food businesses as well as food reviews and trivia. To make their conversations more appetizing, Viber and Let’s Eat Bai have created a special sticker pack that also redirects users to the Community after download. 

Nobody’s Home hits the road in the music video of Ely Buendia-produced “Cigarette Daydreams”

The Filipino alt-rock trio reimagines Cage The Elephant’s chart-topping 2014 hit

Filipino alternative rock trio Nobody’s Home has released the official music video of their new single “Cigarette Daydreams”—a cover of Cage The Elephant’s chart-topping hit in 2014.

Directed by Ysa Aranda of Swimming Pictures, the clip features the promising trio on a random road trip, performing in front of a warehouse and running away from reality “to find peace of mind,” as the lyrics suggest.

As for the concept behind the music video, Aranda shares that it’s derived from her own personal experience, particularly the feeling of comfort that driving brings. “I had to go for a drive and dream scenarios that would resonate to the song itself. Aside from the lyrics of the song, driving has helped me cope specially in these trying times, hence the driving scenes present in the MV.”

COMCO Southeast Asia culminates 5th anniversary celebration with the launch of COMCO Middle East & Africa and unveiling of its 10-year masterplan

COMCO Southeast Asia (SEA) culminated its Blazing Sapphire 5th Anniversary celebration with a bang as it launched COMCO Middle East & Africa (MEA) and unveiled its 10-year masterplan that gave an overview of the continued growth and evolution of the trailblazing and award-winning communications agency.

To mark its 5th year in the business, COMCO SEA held a year-long 5-part celebration. Kicking things off was the virtual townhall and digital unveiling of COMCO SEA’s brand evolution, while the summer marked the inauguration of the Camp COMCO Alumni Society “Unity Games”, a celebration of the company’s strong alumni culture where graduates of the company’s mentorship program were reunited. Meanwhile, bloggers and content creators across the country sharpened their storytelling skills anew as COMCO SEA held the season 2 of the groundbreaking “Write to Ignite Blogging Project” with Dear Survivor as this year’s theme.

Is fragrance alone doing enough for you?

Living in the Philippines, we are used to the hot and humid weather, and the unfortunate sweat that results from our exposure to warm temperatures. While we try to look good and stay cool at all times even as we remain indoors, some midday refreshers, like a spritz of cologne or fragrance, can actually backfire. Whether or not you realize it, the mixture of smells from sweat and the strong fragrance you tried to use to cover it can actually make things worse. Because fragrance alone is not enough, you actually should be on the lookout for a double-duty product that not only refreshes you, but also protects you from bad odor.

Get that Perfect x Simple glow from Hada Labo

In Japanese skin-care, what comes after cleansing is the application of lotion, which is not a toner or astringent but an essence that is the first step toward moisturizing your skin. Lotion is an essential part of skin care among the Japanese because well-moisturized skin is the canvas upon which you'll apply your other products, like moisturizer, and makeup.

When it comes to face lotions from Japan, Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion is always top of mind. It's the No. 1 Lotion in Japan for 14 consecutive years already and perfectly represents Hada Labo's Perfect x Simple skin-care philosophy.

Founded in the pharmaceutical labs of Kyoto, Hada Labo was formerly one of the best-kept secrets in J-Beauty. When Hada Labo finally launched in the Philippines in 2019, users and loyal fans of the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion here were relieved to finally have their favorite skin-care product within reach. 

Wovensound and Ihasamic! weave together stories of struggle, survival, and resilience on hip-hop track “The Constant”

Eclectic music producer Wovensound and acclaimed rapper Ihasamic! mark another exciting collaboration with the release of their new single “...