Merck launches Fertility Counts Scorecard at ASPIRE Congress in PH

Merck pushes for policy interventions leading to a family-friendly society.

Manila, Philippines—Merck has officially launched in the Philippines a new initiative that highlights the social, economic, and societal impacts of declining rates of birth. The Merck-supported Economist Impact’s Fertility Counts is aimed at encouraging policymakers and advocates to prioritize socio-economic incentives for couples who want to have children and contribute to building family-oriented societies.

Netflix Unveils Spine-Chilling Feature ‘Outside’ starring Sid Lucero & Beauty Gonzales at the APAC Southeast Asia Showcase in Jakarta, Indonesia

Horror lovers are in for a treat: Netflix is set to release its local horror feature Outside on October 11th, starring Sid Lucero and Beauty Gonzales. The title was unveiled in the recently concluded Netflix APAC Southeast Asia Showcase in Fairmont Jakarta, where award-winning filmmaker and content director Carlo Ledesma joined a panel alongside other creatives and Netflix content heads from Thailand and Indonesia to discuss the future of storytelling in the region. 

Legarda urges Filipinos to love country like Rizal

In commemoration of Dr. Jose Rizal’s 163rd birth anniversary, Senator Loren Legarda underscored the importance of one's love of country, describing it as a crucial driving force in national development.

Legarda emphasized that fostering patriotism would enable Filipinos to innovate ways to improve and serve the country, as it requires a unified effort to overcome challenges.

"Throughout his lifetime, Dr. Jose Rizal emphasized love for the country and the Filipino people, valuing our identity and independence, even at the ultimate cost of his own life,” Legarda said.

"We must uphold his ideals through serving others; let us uplift one another by utilizing our best abilities and ensuring the protection of our future," she added.

The four-term senator highlighted several initiatives, such as respecting human rights, finding ways to protect the environment, preserving our cultural heritage, and ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Celebrating Diversity and Pride: TikTok's Vibrant LGBTQIA+ Community

(from left) TikTok creators and personalities Marina Summers, Eva LeQueen, Roanne and Tina, and Paul Sumayao

TikTok has become a vibrant and inclusive space where Filipinos from all walks of life find empowerment and community. Through its platform, TikTok aims to enable authentic self-expression while ensuring that it remains a safe and positive space. This Pride Month,  TikTok celebrates and uplifts the voices of queer creators who inspire and advocate for a more inclusive world through the hashtags #ForYourPride and #YouBelongHere.

LG Expands Its HVAC Business Through Targeting B2B Customers In Key Asian Markets

Company Reinforces Industry Leadership with Summit for Technical Consultants from Across Asia

LG Electronics (LG) is currently hosting the inaugural LG HVAC Consultant Leaders’ Summit – LG Alumni Event – in Seoul, South Korea (May 28-31). The summit provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) consultants from across Asia, with the valuable opportunity to benefit from LG’s extensive industry insight and to learn more about its advanced technologies. The first-of-its-kind event is expected to bolster the company’s leadership in the Asia region, which is now the world’s most rapidly-expanding HVAC market.

Get to know the characters of Academy Award winner Kevin Costner’s latest directorial effort, the Western epic “Horizon: An American Saga,” in Philippine cinemas June 28, same day as U.S.

Photo credit: Parallax Studios / Saga Film Studios / Axinite Digicinema

Academy Award-winner Kevin Costner’s latest directorial effort, his passion project “Horizon: An American Saga,” is opening soon in Philippine cinemas, simultaneously with the rest of the world on June 28. 

Costner, who wrote and also stars in the film, famously spent some of his own money on the sweeping Western saga. “I have a giant love for my movies and what they can be,” says Costner. “I was interested in the story that I wanted to tell. I put on the hat of being a financier, using my own money, mortgaging my own property, taking that risk to follow my own dream. I think, in a way, that I’m somebody that just had to go west myself, and not know what was out there, and not be afraid of it. And that all the trappings of the things that were good to me were not things I was choosing to protect. I wanted to feed my imagination and expand my possibilities.”

The Great GutVenture: A Journey to the Center of Overall Wellbeing

As 70% of the body’s immunity comes from the gut, proper and proactive gut care has never been more crucial for the everyday Filipino.

"The rapidly changing weather and rising levels of stress can take a toll on our immune system,” Rica Mateo, ASEA Erceflora Zone Brand Lead said. “This is why, keeping our gut strong and healthy is no longer an option, it’s a necessity for Filipinos who want to thrive in their day-to-day.”

Chesca Kramer (Erceflora Ambassador), Isabelle Daza (Erceflora Ambassador), Dr. Fil Gatcheco (APPLIED NUTRITIONIS AND PEDRIATIC GASTROENTEROLOGIST), and Rizza Diaz (Host and 1News Sports and News PH Anchor)