Real-Life "Tag" Game Among Grown Men Inspires New Comedy

What if you never had to give up the games that you played as a kid?  The kind that kept you and your friends outside, way past sunset.  What if, as a grown up, you could keep the games going with your friends, forever?
In New Line Cinema’s “Tag,” five guys—despite age, geography, and adult circumstances like jobs, illness, marriage and children—manage to keep playing.  For the entire month of May every year, no matter what is on their plate, they revert to the antics that consumed them in grade school, when they first started chasing each other on the playground. Against all odds, they keep in touch. Letting themselves have fun and be childlike together, even if only once a year, actually makes them better friends and more responsible adults.


Shopee Beauty Fair Brings Brands and Beautiful Women Together!

Empowering women needs a lot of work, and to attain beauty and confidence goals, it cannot be handled by one. Thus a partnership must be made that brings the very best in taking care of different kinds of beauty.
That is why Shopee has partnered with leading beauty brands like Maybelline and Palmolive to Celebrate Women Empowerment. In a special event that brings the good news of taking care of oneself and enhance the beauty inside and out.

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