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Celebrate Father’s Day with Gift Ideas from Mocasa

This Father’s Day, step up your gift-giving game and wow Dad with extraordinary presents that will create lasting memories. Forget the traditional ties and socks and opt for innovative, thoughtful gifts that truly show how much you care. From cutting-edge technology to unforgettable experiences, here’s how to find the perfect gift for the special father figure in your life with Mocasa.

Tech Gadgets for Tech-Savvy Dads

For dads who love technology, consider the latest gadgets that will enhance his everyday life. Equip his home with smart speakers or advanced security systems to create a more connected and convenient living space. Invest in a new smartwatch or fitness tracker to help him stay on top of his health and fitness goals. Provide him with noise-canceling headphones for an immersive audio experience, whether he’s listening to his favorite OPM hits or taking important calls.

Mocasa CEO Shares Vision for Secure Digital Transactions at SHIELD Trust Summit 2024

(Farthest left) Mocasa CEO Robin Wong shares insights about the integral role of anti-fraud measures in the digital ecosystem alongside other distinguished panelist at SHIELD Trust Summit 2024 recently held in Bangkok, Thailand

Mocasa, the Philippines' first virtual credit wallet, represented by its CEO, Robin Wong, was one of the distinguished panelist at the recently concluded SHIELD Trust Summit 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand. Renowned for its dedication to cybersecurity and digital trust, the summit convened industry leaders and experts at the prestigious Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, solidifying the company's commitment to advancing secure digital transactions. This participation not only highlights Mocasa's global relevance but also underscores the Philippines' position as a key player in shaping cybersecurity discussions on the international stage.

Wong contributed invaluable insights during the panel discussion, focusing on the critical assessment of anti-fraud vendors' effectiveness and return on investment. Moreover, the discussion delved into the integral role of anti-fraud measures in fostering long-term sustainable growth in the digital ecosystem.

"As the Philippines' first virtual credit wallet, Mocasa is deeply committed to advancing cybersecurity practices and promoting digital trust," said Wong. "The summit provided an excellent platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding anti-fraud measures and their impact on sustainable growth."

The discussion highlighted the importance of robust anti-fraud strategies in mitigating risks and safeguarding digital transactions. By assessing the effectiveness of chosen anti-fraud vendors, organizations can enhance their security posture and build resilience against emerging threats.

Mocasa's innovative approach to virtual credit wallets emphasizes the integration of cutting-edge security measures to ensure the safety and trust of its users. Through strategic partnerships and continuous innovation, Mocasa remains at the forefront of promoting digital confidence in the Philippines' financial landscape.

Mocasa is a financial technology company duly licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and an accredited accessing entity of Credit Information Corporation (CIC). To learn more about the latest updates from Mocasa, visit or its Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok accounts. Customers are encouraged to download the app in Google Play and App Store to know more about its services and latest promos.

Start the Ber-Months Shopping with Mocasa

As the 'Ber' months approach, they bring with them a season of celebrations and shopping. From today to December, it's time to prepare for festivities and stock up for noche buena and New Year's Eve with Mocasa for all your holiday shopping needs.

Mocasa, the Philippines’ first virtual credit wallet, offers a Pay Later credit line of up to PHP30,000 repayable over 50 days at 0% interest. Simply download the app, apply for a "Pay Later" account, provide any required documentation (such as government IDs and proof of income), and you'll be approved in minutes. Once approved, you can now start your "Ber" months shopping online using Mocasa’s virtual Mastercard.

Be Back-to-School Ready with Mocasa!

Back-to-school season is an exciting time for both students and parents. However, it can also be financially challenging with tuition fees, school supplies, gadgets, groceries, allowances, and transportation costs adding up quickly. Don't worry! Mocasa is here to support you with accessible and flexible credit and loaning options, making it a breeze to manage your finances during this season.

Mocasa, the Philippines’ first virtual credit wallet, offers two products that can help you stay on track this back-to-school season. First, the Pay Later option provides a credit line that allows you to pay in-store by simply tapping the store’s QR Ph code or do online shopping using a virtual Mastercard at 0% interest for up to 50 days. Additionally, Mocasa now offers Quick Loan, enabling you to borrow up to PHP 25,000, payable in three installments with 0.50% daily interest.

Show Your Love on Father’s Day with Thoughtful Gift Ideas from Mocasa

 Treat your dad and show how much you love him with Mocasa


Father’s Day is fast approaching. If you haven’t figured out what to give the special guy on this special day, here are some thoughtful and trendy ideas that you can consider and get with Mocasa.


Mocasa is the Philippines’ first credit payment service app that allows you to pay later, anywhere. Simply download the app, apply for a credit account, submit all necessary documents (like government IDs and proof of income), and get approved within a few minutes. Once approved, you can easily buy gifts for your dad at 0% interest for up to 50 days.

Mocasa makes shopping more convenient with its Pay Later Anywhere feature 

Making transactions easy and safe anywhere, anytime

The Philippines lags behind its Southeast Asian (SEA) neighbors when it comes to financial inclusion. About 78% of the country remains unbanked and underbanked while the credit card penetration stands at 3% as of 2022. Prolonging this situation are the lack of a solid cashless payment infrastructure as well as insufficient credit data. 

To bridge this gap, innovative credit payment app Mocasa chose the Philippines to be its first stop in introducing its Pay Later Anywhere scheme. It is also the only fintech company that provides a zero-interest rate credit line.