Be Back-to-School Ready with Mocasa!

Back-to-school season is an exciting time for both students and parents. However, it can also be financially challenging with tuition fees, school supplies, gadgets, groceries, allowances, and transportation costs adding up quickly. Don't worry! Mocasa is here to support you with accessible and flexible credit and loaning options, making it a breeze to manage your finances during this season.

Mocasa, the Philippines’ first virtual credit wallet, offers two products that can help you stay on track this back-to-school season. First, the Pay Later option provides a credit line that allows you to pay in-store by simply tapping the store’s QR Ph code or do online shopping using a virtual Mastercard at 0% interest for up to 50 days. Additionally, Mocasa now offers Quick Loan, enabling you to borrow up to PHP 25,000, payable in three installments with 0.50% daily interest.

No More Tuition Troubles

Budgeting for tuition fees, needless to say, can be really stressful. But with Mocasa's Quick Loan, you no longer have to worry about writing promissory notes. Simply apply through the Mocasa app, submit all the requirements, and get approved for as fast as five minutes. This is also a good time to start building your credit records to help you unlock better financial opportunities in the future like student loans.

To note, Mocasa was recently accredited by the Credit Information Corporation (CIC), the country's sole public credit registry and repository of credit information, as an Accessing Entity (AE). As an AE, Mocasa users can now access their personalized credit reports thru the app to help them make informed decisions about their finances.

Avoid Back-to-School Shopping Rush

To make your back-to-school shopping hassle-free, consider shopping ahead of time to avoid long lines at the cashier. Create a list of your child's school essentials such ballpens, notebooks, and pad papers, and get everything at the nearest National Bookstore in your area. Just open your Mocasa app and tap the QR Ph code in their store.

But if you still prefer shopping at home, you can just log on to National Bookstore’s website or Laking National app and check out using your Mocasa virtual Mastercard.

Skip the Line, Save Travel Time

Commuting and queuing in terminal lines can really put a toll on your students’ energy. So, ditch the traffic, and ease your ates and kuyas’ commuting experience by booking them a Grab Car or Move It, point-to-point traveling, rain or shine. Simply register your Mocasa virtual Mastercard to Grab app and start booking your rides.

Delicious Baon Delights

Nurturing young learners does not only come from the four corners of the classroom, but also ensuring they have healthy and delicious baon. Whether it may be an option of a meatless Monday, Bento Box surprise, classic sandwiches, or spoiling them with kids’ all-time favorite delights such as hotdogs, spaghetti or nuggets, Mocasa enables you to shop and pay in over 700 thousand merchants and retailers, including groceries.

Get a Gadget Upgrade

As education embraces digitalization, gearing up for the right school equipment can be financially challenging. Whether it's a phone, tablet or laptop, Mocasa Quick Loan can help you get these devices and make sure that your students are equipped with the right gadgets in their educational pursuits. Alternatively, if you already have gadgets in your online cart just waiting to check out, you may use Mocasa virtual Mastercard to pay for those too.

Education should be accessible and affordable for all. With Mocasa’s flexible credit options, you can now help prepare your kids this incoming school year and pay later, anywhere. 

Mocasa is a financial technology company duly licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). To learn more about the latest updates from Mocasa, visit or its Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok accounts. Customers are encouraged to download the app in Google Play or App Store to know more about its services and latest promos.

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