Disney+’s “Moving” takes you to the world of Kangfull’s 200M-view hit Webtoon

Experience a new world with extraordinary human beings in “Moving,” Disney+’s newest action-packed K-drama thriller, based on the hit 200-million view Webtoon by renowned artist Kangfull, now available exclusively on Disney+.

“We can either be monsters or heroes”

The series tells the story of superpowered beings trying to live their lives as normal people. The story focuses on students Kim Bongseok (Lee Jungha), who has the ability of flight; Jang Huisoo (Go Younjung), who can heal quickly; and Lee Ganghoon (Kim Dohoon), who has super strength. With high school life occupying much of their time, they try their best to study hard in order to give their parents a better life.

As they try to learn to control their powers and live quietly, secret government agencies plan to hunt them down. This puts them in a difficult spot where they must protect themselves and the people they care about. 

As more danger comes their way, they also uncover mysteries and discover a secret world of superpowered beings who once defended the country, and whose past connects their stories together.

“Moving” features an all-star K-drama cast that includes Ryu Seungryong, Han Hyojoo, and Zo Insung in his long-awaited drama series return after a seven-year hiatus, together with Go Younjung, Lee Jungha and Kim Dohoon. 

Kangfull: The mind behind the 200M view hit

Before becoming a Disney+ original series, “Moving” was a Webtoon created by Kangfull, one of Korea’s most accomplished artists in that space. He began his career in 2002, and in just a few years, his works gained millions of viewers and caught the attention of the film and television industry. 

This led to his works being adapted into successful films and series, which includes “Moving,” which has amassed over 200M views. He also received the Korea Order of Culture Merit Creative Award for the success of his Webtoon. 

With a star-studded cast and veteran director at the helm, don’t miss Disney+’s newest K-drama “Moving” and experience a story that offers excitement, drama, and intrigue!

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