PhilKorec Visits Korean Global Knowledge Exchange & Development Center

The attendees in the trade mission under Philippines Korea Economic Council (PhilKorec) enjoyed the Korea history when they visited the Global Knowledge Exchange & Development Center (GKEDC) in Korea. It’s an eye opener and an inspiration since the people of that country transformed Korea from one of the poorest country in Asia to one of the biggest trade supplier globally with known and popular brands trailblazing from different industries such as Hyundai, Samsung, Etude House and Kia among others with Samsung defends crown as South Korea's most valuable brand at US$82.7 billion. Samsung retained its title of being the most valuable brand in South Korea despite recording a decrease in brand value by 7% to US$82.7 billion.

“GKEDC is an open space for learning and exchanging knowledge on Korea's socio-economic development experience. Korea transformed its economy from being one of the world's poorest and agricultural countries to now achieving the seventh largest trade volume in the world.”

Through various digital images and graphics provided in the exhibitions by an English speaking guide, visitors can view and experience Korea’s miraculous socio-economic growth achieved in a short period of time. GKEDC aims to provide insight on Korea’s socio-economic development experience, which was made possible by overcoming many challenges including the Korean War. With the help of erudite scholars around the world, GKEDC goes beyond merely examining the past, tackling economic issues of today and tomorrow such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

A state of the art exhibition halls in GKEDC, which illustrate Korea’s socio-economic development since the Korean Independence in 1945, serve to bolster pride in Korean citizens about their history and to offer international visitors like the PhilKorec members an opportunity to learn from Korea’s development experiences, challenges and success as a nation. 

For instance, they find that the key players in the socio-economic development of Korea were not limited to a small number of well-known figures. Rather, it was ordinary citizens like the grandparents, parents, and the different generations who led and shaped Korea’s socio-economic growth. By highlighting these individual efforts, the GKEDC provides a chance for Korea’s older generation to feel proud of their past achievement. 

“It’s one of the most insightful and inspiring history in the world. The visit gave us a glimpse of their challenges and success as a nation.”- Andria Terese Nicolas (Rising Tigers Magazine) 

For the younger generation like Andria, a Political Science student at De Lasalle University and part of PhilCorec who visited Korea and visitors around the world, GKEDC provides hope and strength to embrace new challenges ahead, with the lessons learned from GKEDC. All in all, GKEDC offers visitors both in Korea and from abroad a meaningful opportunity to experience and learn from Korea’s 70-year socio-economic development. 

Some of the attendees from Philcorec members and companies includes Tag Media and Public Relations (Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas), Rising Tigers Magazine Inc (Andria Terese Nicolas), Pantheon Holdings (Brian Poe Llamanzares), SPD Jobs (Sarah Mateo), ADM & Partners Data Privacy and Consulting Inc. (Atty. Arnel Mateo), Yupangco Group (Robert Laurel Yupangco) and SGV & Co (Fabian Delos Santos) among others with the assistance of Philippine Embassy in Korea.

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