From the afterlife to The Moon: “Along With The Gods” Director Kim Yong-hwa Presents A Thrilling Space Survival Drama In “The Moon”

Director Kim Yong-hwa, known for hits like 200 Pounds Beauty and Take Off, as well as the groundbreaking Along with the Gods series that broke records in Korea, now turns his gaze to space, vividly showcasing the familiar yet vast world of The Moon. 

Kim believes that Korean film technology has sufficiently advanced to create a distinctiveness from other space-themed films. “I wanted to create a film that not only demonstrates technical excellence but also fulfills emotional depth, believing that Korean cinema has grown enough to set itself apart from many other space-themed films,” he says. 

Watch the trailer here:

In 2022, South Korea’s first lunar exploration spacecraft, the Danuri-ho, took flight, carrying out various scientific missions. With the successful third launch of the Danuri-ho in May this year, South Korea is already making significant progress towards becoming a space power. What makes The Moon special is that “it presents a story that is realistically possible under the technological prowess of Korea,” director Kim shares. 

Another captivating aspect of The Moon is the intense survival drama built on thorough scientific verification and consultation. It depicts the isolation of astronaut Sun-woo (EXO’s Doh Kyung-soo) in the vast and unknown lunar environment, his determination to complete the mission, and the relentless efforts of former flight director Jae-gook (award-winning actor Sul Kyung-gu) to rescue him. Their solidarity surpasses the 384,000 kilometers between the Moon and Earth. 

“The spectacle of the vast universe is intertwined with the story of humanity,” says Sul Kyung-gu of the appeal of the film for him. “It is a movie that gives hope, courage and comfort,” adds Doh Kyung-soo. 

The Moon, a gripping, emotional, epic-action, and one of Korea’s highly anticipated films of the year, also stars The World of the Married’s Kim Hee-ae. It opens exclusively in Philippine cinemas August 16. It is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Connect with the hashtag #TheMoonMoviePH

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