2012 End of the World Survival Guide!

I know many of you are wondering if this year is indeed the last year of our lives. The Ancient Mayans made a very accurate calendar that tells the world will end its era. But don't fret! There is still hope by preparing yourself with the essentials of survival. Axe Philippines bring you this informative (and sexy) video on how you can survive the end of the world.

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Being a disaster freak, I also keep myself protected/informed with things I need to have in preparation for this world catastrophe. If given the resources I would prepared the following to stay alive and kickin'

SHELTER - to be protected from the elements like wind and water and even fire. must be made of strong materials and can withstand  pressure yet buoyant to float.

FOOD- canned good are good however there should be sustainable supplies, that is why hydroponic plants come in handy and easy to grow. Water filters are needed to turn sea water or tap into safe drinking water. 

GADGETS- With or without wifi, electronic gadget still are necessary for survival. A laptop or tablet and a cellphone are the most important ones. They provide records, memories, and applications that will be useful. Just have a solar panel and batteries to provide power just in case.

HYGENE- in times of apocalypse, one does not to stay filthy because this might also trigger diseases and other survivorrs especially girls will think you are a zombie and terminate you. So better keep your humanity with a gentleman's kit at your side. Most especially a deodorant and body spray to keep you fresh.

You can also share your tips for the end of the world 2012 on twitter with the hashtag #Survive2012. 

Happy End of the world! And stay fresh and sleek at every moment with Axe  2012, the final scent from Axe.

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