LAKBAYAN: It's More Fun In The Philippines!

2012 is indeed a year of the start of new things especially for the tourism industry in the country. No question, we have great places and things to do here and DOT recently launched the new tourism campaign It's More Fun In The Philippines. With the hashtag #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines trending in twitter world wide. 
It does have this 'cool' factor connected with the slogan and is perfect with photos. However, there are still a dash of controversy with its similarity with the 1951 Switzerland poster with the slogan "It's More Fun in Switzerland". Others use the slogan and post them with pictures that contains negative propaganda and others with subliminal meanings. I admit to be surprized with the new logo but finally realized that there is no need to destabilize the campaign because we have not given it time to prove its effectiveness. 

There are also a lot of people moved and inspired with the new slogan (like me). Made photos in support of the campaign. Looking back, I really liked the WOW Philippines campaign which created buzz even before facebook and twitter was made. The new slogan indeed is a fresh idea that should be given a chance. Definitely this is better than 'Pilipinas kay Ganda' which was highly criticized and was not effective even with local tourism.

I do want our tourism industry to grow and MTL is happy to support this and share it to the readers. With my travels to different places and featuring spots, it became one of the favorite topics in the blog. AS a Filipino, Indeed It's more fun in the Philippines!


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